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Audrey Mirabito The watery substance you see on top of your yogurt actually isn't water at all; more likely, the cloudy liquid is whey, a natural protein found in dairy products. Whey is rich in milk-protein and can also contain some of the milk's nutrients, including calcium and vitamin D A glass of milk, for example, translates into 30 gallons of water, while a slice of cheese needs 25 gallons. By comparison, a regular container of yogurt, which requires 35 gallons, doesn't seem so.. Unfortunately, the water footprint of meat products is even bigger than that of dairy. According to another study by Mekonnen and Hoekstra, it takes a total of 425 gallons of water to produce a.

Plain Yogurt (1 cup) 88 gallons Chicken (8 oz) 330 gallons Hamburger (4 oz) 616 gallons Steak (8 oz) 1,232 gallons Where did the figures come from? In September 1991, the Water Education Foundation published a special report called Water Inputs in California Food Production by Marcia Kreith at UC Davis To make yogurt: Heat a scant 4 cups of whole milk to 185ºF (85ºC). Cool to 105ºF (40ºC). Meanwhile, place 4 tablespoons of plain, whole-milk yogurt that contains live and active cultures in a quart jar. Cover. Once the milk has cooled, pour it into the jar and stir to mix the yogurt and milk together The fat content can range from 0.4% in nonfat yogurt to 3.3% or more in full-fat yogurt (1, 8). Most of the fat in yogurt is saturated (70%), but it also contains a fair amount of monounsaturated fat If you love to eat yogurt, you know that there's often a weird liquid at the top, especially in Greek yogurt.. Many people are confused by the liquid, even though it's a natural part of yogurt. If. 2. Increase the Fat Content. The fat in yogurt is part of what makes it thick, so using whole milk will result in a thicker yogurt than skim milk.. You can also add cream to the milk or use it in place of milk to increase the fat content.Heavy cream is too low in lactose to sustain an heirloom culture long-term, so be sure to refresh the starter in whole or 2% milk after 2-4 batches if you.

I've been making yogurt for over 10 years and I've never gotten sick or had a bad batch of yogurt. If I had to sterilize everything and worry about every drop of water, I would not be making yogurt. It would be far too much trouble. This is just my opinion and what I'm comfortable with Yogurt has long been regarded as a health food with many benefits for your body. Whether you like it plain out of the carton, pre-packaged with fruit and flavors, or made at home, yogurt can be a fulfilling and delicious snack. Read on to learn what happens to your body when you eat it every day One cup (245 grams) of yogurt boasts anywhere from 8 grams of protein in regular yogurt to 22 grams in Greek yogurt (12, 33). However, this dairy product isn't unique in its protein content

Many types of pure psyllium husk powder can blend right in with water, virtually undetected until it thickens. You can certainly add psyllium husk powder to yogurt, too. However, if it's a thicker type of yogurt, like plain Greek yogurt, there might not be enough moisture present for psyllium to flawlessly blend in The probiotics in yogurt may be too much for someone and contribute to a condition called small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), Keller says. The sugar and/or sugar substitutes in yogurt can feed the bacteria and make the overgrowth worse. Heal your gut with these 20 Best Foods for Gut Health

When you're making yogurt, whey is the yellowish-colored liquid that is drained off to give the finished product your desired consistency. Instead of discarding whey, try using it as a substitute for buttermilk or water in baked goods, as a nutrient-dense addition to smoothies or as the cooking liquid for oatmeal, rice, pasta, potatoes, quinoa or beans Pour the yogurt into the sieve and refrigerate for up to several hours, which will strain out the liquid whey and excess water. The yogurt may be stored in the refrigerator for about 7 days. Try plain Greek yogurt with berries for a satisfying snack. Serve. Choose plain and unsweetened yogurt, either strained or unstrained Current available scientific evidence shows that intake of yogurt, milk, and other dairy products have very few adverse effects and may protect against many of the most prevalent chronic diseases, says Brooke Glazer, RDN, nutrition consultant for RSP Nutrition. Frequent consumption of yogurt has been shown to improve risk factors for cardiovascular disease, to lower diabetes risk, and to.

