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The 6.2 is a gen IV block so there are some differences. - You'd have to swap the crank to a 24x reluctor wheel instead of the 58x they come with or use some converter box. - The knock sensors were relocated so you'd have to extend the harness and tap it out to fit your current sensors Hi all, I have a 2001 Tahoe with 5.3 and 160K. Tranny is showing age and motor leaks and uses oil. I want to buy new 6.2 from Chevy and rebuild 4L60. I do all my own work, have lift/shop etc. Recently put 5.3/4L60 into my 70 chev shortbed. Looking for help on how hard the swap would be to upgrade.. The new style Gen III / LS series engines (4.8, 5.3, 5.7 LS1, 6.0, 6.2) all have the same crank stick out which is .400 closer to the block than the old 350 V8. The Gen III / LS series crank bolt pattern is different than any other GM crank as to the bolt pattern on the flex plate

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  1. Joined Mar 4, 2013. ·. 41 Posts. Discussion Starter · #5 · Oct 24, 2017. This is overview of the Gen V drivetrain into your Jeep. The L83 (Truck 5.3), L86 (Truck 6.2), and LT1 (Camaro/Corvette) are currently supported. Either a 6L80E or the 8L90E transmissions must be used and programmed to match your engine
  2. We support all combinations of Gen 4 LS / Vortec engines with any compatible transmission including LS3, L99, LS7, LSA, LS9 and 5.3 / 6.0 / 6.2 Vortec truck variants, etc. In addition to being the first to market for Gen 4 LS standalone swap harnesses, we also headed development on being able to use 6L80 and 6L90 transmissions for swap use
  3. Almost every 1/2-ton truck and SUV built since 2014, came with an L83 Gen V 5.3-liter engine that delivers 355 horsepower and 382 lb-ft of torque. The typical salvage yard L83 engine sells for about $1,500, depending on the year and mileage. One thing to remember, is the 2017-and-later Gen-V engines have a different ECM and harness

Gen4 conversions use a 07-13 GM LS based engine. All are DBW drive by wire. They can be had in either cast iron or aluminum blocks and sizes ranging from 5.3L - 6.2L 58X . 5.3. 5.3 Engines are a great choice and offer the most budget friendly conversions due to the availability and cost. The 5.3 makes great power for a average built 4 door JK Re: 4.3L to 6.2L swap???? Aug 26 2015, 1:41pm. I can't give you everything, but I can tell you you'd need. New harnesses, motor mounts, flywheel, parts connecting to the transmission. You might have better luck looking up swapping to a 5.3 because a 5.3 and 6.2 are the same motor, the 6.2 just has a few different internals, so all the. wow learn to read swapping a 6.2 INTO A GMT800 IS THE SAME AS SWAPPING IT INTO MY 94 chevy. i am using a GEN IV 5.3 which is the SAME as the 6.2 basically. my 94 is the same signal as his 03 uses aka 24x which is WHY he needs the 58x to 24 converter module Stage I is designed for mild 4.8- and 5.3-liter junkyard turbo builds using small turbochargers. It can be used with a basic LS6-style spring and will make great power with 15 psi or less boost. Advertised duration: 264/269 degrees, duration at .050-inch 212/218 degrees, and valve lift measures .552/.552-inch. The LSA/ICL covers 113/111.

There's a guy on YouTube that's done a 6.2 swap on an 04. Pretty impressive honestly lol. FYI The 5.4 had hydraulic power steering through 2010 - in 2011+ all engines except 6.2 went electric power steering. - So your truck has hydraulic power steering system. The biggest issue i'd imagine is figuring out the computer The 4.8L/5.3L version would carry on in Gen 4 found in two combinations; the aluminum block LH6/LC9 models and the iron-block versions known as LY5/LY2/LMG/L20 engine code names. Gen 4 versions of the 4.8/5.3L engines did see a slight increase in horsepower and torque numbers because of improvements in combustion ratios and better fuel mileage. Hi if anybody can help me I have a 2007 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT it had a 4.8 DOD motor in it Gen 4 motor and I swapped it for a 5.3 Gen 3 motor non DOD motor I hook up everything the same exact way it was hooked up on the 4.8 I did the security unlock and all it does is crank it will not start I've checked the crank sensor the cam sensor all my spark plugs and coil packs and all the grounds.

