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Aug is useless and m16 is pretty good. Few reasons. Aug bullet velocity is 300m/s with titanium and agency max boost up to ~650 which is balls and useless further than 20m AUG ADS time is much slower than m16 AUG dmg does not seem to be any higher AUG is less accurate. There is 1 (ONE) upside for AUG which is build in 1.5 optic and therefore free slot for another attachment Reddit iOS Reddit Android Reddit Gifts Rereddit Communities About Reddit Advertise Blog Careers Press. Close. 26. Posted by. PC. 4 months ago [Warzone] JGOD's analysis of M16 vs. AUG. Warzone. Finally a thorough analysis of the other two tactical rifles by JGOD. I have been running the AMAX or a Grau as my long range guns and while they are. While I do think that the FR 5.56 is better in select areas compared to the M16, it looks like the M16 with the Axial is much easier to use with wayyyyyy smoother recoil for long range and faster ADS for medium range, making it the better and more consistent burst rifle. 149. 27 comments. 132 While I do think that the FR 5.56 is better in select areas compared to the M16, it looks like the M16 with the Axial is much easier to use with wayyyyyy smoother recoil for long range and faster ADS for medium range, making it the better and more consistent burst rifle. 151. 28 comments. 140 Posted by. u/-Qwis-. 2 days ago. [Warzone] Now that he Vector has been buffed, I think that it is a close second to the Mac-10. The Vector has 0 recoil, low TTK, and decent range. The Mac-10 damage drop off and range is almost unbeatable past 23~ meters though. Let me know what you guys think

level 1. n0xit1. · 6m PC. They use AR ammo, which makes them way better and versatile than most of the shitty marksman rifles imho. 11. level 2. AccountantNotEditor. · 6m. Wow, that alone basically makes the SKS and M14 entirely useless when compared to the DMR and Type 63 Warzone players have been wondering which of two weapons, the M16 and the AUG, is better suited for the current meta. They are both tactical rifles and hold nearly identical stats. The Black Ops. I give some of the best loadouts and class setups for Call of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone Battle Royale AUG and M16 while looking at the Stats.10-30% Off Gfu.. AUG vs M16, which Burst Tactical Rifle is better in Call of Duty Warzone. I compare the stats, damage, STK, TTK and more. I also give you the best attachment.. Discussing some hidden stats found for the Tactical Rifles in Warzone, The AUG, M16, and DMR. 10-30% Off Gfuel Energy Products (Code JGOD): https://gfuel.ly/..

Both the M16 and AUG are in a great spot right now. Here are my opinions on the comparison between the two0:00 Intro0:45 TTK Comparison1:31 Bullet Velocit.. Hey guys! Big video, comparing the M16 vs AUG both cold war tactical rifle weapons in WARZONE. What is the best 3 round burst tactical rifle in WARZONE? We w.. Today it's time to move into the 2 burst Tactical Rifles from Cold War and put them side by side to see which is best in Warzone. Which one of these do you t.. Today we're back with the M16 tactical rifle in Warzone after some stealth changes to the barrels on the gun! The updated M16 Class Setup in Warzone is now e..

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TrueGameData.com is the. leading tool for Call of Duty stats. All the stats were individually hand tested by a team of two engineers at 200-240 FPS to give the most accurate results possible. TrueGameData.com is designed to help you build better loadouts and win more games Best Warzone M16 loadout attachments. Muzzle: Agency Silencer Barrel: 15.9″ Strike Team Optic: Axial Arms 3x Underbarrel: Field Agent Grip Ammunition: 45 Rnd mag This Warzone weapon is extremely useful in long-range combat, but our loadout will focus on reducing its ADS time and increasing the effective damage that it can dish out during medium-range combat Black Ops Cold War's AUG is different from Modern Warfare's AUG.The new game's gun is a tactical burst rifle, while last year's model, also in Warzone, is a submachine gun.. The injection. Warzone Season 2 includes some much-needed tuning to weapon stats, which were previously unreliable, as weapon attachment pros and cons were inaccurate in the menus, as revealed by YouTuber JGOD.. As of the new update, it appears that Raven Software has taken the initiative to fix things, but yet also break a few things in the process

