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Inserisci la targa e avrai in pochi clic i ricambi adatti al tuo modello. Le migliori marche a prezzi bassi. Consegna rapida e pagamento sicuro Seeding Rate: 1 kg/ha Number of Seeds: 50 per gram Method of Planting: best transplanted Sowing To Germination: 4 - 6 Days Germination To Transplanting: 7 - 14 Days pH Requirement: 6.5 - 7.5 Harvesting: 6 to 8 inches long (slicing cucumber). 2x every week for a period of 1 month. Potential Yield: 20 to 40 t/h Seed rate is the quantity of seed required for sowing or planting in an unit area. The seed rate for a particular crop would depend not only on its seed Snake gourd 3 - 4 kg/ha. Cucumber 0.5 - 0.75 kg/ha. Watermelon 1 - 1.5 kg/ha . Bottle gourd 3 - 4 kg/ha. Pumpkin 1 - 1.5 kg/ha.

The nutrient uptake rate by greenhouse cucumbers is very high. One study indicates that cucumbers may require in the range of 28 kg/ha (25 lbs/acre) of nitrogen, 5 kg/ha (5 lbs/acre) of phosphorus, and 40 kg/ha (35 lbs/acre) of potassium per week during peak fruit production SEED RATE FOR IMPORTANT CROPS OF KERALA Sl.No Crops Particulars Seed Rate 1 Rice Transplanting 60 - 85 kg/ha Broad casting 80 - 100 kg/ha Dibbling 80 - 90 kg/ha 2 Maize 3 20 kg/ha Ragi Direct sown 5 kg/ha Transplanted crop 4 - 5 kg/ha 4 12 Sorghum 5-15 kg/ha Blackgram Pure crop 20 kg/ha Mixed crop 6 kg/ha 6 Cowpea 1.For vegetable typea

Seeds Per Gram (g) Seeds per kilogram (kg) or per pound (lb) Agati: 7 seeds/g: 7000/kg: Artichoke - Globe: 20 - 25 seeds/g: Asparagus: 24 - 50 seeds/g 1200 seeds/oz: 12,000-25,000/lb: Basil: 600 - 650 seeds/g: 165,600/lb: Bean Broad: 1 seed/g: 1000/kg 300/lb: Bean Bush: 2 - 10 seeds/g: 2000/kg 1600-2000/lb: Bean Madagascar: 1 seed/g: 400/lb. Seed yield (kg/ha) 120-150. 220-250. 200-250. 120-150 . to maintain the good plant population in female rows it is suggested that seed parent should be sown with double seed rate. It is also advised that female line seedling should be raised in polythene bags and transplanted at flower appearance in order to avoid the fertile plants in. If you have seeds per kilogram from a laboratory test this can be easily converted to 100 seed weight, as follows: 100 seed weight =1000seeds per kg x 100 Step 3 - adjust for germination and establishment percentag

Growing Cucumbers for Maximum Yield. 24 June 2016, written by Barbara Pleasant. Depending on who you ask, a healthy cucumber plant can be expected to produce 10 large cukes or 15 small ones within a harvest period of about three weeks. These optimistic averages are based on large, field-size plantings managed by pros, but gardeners can match or. Cucumber, Cucumber Seeds, Cucumber Fruit Description A hispidly hairy trailing or climbing annual, leaves simple, alternate, deeply cordate, 3-5 lobed, both surfaces hairy, margin denticulate, flowers yellow, males clustered, bearing anthers cohering, connectiv Season • June - July & February-March Seed rate • 2.5 kg / ha Spacing • Sow the seeds in the pit size of 45 x 45 x 45 cm at 2.5 x 2.0 m spacing Female flower increase • Spraying of ethrel 200-250 ppm at two leaf stage and after a week of 1st spray. 7

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Recommended seed rate is 4 kg/ha. The yield potential is150 q/ha. Pant Parthenocarpic khira-2 A parthenocarpic cucumber variety. It is suitable for polyhouse cultivation In the hilly regions, the seed of cucumber is sown in April. Seed Rate: The seed rate is 2.5 to 4 kg/ha. Method of Sowing: The seed is sown by dibbling method at a distance of 1.5 to 2.5 meters (row to row) x 60 to 90 cm. (Plant to plant). Two to three seeds are sown in each pit


