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For automatic brightness control in the ALC function, an auto iris lens with a voltage controlled aperture (DC) is necessary. ELC (Electronic Light Control) ELC compensates for moderate light changes in indoor applications without the use of expensive auto iris lenses. A fixed-iris lens or manual-iris lens can be used The DC iris has two coils, one to move the iris and the other to provide velocity feedback. The moving part of the iris has a magnet and is normally held closed by a light spring. The driving coil opens the iris against the spring somewhat proportional to current supplied, while the other generates a small current proportional to the iris velocity SAMSUNG Box Camera, Analog, DC Auto Iris Lens, Voltage 24V AC/12V DC +/-10% - 35XR23|SCB-5003 - Grainger Looking for Box Camera, Analog, DC Auto Iris, 6W? Find it at Grainger.com®. With over 1.6M products and 24/7 customer service we have supplies and solutions for every industry Can anyone point me to any information about driving the DC controlled iris of a cctv lens? These things have two coils, a driver and a damper. Voltage/current for both is normally supplied by the camera (standard 4 pin connector), and I guess there must be a standard but I I think the auto-iris is wide open, and you just apply a voltage to.

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Hi, I am looking to build a circuit to control the iris of a cctv lens. The input of that lens is a DC auto-iris type which is: pin 1: Damping- , pin2 Dampining+, pin3 Drive+, Pin4 Drive- The main problem was that the lens used video auto iris, rather than DC auto iris, that is the standard on digital CCTV cameras. If not used, the video auto iris closes the lens, so at a minimum I needed to open the iris to use the lens. DV CCTV cameras can use lenses with an open iris or no iris or a manual iris Auto iris lenses are available in two flavors: DC Auto Iris and Video Auto Iris. DC Auto Iris lenses take input from the camera in the form of a DC signal which represents a particular F stop. Video Auto Iris lenses rely on comparing the amplitude of a reference voltage to the video signal originating from the camera t DC Auto Iris Varifocal Lens 2.8-12mm, 5-50mm / 3.6mm Fixed Board Lens DC 12V/AC 24V Dual Voltage Operation-20 ~ +60 Deg C. RH 95% Max. 3.94(W)*3.94(H)*8.27(D) 3.09Ibs DC 12V Heater Off: 90mA, On: 160mA AC 24V Intensifier T Series DC Auto Iris Varifocal Lens 2.8-12mm,5-50mm / 3.6mm Fixed Board Lens Heater Off: 180mA, On: 380mA ±10%(MAX) ±10.

Dc current sensors D iris DC Current Digiware I inputs (3I) D Digiware IOiris Outputs Inputs/ 4 .1 .2 . Principle D iris Digiware u DC Voltage inputs (U) D iris Digiware c Supply & Com D i g i w a r e b u s +-or Display Diris Digiware Lens / MountType DC auto iris, P-Iris / Board-in type OPERATIONAL IRViewable Length 50m (164.04ft) CameraTitle Audio In Selectable (Mic in / Line in), Supply voltage : 2.5V DC (4mA), Input impedance : approx. 2K Ohm Audio Out Line out, Max output level : 1Vrm Dome Camera, Network, DC Auto Iris Lens, Voltage 12VDC/24VAC/Poe, Width (In.) 6-5/16, Height (In.) 4-43/64, Focal Length (mm) 3 to 8. 5, Min. Light Level (Lux) 0. 1, Power Supply Not included, Power Consumption 12VDC, Interline Transfer (In.) 1/3 CMOS, Board-In Type Mount, S/N Ratio (dB) 50, Progressive Scanning, 2065 (H) x 1565 (V) Pixels, Luminance Factor 0. 1 lux, Illumination No, For Use With Video Surveillanc Iris: DC Auto Iris: Operating Voltage: Open 3.0V/Close 0.5V: Back Focus(in Air) Wide 12.376-Tele 18.812mm: Wave Size: Visible Light-Infrared Light: Weight: 89g: Operating Temperature-20℃-+60