Re: LM7 (5.3 Gen 3) to LS3 (6.2 Gen 4) Trans case to block will bolt up just fine, will need an LS1 flexplate though. Good info on the smog. Since the LS3 is the same engine family it is considered a replacement and not a swap. It will look the same all installed The only thing Gen V really does, is improve overall fuel economy and efficiency at a given HP/RPM value. Same goes for the transmission options. There's no real need for a 6 speed auto, all it is doing is making a tighter gear ratio range than a 4 speed. A 4L80E/4L60E are easy to work with, cheap, readily available, and work great 2008-2013 Corvette 6.2, 2010-2014 Camaro, 2008-2009 Pontiac G8, 2007 (New Body Style)-2014 Vortec Truck 4.8, 5.3, 6.0, and 6.2. Description. Our Gen IV LS3 standalone harness is designed for installing these new GM EFI engines into your ride, whatever it may be What 6.0? I thought for the Gen4 motors it had to be the 6.2. I'm pricing out doing the AFM delete on my 5.3, but if I can get a 6.x pullout for about the same price, I'd happily do that. My confusion is that there are some of the 6.x motors with AFM and/or VVT. I want one with neither

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The 2006+ 6.0L engines were all Gen. 4 with the 58X reluctor ring on the crankshaft. If you are using the LS1 ECM, it will not work. If you do have the Gen. 4 late model ECM (and front timing cover mounted cam sensor), you could use your normal COMP Cam and a VVT delete kit along with tuning GM Gen V 2014 and newer LT1, LT4, L83, L86, and other Gen V small block conversion swap engine mounts. Dingo Glider Gen V LT Adjustable Conversion Swap Mounts. Dingo Double-D LT 1958-72 LT Gen V Adapter Plates. Chevrolet GMC Truck 73-99 2WD - 4WD LT Engine Mounts. Dingo LT EZ Gen V 1973-96 Car Conversion Engine Mounts Kooks - 2014+ GM 1500 Series Truck / 2015+ GM 1500 Series SUV 1 7/8 X 3 Header (28602402) $ 1,266.18. OEM L86 (6.2L) Intake Manifold and Throttle Body Swap for L83 (5.3L) Trucks (2014-Up GM Truck) $ 400.00. GPI - L83 Cam Kit for 2014-2019 Silverado & Sierra 5.3L Varies Based on Options Gen III / LS Engines. The new style Gen III / LS series engines (4.8, 5.3, 5.7 LS1, 6.0, 6.2) all have the same crank stick out which is .400 closer to the block than the traditional 350 V8. The Gen III / LS series crank bolt pattern is different than any other GM crank as to the bolt pattern on the flex plate

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For intake get what came in the Gen IV motor a truck intake with the 87mm TB. You want one off a Gen IV 4.8/5.3. As they have the correct 243 heads. The 6.0/6.2 have the L92's heads (square port heads) and that intake won't fit the cathedral heads of the 243's 5.3l's. Just run the DBW the are easy and very dependable The new swap harnesses are available for the LT1, LT4, and EcoTec3 5.3 and 6.2-liter engines. The Howell EFI LT/EcoTec3 harnesses are built to the customer's specifications. They include a fuse block, GM OBD II port, check engine light, electric fan control with relay, and a complete stand-alone design to control engine functions Let us use our years of tuning experience to create a mail order tune for your Gen IV Full Size Truck (models listed below). Our performance tuning for the V8's typically yields 15-40rwhp depending on your modifications, and usually 1-2mpg increase as well! 07-13 Chevy Tahoe 4.8, 5.3, 6.2 07-13 Chevy Suburban/GMC Yukon 4.8, 5.3, 6.0, 6.2. Gen IV (58x) Stand Alone Harnesses. 2007-2014 Gen IV LS3 Based 4.8, 5.3, 6.0, 6.2 4L80e LS3 Standalone Harness. $ 635.00. Select options. Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $50. Learn more ICT Billet LS Swap Guide for Gen III & Gen IV. In order to get the most out of your LS swap, it's important to understand the key factors that will be involved in your build. Learn how the different components come together and get all the details you need to become an LS swap pro. Download the full LS Swap Guide or select the individual.