Sowing time and seed rate of vegetables शाकीय फसलों का बुआई समय व बीज मात्रा Crops Amaranthus (चौलाई) Sowing time - Feb.-July - Harvest period - April-Oct. Seed rate (Kg/ha) 2-3 Beat Root.. INDO-US-909 WHEAT. Scientific Name : Triticum, aestivum l. Plant height (cm): 82-85. Seed rate : 100 kg /ha. Spacing : Drilling at distance of 22.5 cm ANR Publication 8050 CUCUMBER PRODUCTION IN CALIFORNIA 2 In coastal Southern California, cucumbers are generally direct seeded by hand 3 to 5 inches (8 to 13 cm) to the side of drip lines in single rows with 20-inch (51-cm) spacing on 60-inch (152-cm) beds. Approximately 11⁄ 2 pounds of seed are used per acre (1.68 kg/ha) 30-40 kg/ha: 20: Seed rate of pure mustard crop ? 5-6 kg/ha: 21: Spacing of chickpea ? 30*10 cm: 22: CN ratio of normal soil ? 10-12:1: 23: Largest fish producing state in India ? Andhra Pradesh: 24: Tilt angle of disc plough? 15-25° 25: Test weight of groundnut? 200-300 gram: 26: National Commission on farmer is started in? 2004: 27: Pusa. Cucumber is the second most widely cultivated after watermelon. In India maximum area cover in poly-house by cucurbits. Cucumber has 96.4% of water; It is maximum in vegetable. The tender fruits are eaten raw or with salt in salad. They are also used as cooked vegetable and pickle making

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A seed rate of 50-65 kg ha-1 for small seeded lentil, 65-80 kg ha-1 for medium and up to 120 kg ha-1 for large seeded lentil cultivars were recommended in Ethiopia. For lentil, two hand-weeding within four to eight weeks after seedling emergence was recommended to control weed. Though not common practice INDO-US - 88 GROUND NUT. Scientific Name : Arachis hypogaea l. Plant height (cm): 40-45 . Seed rate : 100 kg /ha. Spacing : Palnting at distance of 30 cm Generally, a healthy pickling cucumber plant produces about 5 pounds of cucumbers per plant. If you plant cucumbers for slicing and eating fresh, plan on growing about 2 to 3 plants per person in. Hence, fast growing and short duration crops like cucumber, oriental pickling melon etc. can be grown as intercrops along with ash gourd. Seed rate recommended is 0.75 - 1.0 kg/ha under pit system in Kerala and 5.0 kg/ha under furrow system in North Indian conditions

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3.5 Kgs per acre. Yield Potential. Approximately 6500 kg/ha. Spacing. 45 cm x 45 cm. Planting. 2.5-3 kg per acre. Other characteristics. · This variety of okra grows in any kind of season When you know the actual sowing rate (Kg/Ha) and wish to calculate the theoretical plant population before doing an actual plant count: Enter the Actual Sowing Rate in Kg/ha, Enter the actual thousand grain weight (TGW) and germination % if you have them otherwise use typical values for the crop and variety Seed rate (kg/ha) SB XI- 95 kg kernels/ha, Konkan Guarav- 110 kg kernels /ha, Konkan Trombay Tapora- 125 kg kernels/ha Pre-sowing/planting treatmentMaterial Recommended rate Method of of seed/seedlings (kg/ha or lit./ha) application Trichoderma 5g/kg of seed Seed treatment Rhizobium strain 25g/ kg of seed Seed treatmen seeds. Seed rate is 3 - 4 kg/acre (8 - 10 kg/ha) for kharif crop and 4 - 6 kg/acre (10 - 15 kg/ha) for summer crop. Selected seeds should be treated appropriately. In case of summer crop, the seeds should be soaked in water for 12 hours before sowing. The seeds can also be treated with sweet flag rhizom Sow the seeds at an interval of 60 cm distance at the centre of the bed along the laterals. Sow the seeds in polybags @ one per bag for gap filling. Spray pre emergence weedicide like fluchloralin 1 kg a.i. or metalachlor 0.75 kg a.i./ha on third day of sowing