Black Ops Cold War's M16/AUG Are Still Ridiculously Good. The big season 1 update hit this week for Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War and Warzone. That also means more tweaks to Cold War's. The meta M4A1 has an ADS time of 281 ms, above-average movement speed, favorable hip-fire spread, a large 60-round magazine, and one of the best fire rates in Warzone.It even has some of the game. JGOD explains how to turn Warzone's FR 5.56 into the ultimate M16 counter. Warzone YouTuber JGOD has revealed one simple change that can make the usually ignored FR 5.56 compete with the M16 and AUG meta. The FR 5.56 has long been considered one of Warzone's weakest weapons. With its wild bullet spread and low time-to-kill, most players.

The AUG and the FFAR 1 both got adjusted. After last week's somewhat minor nerfs, Raven Software has returned with another set of adjustments for Call of Duty: Warzone 's weapons. This time. Here's our official tier list of every primary weapon in Warzone. D-Tier: AUG (MW), Crossbow, PP19 Bizon, M60, MG34, Hauer 77, ISO, Striker 45, Fennec, FAL, FiNN LMG, M91, Type 63, FR 5.56, S-Tier weapons are the meta in Warzone Season 4 - the best of the best The Modern Warfare AUG is an SMG with an excellent fire rate, capable of killing enemies faster than some of the best assault rifles in Warzone. Unlocking all of the attachments for this SMG will.

The Warzone Season 4 Reloaded nerfed many weapons, but it actually buffed the Krig 6 by increasing its minimum damage from 25 to 26. With all of the nerfs to the other popular assault rifles, the. AUG. The AUG is almost identical in nature and power to the M16, and actually supersedes the M16 in a couple of ways. Overall we prefer the lower recoil of the M16 as it increases our chances of one-burst-kills, but the AUG actually deals slightly higher damage per shot, at very nearly the same rate of fire

Check Out Other Warzone Best Loadouts Here Cross Between AR & SMG. The AUG can use 5.56 ammunition that is mostly used for Assault Rifles. With this ammo change, you can hit farther targets and deal better damage. Still Highly Mobile. Even with damaging AR ammunition, the AUG still has far better Mobility than its lenghtier siblings When it comes to picking the best SMG in Warzone, there are so many candidates to pick from since the Cold War guns made their way to the battle royale game.Warzone Season 4 Reloaded shattered the. How to unlock the M16: Reach Player Level 10 (in Black Ops: Cold War or Warzone) The AUG withheld its place throughout most of the duration of Season 2, but the Season 3 balance patch increased. We are a community built Call of Duty Warzone stats progression tracker. The only website that derives your stats from individual match data, able to provide more granular statistics than available in-game. Check your Gulag Win Ratio, K/D Ratio evolution over time, the most popular weapons in Warzone, and more

Make a Selection. Options in each different tool (CW, WZ, MW) have different and independent stats. AR Assault Rifle. LMG Light Machine Gun. SMG Submachine Gun. Pistols Pistols. MR Marksman Rifle. TR Tactical Rifle. SR Sniper Rifle Best M16 loadout in Warzone. The M16 is a brutal gun when it comes to damage. Here, I've put together a couple loadouts and attachment combinations to help you get the best out of the M16, including a mid-range assault build and a close-quarters build to rival SMGs The heavy-hitting tactical rifle has burst onto the scene in Call of Duty: Warzone - here is the best AUG Warzone loadout With the launch of Call of Duty: Warzone Season Two, developer Raven Software appears to have been tinkering with the numbers again - and not just the ones we can see on our screen The headline change is a significant nerf to the M16 and AUG tactical rifles, both of which were seen as the two dominant weapons in the game. The M16 has seen its maximum effective range and fire. The M16 is becoming increasingly popular in Call of Duty's battle royale modes too, with many using the M16 in Warzone to great effect over long distances. If you want to run the M16 during intense matches on Black Ops Cold War, we've got the perfect loadout to help you maximize damage and find those all-important kills