The Gen III/IV engines minimized stroke length changes while offering multiple displacements. The smallish 4.8L engine use a specific 3.26-inch stroke while the 5.3L, 5.7L, 6.0L and even the 6.2L engines all spin a 3.622-inch factory arm Part 2 of my new video for my New Subscribers. This is old info rehashed. Every day I get the same questions over and over and over again. Do people NOT watc.. Is anyone building or planning a Gen III/IV LS motor swap into a Willys? I'm referring to the 4.8, 5.3, 6.0, 6.2, and 7.0; both car or truck style motors. I've only seen 2 builds on here, 1 complete and 1 in-process. I'm certainly not trying to convince anyone, but there are some really good.. 5.3 to 6.2 swap on 2011 1500. Recently bought a 2011 CCSB 1500 z71 4x4 with the 5.3. Wanting to swap in a 6.2 as the 5.3 while a good motor is somewhat weak for my personal taste. After doing some reading all it looks like should need is the 6.2 engine wiring harness and have the computer reprogrammed for the 6.2 The new style Gen III / LS series engines (4.8, 5.3, 5.7 LS1, 6.0, 6.2) all have the same crank stick out which is .400 closer to the block than the standard Gen 1 & Gen2 Chevy V8. The Gen III / LS series crank bolt pattern is different than any other GM crank as to the bolt pattern on the flex plate

2004-newer 1st and 2nd gen Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon - Starting at $925; This system was built for an LS3 and 4L85E swap, and intended to retain all of the factory functions of the original vehicle. 4.8, 5.3, 6.0, 6.2, engine harness, engine swap, ls1, LS2,. Swap Specialties 24x Standalone wiring harness for GM Gen3 4.8, 5.3, 5.7, and 6.0L Engines have proven to be the best harness on the market today. We hand build every harness to fit exactly what your project needs and they actually form fit on the engine to make your wiring look and perform perfectly. We use the highest quality wire, brand new OEM connectors, weatherproof fuse and relay box.

Gen 4 to gen 3 5.3 swap in 2011 Silverado 1500. Sign up for FREE! Become a GM-Trucks.com Member Today! In 20 seconds you can become part of the worlds largest and oldest community discussing General Motors, Chevrolet and GMC branded pickups, crossovers, and SUVs The 2007-up GM trucks with the 4.8-, 5.3-, 6.0-, and 6.2-liter Gen IV engines come with this oil pan. Basically the same as the 2002-2006 C/K truck pan, it has a shorter, shallow front section at 11 1⁄2 inches, and a slightly longer rear sump at 9 3⁄4 inches. The rear sump depth remains the same at 8 1⁄4 inches. This pan fits all 1960. enhanced afm 4 cylinder mode low grade fuel capability reduced friction throughout the bottom line is the lt engines offer what the jk needs, power, performance, reliability, and economy not met by any other conversion; all at an affordable price. base Pricing: 5.3 l83 $19,999 6.2 l86 $23,99

GM GEN III & IV ENGINE. Promar Engines offers both Gen III (1996-2007) & Gen IV (2005-present) GM engines. These engines come with cast iron blocks in pickup series, while most SUV and performance applications have aluminum blocks, all have aluminum cylinder heads. The 4.8L & 5.3L engines are smaller versions of the popular LS1 engine and were. The newer 5.3's (07+) are Gen IV with a 58x reluctor and the knock sensors are in a different location. The only thing is that 99-02 have a cable throttle so just get a long block and swap your current intake manifold/throttle body over The Ultimate C4 Corvette LS Swap Kit, ready to make major waves! Base price includes: LS Swap Kit (Motor mounts, oil pan and transmission mount and 1-7/8 Headers and accessory drive kit, in natural finish). Choose from your motor, transmission, fuel swap kit, wiring harness and more. You have the choice of a 400HP 6.0 to a 725HP 408 stroker