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  2. a.i./ha) + 7 (1.2 kg a.i./ha) 2.4 141 348 14 when used at 2.4 kg a.i./ha 1.2 283 699 8 when used at 1.2 kg a.i./ha Wheat 3 2 1.3 261 645 10 SN: Solution DF: Dry formulations (Dry Flowable or Water Dispersible Granules) and all they have to be re-formulated in WSP (Water Soluble Packaging Crop Current Label PMRA Final Decision # apps # apps.
  3. Seed rate is 7.5 kg /ha, sow the seeds at a spacing of 100 cm x 100 cm. First, cut after 8 months and subsequent harvests at an interval of 60-80 days. Green fodder yield of 100 tonnes per year is obtained from one hectare. 2. Subabul. Very good drought-resistant tree fodder. The first harvest can only be done after the first seed production
  4. Accepted 6 March, 2010 The growth and yield of Ashley variety of cucumber in response to the effect of farmyard manure and inorganic fertilizer NPK 20:10:10 was evaluated at the Teaching and Research Farm of the Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Nigeria Lat 6°45'N and long 6°08'E. The farmyard manure was applied at the rates of 0, 5 and 10.

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Product Specifications SCIENTIFIC NAME CUMMIN CYMINUM I. PLANT HEIGHT (CM) 25 - 28 SEED RATE 10 - 15 KG / HA SPACING Broad carting DAYS TO 50% FLOWERING 50 - 55 DAYS TO MATURITY 110 - 115 100 SEED WEIGHT (GM) 0.5 - 0.6 SEED COLOR LIGHT BROW Seed 13.45 kg/ha alfalfa 74.15 Other seed (timothy) 4.48 kg/ha 13.95 Inoculant 1.05 Fertility crop removal 24 kg/ha P. 2. O. 5 (6.1 kg/tonne removal rate) 8.85 92 kg/ha K. 2. O (23.5 kg/tonne removal rate) 30.40 Herbicide broadleaf weed control 15.90 Production insurance 4.20 Tractor and machine expenses fuel (37 L) and lubricants 40.5 1. As mixed crop - 8 to 15 kg/ha. 2. As pure crop - 20 to 25 kg/ha. Spacing: 45 x 20 cm (Rainfed) 60 x 30 cm (Irrigated) Sowing Method: Sowing is done with thiram @ 3 g or captan @ 2.5 g/kg seed to control seed borne diseases

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Avoid sowing Miami before September. We recommend a seed rate of 275 kg/ha. Miami will produce high yields under irrigation provided it is well managed. Like all field pea cultivars Miami can be affected by alfalfa mosaic virus and cucumber mosaic virus, which are both transmitted by aphids Seed rate. The seed rate is 8.5 kg ha-1 for the summer crop sown in February-March and 7 kg ha-1 for kharif crop. Storage of seeds. Packing of okra seeds in polythene cover (700 gauge) increases the storage life upto 7 months. Planting. For kharif crop, sow the seeds at a spacing of 60 cm between rows and 45 cm between plants Call +91-8047019802. Contact Supplier Request a quote. Beet Root Seeds. ₹ 3,200/ Kg Get Latest Price. Maturity : 55-60 days. Fruit color : dark red. Fruit weight : 100 to 125 gm. Fruit shape : round root/ global. Remarks : Very juicy and good for salads, seed count per gram 60, depth of sowing 1cm to 2cm Seed rates vary from 11-18 kg/ha, depending on seed quality and plant population. At 5000 seeds/kg, about 11.5 kg of good quality seed should be sown to establish 50 000 plants per hectare. Planting plates must be selected to suit seed size and seed is planted about 3.5-5.0 cm deep