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  1. DC-Type Auto Iris Mechanism: This lens does not have a built-in amplifier for auto-iris control. The DC voltage from the camera operates the iris of the lens. This lens can only be used in combination with a camera that has a built-in auto iris amplifier (DC-iris) or a camera that is switchable between video signal and DC-iris
  2. > Subject: [EE] DC Auto Iris Control using PIC > > Hi everyone, > > I have an auto iris lens, it is galvanometric auto iris. My aim is to > control the iris using PIC. > Google dosn't provide much information, I am describing my understanding , > please advice if there is any mistakes or anything is missing
  3. Looking for Dome Camera, Analog, DC Auto Iris, 3.5W? Find it at Grainger.com®. With over 1.6M products and 24/7 customer service we have supplies and solutions for every industry
  4. DC Auto Iris Control using PIC. I have an auto iris lens, it is galvanometric auto iris. My aim is to. control the iris using PIC. please advice if there is any mistakes or anything is missing. causes the amount of iris open. providing current to control the amount to open

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  1. DC AUTO IRISWVFCSD0308DJ. 3.0~8.0 mm DC IRIS LENS CS MOUNT. ANGLE OF VIEW 118~44 DEGREE FOR 1/3. Back Focal Length : 8.7 ~ 14.4 mm. Dimensions : 38mm (dia) x 57mm. Weight : 60g
  2. Iris: DC Auto Iris: Back Focus(in Air) Wide 8.339-Tele 14.944mm: Wave Size: Visible Light-Infrared Light: Operating Voltage: Open 4.0V/Close 0.7V: Weight: 70g: Operating Temperature-20℃-+60
  3. Fujinon DV3.4X3.8SA-SA1 1/2 3.8-13mm F1.4 DC Auto-Iris Vari-Focal C-Mount Lens, 3-Megapixel (FUJ DV3.4X3.8SA-SA1
  4. All iris control voltages come from a circuit located within the camera to adjust the iris for changing light levels. DC-type lenses are recommended for use in inconsistent lighting conditions (e.g. outdoors). These are sometimes referred to as DD (Direct Drive) lenses. * VZ-AP3.8D
  5. *The remote voltage should be set between 1.5 ~5.5V, and level remote should be OFF. REMOTE FUNCTIONS CABLE DIAGRAMS OF AUTO IRIS LENSES FCS series Auto Iris Lens, equipped with auto iris mechanism by galvanometer and with ND filter, can be used with only cameras containing amplifier. Connector plug is applied to the end of the cable
  6. ation Sensor) Lens with Camera

The Rainbow L212AVDC4PIR is a 1/3inch format varifocal cctv lens that is compatible with 1/3 and 1/4 security cameras. The L212AVDC4PIR cctv lens also has a DC auto iris and it mounted via a CS mount system. Furthermore the Rainbow L212AVDC4PIR varifocal lens has a versatile focal length of 2.8mm - 12mm. 2.8 - 12mm Focal Length • 2.8 ~ 11mm, DC Auto Iris Lens • Day/Night Functionality with ICR • 36 IR LEDs (100ft.) • External Adjustments - Zoom, Focus, and DC Levels • Service Monitor Output • Weatherproof - IP66 • 12VDC/24VAC Dual Voltage Specifications Installation Guide: CB-HDE65N-L. Weatherproof Cameras Day/Night IR LED • 1/3″ CCD Senso Minimum aperture of F-/360 on DC auto iris model ensures optimal quality in bright light situations. Iris Operating Voltage Weight Operating Temperature Focus Zoom Auto Iris) (Manual Iris) CS.mount Wide Tele Wide Tee 2.1' x I.e. 1.0m Manual (w/Loc*) Manual Auto Iris (00) Tele:18.29emm Open 1 Close 0.5V 15Sg Manual (W/LO*) Wide: 22.292mm. SPECIFICATIONS : Focal Length . 2.8-8mm : Iris Range . F/1.2-360. Iris Operation . DC Auto Iris : Focus Operation . Manual w/Lock : Zoom Operation . Manual w/Loc