Best M16 Attachments for Cold War. Muzzle: Muzzle Brake 5.56. This attachment loadout is designed to minimize recoil, double-down on the M16's performance at long range where it already excels, and round out some of the cons of its burst-fire mechanic with extra reload time. The Muzzle Brake 5.56 and Field Agent Foregrip drastically reduce. Warzone New Meta: Best Tactical AUG Loadout. This tactical rifle is unlocked when Warzone players reach level 28, and it has flown under the radar because of how powerful the DMR-14 used to be, but now it could shine. Warzone's AUG is all about precision thanks to its burst-fire that has devastating stopping long-range power The meta M4A1 has an ADS time of 281 ms, above-average movement speed, favorable hip-fire spread, a large 60-round magazine, and one of the best fire rates in Warzone.It even has some of the game. The best Warzone AUG loadout can be a powerful addition to your game. It's been controversial, nerfed, and doubled up, with two AUGs to choose from now - the original Modern Warfare's versatile.

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Our Warzone assault rifle tier list for January 2021 is here to breakdown how the current meta has settled now that Black Ops Cold War integration is in full effect.. Here are the best assault. There are generally 3 types of recommended loadouts for Warzone right now: Long Range AR and SMG; All Round AR and Shotgun; All Round AR and Sniper; If you're new to the game or you just want some solid loadouts built for you rather than using the website to tweak and build classes yourself, this is the place to be CR-56 AMAX - Best Assault Rifle in Warzone Season 2. The primary weapon in the best Warzone Loadout for Season 2 is of course an assault rifle. The CR-56 AMAX is once again the best AR in Warzone now that the overpowered FFAR has been nerfed. While its fire rate isn't very quick, it makes up for it with insanely high damage and very.

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  1. The M16 is one of the more accurate, deadlier rifles in Call of Duty: Warzone, now that it's made the jump to the battle royale game from Black Ops Cold War.. As a marksman rifle, the M16 fires in.
  2. Its lower chest damage makes it less forgiving than the Swiss, but that excellent ADS time makes it easier to fend off closer foes. Either weapon is an excellent choice for mobile sniping in Warzone. Check out our guide on how to build the best Kar98k for Warzone to help with this one
  3. First up, although the AUG has been nerfed, the M16 is now the new king of Warzone. Both the AUG and M16 are Cold War burst rifles that play in very similar ways, so it's no surprise to see the gun. But it's a fun, decent option if you're bored of using the same old loadout for the fifth week in a row
  4. Best LC10 loadout in Warzone. The LC10 is a really nice-feeling weapon in Warzone. The fire rate is quick and you can get a whole load of damage downrange with speed and ease. For the LC10, I've put together a handy attachment and loadout guide to guide you through exactly how to maximise your brutal damage in Warzone, and here it is
  5. The best Warzone LW3 Tundra loadout is: Wrapped Suppressor. 29.1 Combat Recon. 7 Rnd. Airborne Elastic Wrap. Royal & Kross 4x. The Wrapped Suppressor is an excellent pick for the muzzle.
  6. Hauer 77 - Level 7. Gallo SA12 - Level 34. The Hauer 77, unlocked at Level 7, is an easy pick for the best Cold War shotgun in Warzone thanks to an accuracy and damage that shames the Gallo SA12.

Find info on the Warzone / Modern Warfare best loadout, attachments, how To unlock, & setup for PP19 Bizon. Here are the best assault rifles to use in Call of Duty: Warzone at the start of the new year. Thermal to check for targets, shift to slap. on. Warzone: Best Weapon Setups & Gun Tier List - Cold War Check Out Grau 5.56 Assault Rifle in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & COD Warzone 2021 BRUEN MK9. Our top pick for the best LMG in Warzone used to be the Bruen MK9, but a series of nerfs have put it lower down the pecking order. Despite its position on this list, this is still a.