You shouldn't let the yogurt strain for too long because you might end up with thick cheese instead of yogurt. To give you a general idea as to how much Greek yogurt you can make from regular ones, 2 quarts of regular yogurt will give you 2 cups of whey and 6 cups of Greek yogurt How much water do you need? Humans need about 3 liters (101 ounces) of fluid per day, though the exact amount will vary from person to person. Depending on someone's diet, about 34 ounces (1 liter) of that will probably come from food, especially if they're eating watery foods like veggies, fruit, prepared oatmeal, or yogurt What You Need . In addition to the electric yogurt machine, you will need a liquid measuring cup, saucier or saucepan, instant-read thermometer, medium mixing bowl, whisk or wooden spoon, and a ladle.. To make yogurt in a machine that has seven 6-ounce containers, you will need 42 ounces (5 1/4 cups) of milk, whole or 2 percent milk work best, and 6 ounces of plain yogurt containing live.

I staged an experiment to see how much yogurt I really needed to make yogurt. Comparing Different Amounts of Yogurt Starter In the first trial (seen above), I added different amounts of starter ranging from 1/4 teaspoon to 1/2 cup for a pint and a half of milk (3 cups) A plate of ricotta cheese. If you strain yogurt regularly, you can freeze and save whey for ricotta cheese making. You'll need a substantial amount of whey, ideally one to two gallons to make ricotta, but you can experiment with smaller amounts. Heat the whey to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, then add 1/8 cup of white or cider vinegar per gallon of whey Incidentally, I have found that heating the yogurt to 180 degrees makes for a much thicker yogurt. A scientist I read said that the high heat reorders the protein molecule so it gels better. But if I had access to raw milk, I would not make yogurt with it only kefir

For best results, don't skip this step! Boil some water in the pot you'll use to heat the milk. Put in any other utensils that will contact the yogurt. Pour milk into the saucepan or top of double boiler. If you are using skim milk powder, whisk it into the milk until has dissolved. Heat milk to 83°C (180°F) The process of straining yogurt creates Greek yogurt (the popular, high-protein thickened yogurt sold in stores) and labneh (an even thicker yogurt that has the consistency of soft cream cheese). In this post I will show you how to strain yogurt at home; it's a very simple process with delicious and healthful results 1 gallon of milk. 1 cup yogurt starter (you can use a small cup of plain Dannon or Yoplait yogurt, or you can use a cup from your previous batch.) 1. Place four quart glass canning jars, four lids, and four screw-tops in a large pot. Fill with an inch of water; cover with lid and heat to boiling. Boil for ten minutes

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  1. But here are some tips to help you estimate how much sugar is added to your favorite yogurt. Quick Estimation of Added Sugars # sugar grams in flavored type - # sugar grams in the plain of same type and serving size . Tip: To calculate number of teaspoons, simply divide sugars by 4. There are 4 grams sugar per teaspoon
  2. Estimate how much water should you drink per day with this daily water intake calculator. A TDEE-based water calculator that will calculate the hydration required based on your body energy needs, including activity status. Learn how much water it is recommended to drink per day in cups (glasses), ounces, and milliliters to maintain proper homeostasis, stay healthy and achieve peak physical and.
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  4. This recipe makes about 1.4 kg yogurt. As mentioned earlier we use milk powder to make yogurt and here are the quantities that we use to make the milk: 100 grams full cream milk powder; 100 grams skim milk powder; 1.4 litres of water; Mix the milk powder and water then proceed to make the yogurt
  5. Once the milk reaches 110 degrees F, remove the saucepan from the pan of cold water, add 1 tablespoon plain cultured yogurt and stir to combine thoroughly. Drain the Mason jar. Pour in the heated.
  6. Heat the milk in a stainless steel pan on the stove over medium heat until it reaches 180°F. Pour heated milk into clean canning jars and cool, either by sitting on the counter or in a cool water bath until the temperature drops to 115°F. Use a clean whisk to mix the yogurt starter into the cooled milk

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Keep the yogurt as close to 100°F (38°C) as possible and undisturbed, to bacterial growth. Some ovens have a proof setting that you can use. Other ideas include setting the yogurt on a heating mat (being sure to check the temperature) or placing the containers in a warm water bath. You'll have a custard-like yogurt after about 7 hours When your yogurt has finished cooling, you will see the whey floating on top. We want to strain as much of this liquid off, to have lovely thick Greek Yogurt. To strain, you can run the yogurt through a colander to remove the whey, or even use a cheesecloth until it has reached the thicker consistency you desire Here are five possible side effects of eating too much yogurt. 1. May cause kidney stones. The high amount of calcium from yogurt can make you prone to kidney stones or prostate cancer. Eating too much yogurt may also reduce the absorption of iron and zinc, which may result in calcium buildup in your blood vessels