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Cucumber yield (t ha-1) and yield income ($ ha-1)* in 2009. Cover crop treatments with different letters indicate a statistically significant difference. *Yield income was determined by the total grade weight and the 2009 grower- industry agreement for purchasing for hand harvested cucumbers (a Table 1. Weed control and yield in cucumber and soil persistence with herbicides in a Hidalgo sandy loam, 1975a. Weed controlb Growth reductiond Herbicide and rate JM PA PA pple po0e PPI POI PPI Cucumber yieldc PPI POI (kg/ha) (kg/ha) (%) (% of weeded check) (%) Bensulide 5.0 Trifluralin 0.8 90a-d 100a 72d-f 102a 30 3 Seeding rate The seeding rate is 16 to 25 seeds per 10 m2 (1,0-3,0 kg/ha). Fertilisation Field fertilisation Watermelon has moderate nutrient requirements compared to other veg-etable crops, and because of its deep rooting it is efficient in extracting nutrients from the soil. A high-yield watermelon crop will typically contai

seeding the winter rye with a seed drill. The winter rye was seeded at a rate of 123 kg·ha-1. In the spring, when the rye reached anthesis, it was rolled and crimped. A zone builder was then used to strip till planting beds into the treatment. The winter rye seeding rate was increased to 184 kg·ha-1. in 201 Early instars can be controlled by BHC 10% dust at the rate of 20 kg ha. Spray of kg/Malathion 50 EC, Thiodan 35 EC or Fenitrothion 50EC at the rate of 1 - 1.25 L in 1000 L of water per hectare. Harvesting and Threshing. As soon as the pods turn yellowish-brown, harvest the crop The test crop cucumber seeds were planted at a spacing of 70cm x 90cm (0.7m x 0.9m). Two weeks after planting at the rate of 0 kg/ha, 50 kg/ha, 100 kg/ha and 150 kg/ha in the respectiv Application rates Crop Application rate* Application method Potato 0.5 - 1 l / ha or 0.1 l / 500 kg tubers / Tomato, cucumber, others 1 - 2 l / ha 2 × / Lettuce 0.5 l / ha / Carrots, turnip, cabbage, others 0.5 l / ha + Strawberry 1 l / ha 2 × / Cereals (maize, grains, rice) 0.2 l / 100 kg seeds Plant Population (per ha): 444,444 hills per ha Seeding Rate: 1.5 - 2 kg/ha Number of Seeds (per gram): 238 seeds Method of Planting: best transplanted Sowing To Germination: 10 - 14 days Germination To Transplanting: 40 - 45 days pH Requirement: 6 - 6.8 Harvesting

It is usually easier to harvest dense crops. Table 1 Sowing rate (kg/ha) required to achieve 45 plants/m 2 - assuming 90% establishment rate. Germination rate (%) Lupin seed weight 140g/1000 seeds. Lupin seed weight 160g/1000 seeds. Lupin seed weight 180g/1000 seeds Seeding rate (kg/ha) = Plant density (plants/m 2) x 100 seed weight (g) x 10 ÷ Germination percentage Sowing depth should be 4-6 cm. This depth protects seed from herbicide damage and offers an optimum environment for rhizobium survival. Make sure there is good soil moisture before sowing and that seed has been inoculated. Sowing date. Sow. Crop: Black Gram Variety: LBG-752 & PU-31 Seasons & Seeds Rate: Karif at 20 kg/ha, Rainy at 20 kg/ha, Summer 20 kg/ha About Us swastik seeds Pvt Ltd was established with the main objective of serving high quality seeds which increase yield of crop with in affordable prices