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The AUG in Call of Duty Cold War is a burst rifle - not the fully automatic weapon you might be familiar with from Black Ops, though it's similar to the ABR 223 from Black Ops 4. The AUG is a. Call of Duty: Vanguard will include a new Warzone map that is set during the Pacific theater of WWII, including new vehicles and a larger map. More Posts. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3. WARZONE. Apex Legends 2 hours ago. Warzone players call for popular Apex Legends feature to be added The Steyr AUG is only 28.15 inches with a 16-inch barrel and its chambered in a rifle caliber. That's a pretty substantial rifle in a tiny package. That's the magic of a bullpup. AUG Vs. 7.5 inch AR. Smaller guns are easier to handle in close quarters, but in rifle calibers that usually means a shorter barrel This loadout's primary focus is the FFAR 1, which is turning out to be the fastest time-to-kill weapon for Warzone. You can consider running it with something like the AUG or another high-impact weapon for added effectiveness. This weapon jumps to the top of the list due to the Agency Suppressor buff in the recent patch The best Warzone best M16 loadout will give you a real edge in a fight and we have some good options here. It's always been a good Call of Duty gun and in Warzone the M16 burst fire ability.

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The best Kar98k Warzone loadout. Singuard Custom 27.6. This is the undisputed best build for a Kar98k in Warzone and has how the vast majority of players set it up for sniping in Verdansk. With maxed out damage range, a clean scope, and deadly accuracy, this Kar98k class is every Warzone sniper's dream Black Ops Cold War Nerfs the AUG, M16, AK47 & More AUG (Source: Treyarch) Warzone, and Season One Content. Read below for patch notes for our latest Black Ops Cold War game update, as well as all the new content and experiences to expect in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone when Season One drops on December 16th The FR 5.56 is a burst rifle with a low time-to-kill and a difficult-to-control recoil pattern. As a result, it's not a good option in Warzone, especially when the M16 and the AUG are already dominating the burst rifle meta. There is no reason to select this gun based on its stats or performance. Ode

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Warzone's meta is ever-changing, so it's helpful to rank up all sorts of guns to be ready just in case one of them finds its way into everybody's loadout.Plus, it's fun to change things up. AUG Screengrab via: Tigerfield. The AUG is another tactical rifle in our super-tier that packs quite a heavy punch. It is similar to the M16 in and even tops it a few ways. Though many would want to stick with the M16's low recoil, AUG's deals out much more damage per shot at the same fire-rate

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  1. Despite a constantly-evolving meta and stiff competition from the MAC-10, the MP5 remains Call of Duty: Warzone royalty. The SMG is one of the best Warzone guns for its mobility, fire rate, and all-important time to kill.. The MP5 is perfect for close combat and can rip through squads you find camped out in buildings with ease
  2. The MAC-10 in Warzone is an absolute powerhouse in close quarters for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone players. As an SMG, the MAC-10 is generally only going to properly function when going up close.
  3. The AUG offers slightly stronger firepower than the M16 but lower speed and accuracy. A positive, though, is the built-in scope that doesn't take up an attachment slot. Type 6
  4. The FFAR 1 is unlocked at level 40, meaning you're going to have to put in a bit of legwork before you can obtain it. But as it's been included in the list of the best Call of Duty: Cold War guns.
  5. Find here the best build for the M16 in Warzone. After the nerf of the Aug, the M16 is for sure one the main contender to be considered as the meta for Warzone, even after the season 3 weapon balancing ; The best M16 loadout for Warzone Season 3
  6. When it comes to a secondary, you can come equipped with something that's good in ranged situations, like the M16 or a sniper. This way, you'll have all your bases covered. Warzone best Groza.
  7. The FR.56 is one of the least used weapons in Warzone for good reason. If Black Ops Cold War's FFAR 1 gets a nerf, we want Activision to step up the FR.56. The FAMAS variant of Modern Warfare has been one of the least used weapons in Warzone since its release. Unlike the M16, the FR.56's burst is incredibly slow and outperforms any.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone™ is all-in on St. Patrick's Day with themed bundles and modes until March 18. Already, there are Shamrocks and Pots o' Gold aplenty, but starting March 18 th, there will be several other themed bundles made available for all Operators.. Meanwhile, after an awesome Major I Tournament last week, Call of Duty League fans can gear up for Stage II. It's not terrible, but certainly nowhere near as good as the M16. AUG (MW) -- SMG If you want to use the Modern Warfare AUG, you have to use the 5.56 rounds for added damage, which takes up a.