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Home / Engine/Transmission Harnesses / 2014-18 Gen V LT1 / L83 5.3/ L86 6.2 w/ 6L80E/6L90E Standalone Harness. 2014-18 Gen V LT1 / L83 5.3/ L86 6.2 w/ 6L80E/6L90E Standalone Harness. Cummins 4BT 6BT R2.8L Engine 4L60E Transmission and Controller Conversion Kit. GSM Install Kit for Ford 4R100/E4O The GM Gen-V LT engine replaced the GM LS Series Engines In Production Vehicles, and Stated to be Become a Popular Late Model Engine Swap in Classic Cars & Trucks. Holley and Hooker Blackheart have partnered together to offer the most versatile and complete LT swap kits on the market so you can install the GM Gen-V LT engine into your favorite chassis Howell EFI is located at 6201 Industrial Way, Marine City, MI 48039. To learn more or to order your conversion kit or harness contact Howell EFI at www.howellefi.com or call (810) 765-5100. #HVL625846T 2014+ EcoTec3 6.2L V8 Truck Wiring Harness (6L80/90 Transmission. $900.00

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ICT Billet LS Timing Cover Gasket Set Crankshaft Cover Cam Swap 4.8 5.3 5.7 6.0 6.2 Compatible with LS1 LQ4 LQ9 LM7 LS2 LS3 LS7 LC9 LS6 GM RPO Codes Seal 511312 LS Camshaft Swap Timing Cover Gasket Compatible with: All GM ; LS series engines (Gen 3 & 4 motech's gen iv swaps are a bargain today by any measure. with rationalized technology and 8 years of economies it will be hard to beat the performancem reliability and value of a gen iv jk swap. base Prices: low mileage 5.3 $13,999 6.0 $14,999 6.2 $17,999 new crate ls3 6.2 $19,99 On a 4.8L, 5.3L, or 6.0L Gen III, the sensor will be at the top rear of the block. If your computer and engine are from two different generations of engine, you'll need an adapter that can be.

The LT, on the other hand, is just picking up steam. In fact, we've already heard stories of L83s and L86s (the Gen V 5.3 and 6.2 truck engine respectively) being picked up in junkyards, which means a lot of them are headed our way. With that in mind, which one should you pick and why Maximum Crankshaft Stroke= 4.25 Sump Oil Capacity= 5.5 Quarts Total Oil Capacity with stock oil filter= 6 Quarts Oil Filter (AC Delco® PF48 or PF48E, Mobile M1-113, Wix 57060, K&N HP-1017, or equivalent

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Gen III (3) LS Vortec Truck Engine Buildup Guide. There are many fans of the iron-block 4.8-, 5.3-, and 6.0-liter Gen III V-8s that power many of the '99 and later full-size Chevy and GMC trucks. That fan base is drawn to the Gen III V-8 because of its thick powerband, impressive peak power numbers, and good fuel economy Gen III / LS Engines. The new style Gen III / LS series engines (4.8, 5.3, 5.7 LS1, 6.0, 6.2) all have the same crank stick out which is .400 closer to the block than the old 350 V8. The Gen III / LS series crank bolt pattern is different than any other GM crank as to the bolt pattern on the flex plate 313-9005-AF 70-81 Camaro LS Radiator (Auto trans) with fans $1154.00. 313-9021-MF 70-81 Firebird LS Radiator (Manual trans) with fans $1078.00. 313-9021-AF 70-81 Firebird LS Radiator (Auto trans) with fans $1154.00. Check here for radiator hoses, transmission line and power steering kits to complete your swap The 4.8 L and the 5.3 L are smaller truck versions of the LS1 and were designed to replace the 305 and the 350 in trucks. The 4.8L and the 5.3L engines share the same Gen III LS-series engine block and heads (upper end) and therefore, some parts interchange freely between these engines and other variants in the LS family Aug 17, 2009. Location: socal. If your going turbo a 5.3 will be fine. All motor go 6.0 it's cheaper than a ls1 I got mine for 900 and can be found all day for 9-1300 the 6.0 has the bigger 4inch bore needed to run the bigger heads with the big valves. Dec 6, 2012 #8