Directions. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Combine ingredients in a large bowl and add 1 cup water. Whisk thoroughly and transfer to a baking pan sprayed with nonstick spray; bake in the oven until a knife inserted into the center comes out clean. (Refer to cake-mix box for pan size and approximate bake time.) MAKES 12 SERVINGS Yogurt sales in the United States amounted to 7.24 billion U.S. dollars in 2021, up from 5.6 billion U.S. dollars in 2011. Yogurt segmentation in the U.S. The U.S. yogurt category is highly. A Few Non-Boring Ways to have yogurt in breakfast. Here are 7 yogurt recipes to help you get started: 1) Yogurt Topped with Passion Fruit. Soak oats overnight. Add it along with fresh passion fruit to your yogurt. It will be a fine combination of vitamin A & C, antioxidants and potassium

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That's because yogurt has a certain content of energy, which means those people provide themselves too much energy from having meals and yogurt, which makes them gain weight. To healthy people, absorbing 1-2 cups of yogurt a day, which is similar to gaining 250-500gram of weight is quiet sensible If you want the exact measurements, they are: just shy of 1 liter milk (950 ml), 85 grams sugar (6 Tbsp), 1 1 /2 tsp vanilla, 1 tsp pectin, 2 Tbsp water (30 ml), 1 Tbsp yogurt w/ active cultures.) I don't think your measurements are different enough to matter Protein: 9 grams. Calcium: 30% on a 2,000-calorie diet. Though most experts agree that Greek yogurt has a nutritional edge over regular yogurt and other varieties, all kinds can help you lose. Homemade yogurt is delicious, and so much healthier and more economical than storebought yogurt — all for the price of a jug of milk. And I can have fun with creating whatever flavors I like. Having control over exactly what's in my yogurt appeals to me — just take a look at the labels on storebought yogurt and you'll see what I mean In making yogurt that food is the lactose naturally occurring in milk. In fermentation, the sugars and starches are eaten up by the bacteria cultures, and converted to lactic acid, carbon dioxide, and more bacteria. So, by definition, fermentation is a process one could use to lower the dietary carbohydrate levels found in various foods.

4. Whisk in the Culture. You can simply whisk the yogurt (or starter) directly into the pot, but I find it easier to whisk the yogurt with a small amount of of the warm milk (about 1/2 cup), then. Too little starter makes runny yogurt, but too much (more than 2 Tbs./quart for pasteurized or 2 1/2-3 Tbs. for raw yogurt) makes things separate into whey and thick cheese. Renee of MadeOn lotion says to spread that cheese on bread and broil, and your oops tastes like good mozzarella

For the first round of experiments using yogurt marinades, I didn't notice any statistically significant differences between cooked chicken marinated in just yogurt overnight and cooked chicken that wasn't. Adding salt seemed to reduce the amount of water lost after cooking in both yogurt-marinated and non-yogurt-marinated chicken Pour the milk into the Instant Pot, close and lock the lid and set the valve to Sealing. Select the Yogurt function and place on High/More. Though the display will read boil, this step only scalds the milk. It will take 25-30 minutes for a half-gallon, and 50 minutes for a gallon. The pot should turn off automatically at the end of the cycle

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I made the recipe as written, with 1 cup plain, whole-milk yogurt, then made batches that substituted 1 cup full-fat Greek yogurt; 3/4 cup full-fat Greek yogurt plus 1/4 cup water (a similar. Ten reads we found funny, interesting, or thought-provoking this week. Saveur's ultimate reader is a Canadian professor who cooked his way through over 1000 recipes from the magazine. — Faith Using only acrylic paint, artist Hikaru Cho transforms eggs into eggplants and bananas into cucumbers. Say what? — Anjali Could being a good cook help you be a better doctor Yogurt is a commonly consumed dairy product that is enjoyed around the globe for both its creamy flavor and stellar nutrient profile. Adding probiotic strains to the mix to the mix is a quick and convenient way to amp up the health benefits of this tasty ingredient even further, and studies show that probiotic yogurt can boost immune function, enhance heart health, ramp up fat-burning and more