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The five best weapons in Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. 1)MP5. Image credits - Sportskeeda. To start with the best gun in Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the MP5 is an absolute fan favorite. However, the gun is very popular in Call of Duty: Warzone and is still a viable choice for fans of the battle royale. D Tier - Type 63. The Type 63 is an okay weapon that is currently the least viable Marksman Rifle. It pales compared to the M16 and AUG and is less useful than the DMR 14. Cold War LMG Tier Lis In-Depth Warzone Weapon Stats Guide. This guide will tell you all the important weapon stats for Call of Duty: Warzone, including base damage, magazine size, aim-down-sight (ADS) speed, damage per second (DPS), revolutions per minute (RPM)/fire rate, and reload time. Since Warzone and Black Ops were integrated, Warzone also includes weapons. AUG (level 28) The classic Black Ops assault rifle is back - the AUG is a burst fire tactical rifle, offering high damage with moderate recoil, and slower movement speeds while firing. It's.

There's a long list of the best Warzone guns to try so you're really spoilt for choice. With buffs and nerfs to over 30 weapons, now is the time to switch up your loadout pool for Season 4. Powerful and accurate, the AUG scoped assault rifle compensates for its long reload times with low spread and a high rate of fire. Official description The AUG, or Bullpup, as it was previously known, is a rifle featured in the Counter-Strike series, exclusive to the Counter-Terrorists. The counterpart for the Terrorists is the Krieg 552 (before Global Offensive) and SG 553 in Global Offensive. Check out our best M16 Warzone loadout and our best AMAX Warzone loadout for some great builds. For perks, Overkill is obviously a must, as are Double Time and Amped. A Heartbeat Sensor for sneaky play and Thermite Grenades to weasel campers out of their hidey holes are the recommended pieces of equipment

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M16. Simply put, the M16 is one of the best guns in all of Black Ops Cold War, not just the one of the best guns in Cold War Zombies. You'll likely have much success when using it since its. Warzone Tracker! We have leaderboards for all Call of Duty stats! Check your Warzone stats and ranks for multiplayer, Warzone and more! View our indepth leaderboards for every Warzone stat. Check your friend stats and compare them with yours! Our stats live update as you play so you can keep an eye on how you're doing and look at indepth match.

The default setup is an M4A1 with an M16 Grenadier barrel, 60 Round Magazine, Ranger Foregrip, Monolithic Suppressor, and the VLK Optic. In each test, the gun's build stayed the same other than. Warzone's newest update reclassifies the bullet penetration of the DMR from sniper to AR.Damage falloff ranges decreased from 55 damage to 48 after 750 units instead of 2500 units. Additionally, the DMR now has higher recoil for the second and third bullets and a slight increase for subsequent shots SPR 208 - S Rank. SPR 208 is one of the best semi-auto marksman rifle thanks to its high damage, large default magazine size, good aim-down sight and hip fire accuracy. It can one-shot-kill at all ranges if you hit the target's upper torso. Its superior stats and handling earns it an S rank Sdílet na reddit. reddit Sdílet na e-mailu. Email V návaznosti na nerf AUG převzal M16, tady je nejlepší zátěž. Před několika dny byl Call of Duty: Warzone zasažen několika zbraněmi nerfů. Toto vidělo dvě z nejsilnějších zbraní, FFAR a AUG, nerfed. Zatímco FFAR stále vládne, AUGův zpětný ráz přináší M16 do hry See where the AUG stacks up in a new list of Warzone's best weapons. Many players are not too thrilled about this current meta with the majority of the focus on the overpowered AUG. The AUG has been a popular choice since it joined Warzone's arsenal, but it's finally managed to solidify its spot in the meta this season. Forex Vs Transferwise, Here are the best attachments for Warzone. More.