The winter rye was seeded at a rate of 123 kg·ha-1. In the spring, when the rye reached anthesis, it was rolled and crimped. A zone builder was then used to strip till planting beds into the treatment. The winter rye seeding rate was increased to 184 kg·ha-1 in 2012 after a low biomass of winter rye was observed in 2011 Water Melon. Seed Rate : 2-2.5 kg / Ha. Spacing (Cm) : 60-90 x 180-240. Days to Yield*1st Picking : 90. Yield*Approx : 10-15. Fruit Weight : 8-13Fruit Shape : RoundFruit Colour. Skin : Black Rind, Food Shipping.Remarks : Very high yielding hybrid firm flesh with. excellent sweetness.Good transport quality Apply FYM 25 t/ha, Azospirillum 2 kg and Phosphobacteria 2 kg/ha, N 50 kg, P 150 kg and K 75 kg/ha as basal dose and N 50 kg/ha as top-dressing is done at 30 days after planting. Apply Zinc sulphate as basal dose @ 50 kg/ha at the time of last ploughing Maximum seed yields (1140-1492 kg ha −1) also occurred at a relatively high seeding rate (9-13.5 kg ha −1) in South Dakota (Alberti, 2017). Similarly, carinata planted at 10 kg ha −1 produced 2890 kg seed ha −1 (Bozzini et al., 2007) in Italy, while 8 kg ha −1 produced 1592 kg ha −1 in Ethiopia (Tadesse et al., 2012) Fertilize using N PK 15:15:15 at rate of 300 kg/Ha 5 cm from the plant on the 1st 3 days of planting. Then, apply UREA at rate of 100 kg/Ha 10 cm from plant 18 to 20 days after planting, cover with soil right after. At 35 to 40 days after planting, apply secondary fertilization with UREA at rate 100 kg/Ha 15 cm from the plant and cover with soil

Sowing Time:There are two types of ridge gourd commonly grown and the seeds are sown in different times according to type of crop. Seed Rate: The seed rate is 4 to 5 kg/ha. Method of Sowing:The seed is sown by dibbling method at a spacing of 1.5 to 2.0 X 1.0 to 1.5 m. Two to three sees are sown in each pit. Layout is ring and basin The maximum seed treatment rate for soybean is reduced to 30 g a.i./100 kg seed. This will result in the cancellation of the use for bean leaf beetle, European chafer, soybean aphid, and wireworm. The maximum soil drench and in-furrow rate for leafy vegetables is reduced to 90 g a.i./ha Cucumber provided similar results 5 WAP, with a 28% reduction in the number of emerged seedlings with S-metolachlor applied at 1.4 kg ha −1 compared with 0.7 kg ha −1 or to standard PRE herbicides. S-metolachlor applied EPOST 3 WAP on already emerged cucumber seedlings did not reduce cucumber stands 5 WAP How to sow Pumpkin seeds: 4 or 5 seeds are to be sown per pit. Destroy any unhealthy or damaged plants after two weeks and retain 3 plants per pit. Manures and Fertilizers of Pumpkin: Apply Farm Yard Manure FYM at 20 to 25 ton/ha as basal dose along with a half dose of 35 kg of N and a full dose of 25 kg of P2O5 and K2O (25 kg/ha )

Seed Rate For rainy season crop (June - July) used seed rate of 4-6kg/acre with spacing of 60x30cm for branching varieties and 45x30cm for non-branching varieties. Upto mid-February used seed rate 15-18 kg/acre and for sowing in march used seed rate 4-6 kg/acre. Seed Treatment Seed germination can be enhanced by soaking the seeds in water for. AGRIPARI E-COMMERCE PVT. LIMITED. 309 SHANTI MALL, SATADHAR CROSS ROAD, SOLA ROAD , AHMEDABAD GUJARAT 380061 Phone: 1800 2580 103 (Toll Free) E-Mail: [email protected Sweet Corn Seeds - Growing Corn plant. Tillage. Advisable to plow your land evenly after adding manure at 10 tonnes/Ha and compost. Important note to have at least 150 to 200 metres of distance between each corn field or at least 20 days apart in terms of sowing new seed to obtain best quality fruit for your chosen variety highest weight of 2.43 kg per plant and yield per hectare of 43,259 kg/ha were obtained with 10 t/ha farmyard manure and 400 kg/ha of fertilizer which were 166.42% higher than the control. Key words: Cucumber, farmyard manure, inorganic fertilizer, growth and yield