There are many ways of making yoghurt at home. If you want to make money from homemade yoghurt you need to consider the different options to coming up with the right product. Starting at home doesn't need much capital contrary to the belief, with as low as Kshs 15,000 you can start with the first production 5. Once the yogurt is back down to 110° F, remove the pot from the water bath and dry the bottom and sides and add one tablespoon of starter yogurt (our good bacteria) for every quart of milk you used and whisk in to break the clump up

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Plain, low or non-fat yogurt provides probiotic benefits and serves as an excellent source of calcium for our canine companions. Adding a small spoonful of yogurt to your dog's regular kibble at mealtime can provide digestive benefits and even help your dog stay full longer. If you decide to feed yogurt to your dog, make sure to read. And then I did the math on how much it would cost to make a quart of homemade almond milk, from organic almonds and filtered water, as compared to store-bought organic almond milk, and that tipped the balance, and I decided that yes, ok, I could make homemade almond milk and then, in turn, homemade almond milk yogurt. For the record, we get. I find 1/2 cup of coconut water and 2 cups of coconut meat = a lovely thick yogurtno straining required. Likewise, you can make it as sweet or tart as you want by adjusting the sweetener. I don't like super sweet yogurt so I only add a tablespoon of sweetener into the blender All you need to do is sub 1 cup yogurt and 1 cup water for the egg and oil typically added to the mix. The resulting cake will not rise as much as the original recipe, but it'll be equally delicious. Another boxed mix that will stand up well to the addition of Greek yogurt is pancake mix. Simply sub equal parts Greek yogurt for the water called.

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Researchers have studied the microbial composition of water kefir since the late 19th century(2). And water kefir cultures typically contain nearly 60 strains of lactobacillus bacteria, yeasts and other microbes(3). That's more than yogurt, but less than milk kefir I bought some yogurt starter packs half a gram each packet-do I use one packet with one can of coconut milk or is that too much or too little. I did try two cans with 8 capsules of one billion each and my yogurt was runny. 30 billion, 50 billion, 100 billion yikes, very expensive Skyr is the traditional yogurt of Iceland that has been made for over 1,000 years. It is a strained non-fat yogurt. It is made by incubating skim milk with live active cultures. Then the whey, the water naturally found in milk, is strained away to make for a much thicker, creamier and concentrated yogurt

Kefir vs. Yogurt: Main Differences. Compared to yogurt, kefir tends to have a higher probiotic count and more diversity of bacterial strains and yeasts. The presence of yeast especially makes it stand apart from yogurt. According to Lifeway (maker of kefir products), kefir has 12 different strains of live and active cultures and 25-30. Greek yogurt isn't just prized for its protein: It revs up your smoothie's creaminess status, too. Here, it joins forces with banana, another thickening ingredient, to prove this Greek yogurt smoothie recipe is very much a smoothie and definitely not a juice. (Related: 3-Ingredient Smoothies for Fast Mornings Select yogurt setting; adjust pressure to boil. This can take up to 1 hour. Working carefully, cool the Instant Pot® insert in a bowl of ice water, stirring occasionally, until the milk reaches 100 to 110 degrees F, about 15- 20 minutes; set aside 1 cup milk. In a medium bowl, whisk together yogurt and reserved 1 cup milk

I do this backwards sometime, put a few spoonfuls of yogurt in my protein shake, it's still super easy on the go and much more filling than protein powder and water. See all replies Featured Video To get creamy and thick vegan yogurts made of coconut, almonds, cashews, pipes, walnuts, etc., the trick is to put much more yogurt or probiotic powder in each yogurt-maker jar, about 4-5 spoonfuls. Put 4 heaping tablespoons of soy yogurt or 4 probiotic capsules per jar Greek yogurt is low in added sugars (the sugars in plain Greek yogurt occur naturally in dairy), and it's rich in calcium, probiotics, nutrients, and antioxidants. Oatmeal . Oatmeal is a fantastic addition to smoothies because it's packed with protein and fiber to keep you full for hours Enrich your day with delicious, creamy Activia Lowfat Yogurt with Fruit Infused with the fresh taste of Mango and with billions of probiotics in every cup. Its a great way to start every day. Cultured Grade A Reduced Fat Milk, Cane Sugar, Water, Mangoes, Modified Food Starch, Contains Less than 1% of Milk Protein Concentrate, Kosher Gelatin. yogurt-water ratio. kind of yogurt to use (ik that he said ONLY yogurt no sugar added etc), but he mentioned a specific name of the drink. I live in an area with lots of Indo-Pak stores so I wanted to see if I could find it there. tia <3. 0 comments. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted

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  1. Even what you eat throughout the day can contribute to your daily fluid intake— think cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, soups and smoothies. Most fresh fruits and non-starchy vegetables are at least 80 percent water, and even unexpected foods like roasted skinless chicken breast or grilled beef filet are comprised of more than 60 percent water.
  2. Automatic yogurt converter for weight vs. volume and recipe equivalent amounts conversion from cups of yogurt, grams g, ounces oz net wt., pounds lb, liters l, kilograms kg, fluid ounces fl-oz, tablespoon tblsp of yoghurt. Nutrients in yogurt. JavaScript source code simple html yogurt units calculator - converter progra
  3. Whisk in the yogurt. Pour out the water in the jars and pour in the milk plus yogurt mixture. Fasten the lids. Place the jars in a warm but not hot place where they can remain undisturbed for 8 hours or overnight. An old fashioned oven in which the pilot light is always on is perfect. So is an oven with the light turned on but the heat off
  4. The answer is: The change of 1 cup US ( U.S. cup ) unit in a water measure measure equals = into 236.59 g ( gram of water ) as per the equivalent measure and for the same water measure type. How many ounces is a cup of frozen yogurt
  5. Remove the milk and let it cool to 112-115 degrees fahrenheit. This process can be sped up by using an ice water bath. Pour 1 cup of the milk into a small glass. Sprinkle the packet of yogurt starter on top and thoroughly mix it in. Pour the small glass of milk back into the large bowl and stir to combine
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  7. Yogurt (1 cup) 85%. Apple (one medium) 84%. One recent study of Boston Marathon runners showed that one in three marathon runners was drinking too much water during a race -- probably because.

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  1. A gallon of hot water is perfect for my cooler. The water reaches about 3/4 of the way up the jars, which is as it should be. If you have a larger cooler, though, you may need to add more water. If the jars aren't 3/4 submerged in the water, the yogurt will not stay warm enough during the incubating process for the cultures to grow
  2. Yogurt - Probiotic Count per Tablespoon. I did an approximation a while back on the bacterial numbers in yoghurt (and then was verified on this list by another member, and also by Lyo-San). Homemade yoghurt that is fermented for 24 hours, as recommended in the book Breaking the Vicious Cycle, will have an average concentration of 3 billion cfu.
  3. Opening a Frozen Yogurt Store: The Financials - The Typical Overhead Expenses. June 22nd, 2011 by Neil Williams. Are you interested in learning about the financials of opening a frozen yogurt store? The article below is an excerpt from our FREE Soft Serve Frozen Yogurt Business Guide -.
  4. If you're wondering how much water you should drink on those occasions, speak with your doctor, but a general rule of thumb for healthy people is to drink two to three cups of water per hour, or more if you're sweating heavily. Tips for avoiding dehydration. It's not just water that keeps you hydrated
  5. Assemble the supplies: regular yogurt, large bowl, wire mesh strainer or colander, cheesecloth (or heavy paper towel, or basket-style coffee filter). Step 2. Place strainer over bowl making sure there is enough space in bottom of bowl to contain dripping liquid. Step 3. Place a double layer of cheesecloth in strainer
  6. utes in my kitchen most of the time. Stir in the yogurt. Pour through a strainer into a pitcher and pour into jars. Place in the dehydrator for 10 hours at 105 degrees
  7. If you're in a hurry, you can fill your sink with ice water and let the pot of milk cool in the ice bath, stirring the milk frequently so it cools evenly. Transfer 1/2 cup of warm milk to a small bowl and whisk in yogurt until smooth. Stir yogurt-milk mixture back into remaining pot of warm milk. Cover pot with a large lid