If you own Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and want to level up your weapons, the best way to do so is to play Fireteam: Dirty Bomb. This mode is somewhat of a hybrid of Warzone's battle royale. A slight recoil nerf to the AUG and no alterations to the FFAR. I go pretty easy on Raven given the circumstances of the pandemic, but the lack of communication from them about what feedback they're receiving and how they're handling it really stinks.One would think that after weeks of the AUG and FFAR being completely dominant and turning Warzone into an instagib hellhole that they'd be. Campaign. The M16A1 appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops (Nintendo DS) as one of the five rifles in game. It is fully automatic, and has a 30-round magazine, high power, low recoil, but suffers from poor hip fire accuracy. It has arguably good but a bit obstructive iron sights. The M16A1 is capable of one-shot kills on recruit difficulty, showing. Loadout 2 - AUG Origins Combo. This loadout may seem outrageous. However, try it for yourselves. The AUG with 5.56 NATO Rounds is one of the best guns to use in Warzone. Class Setup. Perk 1: E.O.D. is a beast perk in all Warzone loadouts. Perk 2: Overkill to give you the Origin 12 as secondary. Perk 3: Shrapnel gives you two C4s. C4s are. Excellent visibility and control while firing. 4. M16. 3-round burst tactical rifle. Excellent burst fire accuracy when aiming down sights, and high damage in short range encounters. 10. Aug. Burst Fire tactical rifle. High damage with moderate recoil and slower movement speeds when firing

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  1. In fact, this puts this FR 5.56 into AUG/M16 time to kill. While the recoil of this loadout is a bit strong at long-range, players should be able to figure out the recoil pattern with enough time. It's not as broken as the DMR 14 was, but this semi-automatic rifle will mow down enemies in Warzone. Coinsmart
  2. They released Call of Duty Warzone as early as March 2020. After the massive failure with Blackout in Black Ops 4, Activision was counting on Warzone to become the first successful Battle Royale for the franchise. Infinity Ward integrated the game inside of Modern Warfare and made it free-to-play. Almost immediately, Verdansk became the go to.
  3. The quality of the cold war optics vs MW ones is a major reason I can't see myself wanting to go with a Cold War gun at range vs a MW one -- this includes snipers too. Other than the Susat multizoom when in 2x (which is honestly better than the VLK imo, but the zoom is more like a holo), they all have horrible visual bounce like crazy and/or.
  4. ate the battlefields of Verdansk. With the DMR-14 having been nerfed to oblivion in a.
  5. Elsewhere, we have recommendations for the best Warzone weapons and explainers on the best FFAR 1 loadout, best MAC-10 loadout, best AUG loadout, best Krig 6 loadout, best MP5 loadout, best M16.
  6. Following the integration of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War into Warzone, players now have access to the M16 tactical rifle. These are the best M16 loadouts
  7. SP-R 208 (S-Tier) - The best gun in the war zone One of the two new weapons added in Season 1 of the Warzone, the SP-R208 was a powerful marksman rifle that quickly became a prestigious gun. Replacing the Kar98k in almost every respect, with SP-R's various unique attachment options (especially improved damage and rate of fire), players are.

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  1. The UPDATED M16 Class Setup in Warzone is now even MORE
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