methyl ester at 2.24 or 4.48 kg/ha. The 3.36 kg/ha rate of naptalam and the 2.24 kg/ha rate of chloramben are the re­ commended rates of these herbicides for weed control in cucumber in this area. The 4.48 kg/ha rate of chloramben methyl ester is in excess of the recommended or cleared rate of this herbicide. Cucumber seedling injury. The sowing rate varies according to the crops to be cultivated. Usually 2-3 kg for cucumber, 4-5 kg for bitter gourd and bottle gourd, 3 kg for sponge gourd and flash gourd on one hectare. If you prefer transplanting, container-grown transplants should be planted when daily mean soil temperatures reach 15°C (60°F) For conservation purposes, seeding rates have been established to achieve the desired plant density of around 20-60 live seeds per square foot. These figures are fairly standard when figuring seeding rates except when you are dealing with very large or very small seed sizes (e.g

Dutch Potato production 2011 Area *1000 ha Yield tons/ha Production (mln tons) Seed potatoes 38 35 1,3 Ware potatoes 73 52 3,8 Starch potatoes 49 43 2, Seeding Rate, Plant Rate Any successful planting begins with identifying the purpose of the planting; selecting suitable species that meet the desired objectives of the resource concern; to ensure normal density of young shoot and a maximum yield, you need to determine the number of seeds planted per hectare (ha) or acre, and how much seed needs to be purchased Tachibana (1987) reported that water and nutrient absorption rate of cucumber plants were greatly inhibited when the plants were preincubated at root temperatures below 20 °C for 1 or 5 d. Cucumber plants' dry weight, leaf area, and net photosynthesis were seriously impacted when root temperatures were below 20 °C (Ahn et al., 1999)

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plant umbels except the rate at 75 kg ha-1 of ostrich manure when the lowest number of umbels per plant was recorded in this rate which was 26.5 umbels (Fig.1c). The highest level of organic manure 225kg ha-1 ostrich and 90 kg ha-1 of the bat manure was the best treatment in terms of major umbels number recorded in comparing with other treatment Find here details of companies selling Cucumber Seeds in Hosur, Tamil Nadu. Get latest info on Cucumber Seeds, suppliers, wholesale suppliers, retailers & traders with Cucumber Seeds prices for buying condition). Owing to these, producers are using 6- 8 kg of seeds per hectare as opposed to the recommended rates of 3.5-4 kg/ha in order to guarantee good seedling emergence. This incurs more cost to farmers besides the ever increasing price of onion seed on the local markets. All these are hampering the advancement of onion production Seed rate for fodder maize would be 50 kg/ha. Seed rate of fodder jowar would be 50 kg/ha. N : P 2 O 5 for cheena is 30 : 30 kg/ha, respectively. Sesame Sesame (Punjab Til-1) Ridge and furrow method is Black gram Fodder purpose: Black gram (Pant U-19, Uttara/Local ) Inoculate the black gram seed

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Seed rate for fodder maize would be 50 kg/ha. Seed rate of fodder jowar would be 50 kg/ha. N : P2O5 for cheena is 30 : 30 kg/ha, respectively. Sesame Sesame (Punjab Til-1) Ridge and furrow method is preferable. Black gram Fodder purpose: Black gram (Pant U-19, Uttara/Local ) Inoculate the black gram seed proposals for cotton seed and cotton seed oil, cucumber, apricot, nectarine and apple (Potier, 1994). season foliar applications at GAP rates up to 0.8 kg ai/ha were 0.28 mg/kg after 28 days and 0.7 mg/kg after 14-16 days. The Spanish delegation to the 1994 CCPR requested retention of the CXLs for apricots an The amount of chemical fertilizers, electricity and chemicals used for cucumber growing were 1019.87 kg ha −1, 2438.74 kW h and 94.26 kg, respectively. The other inputs applied in the growing process in the surveyed area are shown in Table 2. The last column gives the percentage of each input of the total energy input Coarsely chopped alfalfa hay increased growth and yield when placed in a band below and to the side of crop seeds or plants. This was achieved with rates of 190 to 470 kilograms per hectare of alfalfa containing 5 to 12 kilograms nitrogen per hectare. The increase in growth or yield of rice, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, and cauliflower and.