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The Gen III and Gen IV versions of the LS engines were offered in many pick up, van, SUV and car applications and ranged from 4.8L to 7.0L sizes. The later model versions of this engine, like this 5.3L Chevy engine, feature Active Fuel Management (AFM) to increase fuel economy and decrease emissions ARP 234-3711 for 5.3 6.2 Gen V LT1 L83 L86 M8 Corner Bolts LS Engine Pro Series High Performance . Cylinder Head Bolts, 12-point, ARP 2000, Black Oxide, with M8 Corner Bolts. The Pro series cylinder head bolts from ARP are cold-forged to ensure molecular integrity. They are heat-treated prior to thread rolling and machining, and are rated at a. A large number of 5.3 swaps make use of the Gen III LM7 engine, which offered between 270 and 295 hp and was sold from 1999 to 2007 across a wide range of Chevrolets and GMCs. Factory torque checked in as high as 335 lb-ft or as low as 315 lb-ft. There are, of course, a number of early 5.3-liter LS variants, including the flex-fuel L59 and the. While these engines are the bread and butter of the LS Gen IV family, they do produce generous amounts of power, with up to 320 horses available from some stock 5.3-liter units. More is on-hand from the 6.2-liter L92, which spread across Chevrolet, Cadillac, Hummer, and GMC's full-size SUV and pickup family from 2007-2013, delivering up to 403.

Now available for your Coyote Swap is the Whipple Gen 5 Supercharger. This all new 3.0L supercharger from Whipple has been designed from the bottom up to deliver great performance and cooling. The supercharger features a Patent Pending Triple Intercooler system for extreme cooling during operation keeping Intake Air Temperatures under control. Capable of 4 digit power production on the 5.0L. Buy LS Gen IV Valley Pan Gasket Seal 4 Cover Plate LS3 6.2L 5.3L 6.0L (551108) from ICT Billet and browse through a huge selection of Made in USA LS/LT swap and conversion parts, manufactured at the state of the art plant

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Current Lead Time: 12 weeks This Swap Ready Turnkey pallet features a Chevrolet engine out of a 2016+ Camaro SS or Corvette with standard less than 50,000 miles. It is a LT1 6.2L rated at 455 horsepower and 455 ft-lbs of torque from the factory. The VIN from your donor vehicle will be provided to you. The base price of $8,249.99 does not include transmission We have a couple Gen V swaps in progress and we have already run the 6.2 L86. The L86 is available with a 8 speed automatic as well as the 6 speed. So I'm hoping for big things from the Gen V swap, like 400+ HP on regular gas with mpg in the high teens running 37's. Were also working on some low cost swaps with a 300+ HP V6 You will need the motor mounts from Currentperformance, shorty headers/or the stock 5.3 manifolds, a new wiring harness from Currentperformace, a 5.3 PCM, new gas pedal from a 5.3 TB, thats just to start. the factory raditor is proven to hold up to the task of the 5.3, but you will need an aftermarket e fan or a set of dual efans out of a gen 4.

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Website filled with info for swaping the popular GM LT1, LS1, Vortec Truck 4.8/5.3/6.0 engine and others into about anything! PCM programming, wiring harness help.. ls3 gen iv dbw lsx gen iv dbc (ls2-ls9) s13 sr20det s14 sr20det s15 sr20det sr20de (rwd) sr20vet (rwd) vvl rb20det rb25det rb25det neo rb26dett vg30de(tt) vh45de vq35de 13b-rew; s13 ka24de s14 ka24de ca18det ecus & sensors ls swap kits & accessorie LS2 and Truck 4.8, 5.3, 6.0 to LS3 / LS7 MAF Adapter Mass Airflow $ 17.99 Add to cart -6AN Adapters for TBI Throttle Body Fuel fittings - Black Anodized -8AN Fuel Cell Bulkhead Fitting #1439 Because it's not the same price. 5.3L's can be had complete for ~$800-$1000 on average. The rest cost more. Especially LY6 6.0L's with the L92 heads are on average ~$2,000-$2500. Not all 6.0L's are worth it. This one definitely is. . You're getting a FAR BETTER head and more displacement on the 6.0L LY6 The Great Chevy Auto Trans Interchange Guide. By Jeff Smith March 07, 2017. Thank the Chevrolet gods for interchangeability. With a simple twist of a few wrenches, you can either bolt a '90s 4L60E behind a Gen I small-block, as we're doing here, or you can run an older non-electronic trans behind a 21st Century LS engine