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  1. According to the National Dairy Council (nationaldairycouncil.org), Greek yogurt contains less lactose than regular yogurt. Typically, a one-cup serving (six to eight ounces) packs 16 to 22 grams of protein, which is a great way to get lean, healthy protein
  2. To mix things up a bit, I started playing with breakfast smoothies, swapping coconut water for Greek yogurt for a tart twang. Mirchandani also suggests using Greek yogurt for traditional Indian lassi
  3. For best flavor and consistency: It is important to use whole milk (full fat) Greek yogurt here for the best consistency, and the corn syrup does help if you have it. And while the sugar is optional, it does help the consistency of the frozen yogurt. If you want an even creamier finish, add ¼ cup of heavy whipping cream with the frozen fruit and rest of the ingredients before blending
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Water. The only real problem with water is that the stuff we put in the water tanks to kill bacteria (bleach, etc.) will also kill the yogurt culture. If you have a drinking water filter, the filtered water works well. If your water has a chlorine smell or taste to it, the best thing to do is to heat it close to a boil to quickly dissipate the. You most assuredly can make yogurt from reconstituted milk. You can do that because Lactobacilli need nutrients, not bovine enzymes. I've done it many times. Of course you still need a starter culture. Just prepare the milk according to the instru.. For women, the amount of total water is about 11.5 cups per day and for men about 15.5 cups. These estimates, however, include fluids consumed from both foods and beverages, including water. You typically get about 20% of the water you need from the food you eat. Taking that into account, women need about nine cups of fluid per day and men. The yogurt itself has a generally aldehydic flavor, which is a result of the fermentation process. Since it is made from milk, yogurt is rich in nutrients. It contains protein and vitamins and is a rich source of calcium. In fact, a small container of yogurt contains as much calcium as a third of a pint of milk

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Yogurt can also replace milk as a cool, refreshing beverage. Shake or whisk the yogurt vigorously to loosen its texture, then add either fruit juice or a fruit puree and a bit of water to thin the mixture. In India's summer heat, yogurt-based drinks called lassi are especially popular. The yogurt is whisked with ice water or blended with ice. 6 to 9 months old: Offer full-fat (whole milk), pasteurized, plain yogurt. Greek yogurt is perfect for this age and will be easiest for babies to self-feed. Let baby scoop up the yogurt with their hands and/or eat from a pre-loaded spoon (passing the spoon in the air will make it easier for baby to grab)

You can make yogurt in one of the pots, and just put water in the second pot that has been brought to the same temperature as your yogurt when it's ready to incubate. (Read this post to understand more about thermal cookers.) Each of these pots is 3 liters in size, which is about 3/4 of a gallon.. 4 Tablespoons whole plain yogurt (pictured below) Adding Yogurt to HP Soap. Here's what it looked like after the yogurt was thoroughly mixed in. Yogurt ALL Mixed In. Then she added color & scent, and & again mixed well (and quickly) with a plastic whisk: 1 teaspoon of a liquid natural green colorant

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Dairy-Free Cup Yogurt Alternative and Dairy-Free Yogurt Drink are perishable and need to be refrigerated. While shipped to consumers at room temperature, our coconut water and coconut water-based beverages should be stored refrigerated to maintain product quality up to the Best By date printed on the bottle Make the marinade. In a blender or food processor, combine yogurt, mint, cilantro, ginger, garlic, with 1/2 cup water. Blend until smooth. Marinate chicken. Pour the marinade into the bowl or zip lock bag of raw chicken. Cover or zip closed. Put in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours, up to 24 hours Water doesn't get the same media attention as green tea, antioxidants, and the latest fad diets. Yet it plays a much more critical part in our daily lives and our bodies. yogurt, soup, and. I've tried just halving the 1L recipe for powdered milk (i.e. 2/3 - 3/4C of milk powder and about 2 spoons of yoghurt) but am yet to get a good result, and don't want to waste much more yoghurt trying! I always let it set for at least 12 hours if not 14-15, right temp water etc. Any help much appreciated Directions. In a small bowl, combine the flour, sugar, baking powder and baking soda. In another bowl, whisk the eggs, yogurt and water. Stir into dry ingredients just until moistened. Pour batter by 1/4 cupfuls onto a hot griddle coated with cooking spray. Sprinkle with optional ingredients if desired If she never outgrew her taste for milk, is having tummy troubles or just hasn't been eating much of anything, yogurt might be a good supplement to her usual diet. Cats don't drink water as often as they should so yogurt and other wet foods might be a good way to help them rehydrate