Seed rate. Seed rate is : 4 kg/ha. Spacing. Rows are marked with spacing of 25 - 30 cm apart. Sow the seeds mixed with sand and it should be one part of seed with 4 parts of sand. Thinning. Hills: Between plants it should be 10cm. Plains: Between plants it should be 5cm. Preparation of fiel Buy Various Types of Fresh Capsicum, Cucumber Online as how much you require for your food from your favourite online grocery store in the city

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In 1979, the world low production yield was 308 kg/ha in Algeria, the international production yield was 1,266 kg/ha, and the world high production yield was 2,420 kg/ha in Austria (FAO, 1980a). With DM yields ranging from 4 to 9 MT/ha (in three months) and seed yields ranging from 300 to more than 3,000 kg/ha, a straw factor of 3 seems. Seed harvesting The seeds are usually ready to be harvested middle January. They are harvested by hand or with a combine harvester. Seed conditioning Harvested seeds are dried and pre-cleaned, then delivered in massbags to the cleaning facility in Oudtshoorn. Seed yield Average yield of 800-1500 kg/ha, depending on variety plant at a rate of 4 kg ha-1. Fertigation was conducted five times during the vegetative phase by applying water-soluble fertilizer (Kristalon, Hydro Agri, Rotterdam, The Netherlands). In total, fertilizer was added at a rate of 71 kg N ha-1, 97 kg P 2 O 5 ha-1 and 96 kg K 2 O ha-1. Fertigation was conducted 7 d after planting and was reapplied.

Seed rate. 400-500g per hectare is required depending on spacing Top-dress with 100 kg/ha CAN when plants are about 15 cm and later with 200 kg/ha CAN after 4 weeks. Crop Rotation. · Virus infections (tobacco mosaic virus, cucumber mosaic virus). Carrots are propagated using seeds. The carrot seeds that are Sowing or broadcast in the field with a seed rate of 5 to 6 kg /ha or it can be up to 6 to 9 kg/ha this depends upon carrot variety. The seeds are small, approximately 800 per gram. They remain viable for nearly three years and up to 85% germination

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Requires 20 Kg ha-1 seeds compared to 60-65 Kg ha-1 in wetland rice ecosystem. Reduction in pesticide and fertilizer usage. Reduces labor cost dramatically. Reduces total cost of cultivation, hence increases net income. Eco-friendly: Reduces the emission of green-house gases like Methane and Nitrous oxide • The sugar beet use of 13 gAI/ha maximum • Hort EAMU uses are far exceeding the maximum grams of AI per hectare • The dose rate per unit of seeds is required to be reduced for the EAMU approval • For example onions dosage is 25ml / 100,000 seeds = 27.5 gAI/ha The sugar beet approval is granted for the treatment of pelleted seeds A Summary of N, P, and K Research with Cucumber in Florida. 1. George Hochmuth and Ed Hanlon 2. Cucumber production in Florida in 2007-2008 was divided between the spring season, 58% of the total, and the fall season, 42% of the total (Florida Agriculture Statistical Bulletin 2009). Crop value for 2007-2008 was $94,433,000

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Biomass yield 8 t DM ha-1. within 3-5 months N content in leaves 3.6 - 4.7% 8 tonnes=8,000 kg. about 4 % of 8,000 kg =320 kg N per hectare if the whole crop is incorporated into the soil. This is a lot - most crops need less than 100 kg/ha of Nitrogen to grow well Total cost=Total variable cost +Total fixed cost. 1. Total cost of cultivation =Total variable cost + Total fixed cost. 2. Total income = Yield (kg) × Market price of the crop (Rs. /kg) 3. Net Profit = Total Income - Total cost of cultivation. 4. Benefit cost Ratio = Cost of total benefit / Cost of production Cucumber plants to NPK fertilizer at the rate of 150:90:90kg/ha through fertigation gave maximum number of fruits per vine, weight of fruits (g) and higher yield (kg). [9] found that fertigation of 150mgN/L gave the highest number of leaves, leaf area, fresh and dry weight of shoots and roots in Cucumber. [10] reported that NPK level at 120