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Run with the stock cam, the mildy modified (TBSS intake, headers and 92-mm TB) 5.3L produced 359 hp at 5,300 rpm and 384 lb-ft of torque at 4,200 rpm. After installation of the COMP 54-454-11 cam, the peak numbers jumped to 467 hp at 6,600 rpm and 418 lb-ft of torque at 4,900 rpm. The cam swap was worth 108 hp 2014-17 GM Generation V LT, LT1,LT4, L83 L86 5.3, 6.2. Alternator and Power steering backet system ONLY. This brackets is used to retrofit any L83,L86,LT LT1 LT4 series engine into any 1960s to mid 1994 vehicle. Includes two 6061 billet aluminum plates and all necessary hardware to install the bracket and water pump We will only be able to resleeve Gen 4 LS and Gen 5 LT aluminum blocks. Gen 3 aluminum blocks cannot be resleeved. We do not recommend larger than a 4.125 bore size for any power-adder use. The blocks will come standard needing ALL required machine work completed. It will not be a finished block ready to assemble unless you select the option.

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4. Get a free re-tune within a year of purchase (you pay only shipping) Mailorder Tune > Car Cam packages. 98-02 F Body Gen 5 Camaro Gen 6 Camaro Truck/SUV Cam PAckages. 99-06 Truck/SUV 07-13 Truck/SUV 14-18 Truck/SUV @mailordertuner. Our blog is Live! View all. Jan 15, 2021. DATA LOGGING 101 For Your Hptuners MPVI2 Pro and Standard Model View. L83 5.3 Engine W/ 6l80 or 8L90 Transmission 2WD. From $3,590. View. 8L90 Transmission. Regular price. $2,060. View. USA MADE 60-87 C10 Gen V LT Swap Headers

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6 2. about these instructions 6 3. tools needed 6 4. pre-installation and harness routing guidelines 6 4.1 transmission function 7 4.2 get to know the engine you are using 8 5. general installation instructions 8 5.1 grounding the vehicle 9 5.2 rough installation 9 5.3 harness attachment 9 5.4 terminal installation instructio If you Why do the swap? Reliability- The LS Series of engines are bulletproof. You'll see guys throw insane turbos into the basic 5.3 truck engine and dip into the 10's. Power- The LR4 4.8L truck engine is the smallest of the Vortec series of engines. It makes almost 300 horsepower at the rear wheels of a pickup truck Get Them Now! Gen 5 LTX Swap Parts. For 350Z, 370Z, G35, and G37. LT1 / LT4 / LT5 / L83 / L86. SHOP ALL LTX PARTS. YouTube Channel. LOJ Conversions. Tech Info and Shop Builds Found Here!!! About LOJ All Videos Gen 3 HEMI VVT Style Cams (Late 5.7, 6.2 and 6.4) Supercharger Series Cams(Late 5.7, 6.2 & 6.4) Titan Series VVT-Style Cams (Late 5.7, 6.2 & 6.4) Camshaft Installation Kits; Valve Spring Kits & Components. Valve Spring Kits; Valve Seals; Lifters. LS Lifters. LS Hydraulic Roller Lifters; LS Solid Roller Lifters; LT Lifters. LT Hydrualic Roller. I am taking my 1998 2WD 4runner and converting it to GM LS 5.3 (Vortec 5300) with a 4l60E automatic trans bolts to a NP243 (electronic shift) T-case and also converting the 4runner to 4wd. I will be keeping everything since this will be a DD. Cruise, heat, a/c, and stock gauges. With my hood shut the truck should look normal