• Built-in 3.6mm lens with built-in electronic auto iris • Electronic shutter system • Cable outputs: Video BNC - DC power jack • Power supply required (not included) see PSW-2 (B/W) and PSW-5 (Color) • 0.75L x 1W x 1.25H MINIATURE HIGH RESOLUTION B/W OR COLOR PINHOLE CAMERA www.specotech.com • 1-800-645-551 Here's a kit bundle that's combines a handy car vacuum with an AC/DC adapter. Featuring a powerful 120-Watt motor, washable 2 stage HEPA filter and cyclonic wind tunnel action, the Wagan Tech 12-Volt Cyclone Auto Vac is a compact and powerful workhorse that can handle life's messes. HEPA or High Efficiency Particulate Air filters are made of 3 mechanisms that remove at least 99.75% of. Poly EagleEye IV 12x - Conference camera - PTZ - color - 1920 x 1080 - auto iris - DC 12 V $4,299.00 Free Standard Delivery Exceptions to included shipping may apply for remote locations

Voltage: 2.5 V DC Environmental Specifications: Operating Temperature o C: -20 ~ +60 Tamron 13FG28IR CCTV Camera Lens With DC Auto Iris. Tamron 13VG1040ASIR CCTV Camera Lens With DC Auto Iris The 1/3-inch DC-iris Series Lenses have been designed for more economical uses and are provided with a standard CS mount for use with a wide variety of cameras. The 1/2-inch Video-iris Series are high quality lenses, and are provided with both CS and C mount options. Functions For the auto iris control, all lenses use the standard 4-pin EIAJ.

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  1. Iris: DC Auto Iris: Filter Size-Back Focus(in air) Wide 8.339 - Tele 14.944mm: Wave Length: Visible Light - Near Infrared: Operating Voltage: Open 4.0V Close 0.7V: Weight: 70g: Operating Temperature-20°C - +60°C: Wiring Disgra
  2. Included in Package..DC leads High Resolution Dual Voltage Color Indoor Dome Cameras with Built-In IR LEDs Fixed or Varifocal Lens HLED31D7B 3.6mm lens, black housing HLED31D7W 3.6mm lens, white housing HLED31D1B 2.8-12mm auto iris varifocal lens, black housing HLED31D1W 2.8-12mm auto iris varifocal lens, white housing Feature
  3. Iris output: direct drive for 3 motor lens or auto iris override voltage. In auto-iris mode output returns to preset level 15 seconds after manual iris control. Preset level is adjustable. Outputs have red/green LEDs to indicate direction and voltage: Presets Lens 10 Bit Resolutions Head 12 Bit Resolutio
  4. The input to a dc-dc converter is an unregulated dc voltage Vg. The converter produces a regulated output voltage V, having a magnitude (and possibly polarity) that differs from Vg. For example, in a computer off-line power supply, the 120 V or 240 V ac utility voltage is rectified, producing a dc voltage of approximately 170 V or 340 V
  5. 120VDC, 144VDC, up to 390V. 13.6 V. 250VDC (230-280VDC) 12 Volts out. 120 VDC (90V-150V) in. 5 Volts out. 120VDC (80VDC to 150VDC in. ATX out. List of car cigarette lighter style DC converters with their voltages
  6. al of the camera control unit. • For DC power supply connecting to DC IN 12V ter
  7. imum is 1V, maximum is 2.5V, and normal state is about 1.5V. After calculation by the formula, we can get R1=100kΩ, R2=100 kΩ, R3=30 kΩ, and bring back the formula to get the start up voltage is about 11V. The test waveform is shown in Figure 9

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ACTI CORPORATION | B87 Dome Camera,WDR, 3x Zoom, Day/Night, Outdoor, H.264/MJPEG, 2048 x 1536 Resolution, F1.2 to 2.1 DC Iris/Auto Focus 3 to 9 MM Lens, PoE 3 Megapixel with 1080P Day and Night with See Al An auto-iris lens without an internal circuit to control the iris. All iris control voltages come from a circuit located within the camera to adjust the iris for changing light levels. DC-type lenses are recommended for use in inconsistent lighting conditions (e.g. outdoors) • Day/night DC Varifocal auto iris lens (2.8 ~ 12mm) • Video test connector for easy installation • Dual voltage operation •Weatherproof sunshield • Built-in heater extends operating range and eliminates condensation • Easy access bottom panel controls (BLC, ELC, F/L, L/L) • Insulated mount reduces ground loop Description Features • HD-TVI, (EX-)HD-SDI, CVI, 960H • 1/2.9″ 2.4 Megapixel Sony Exmor CMOS • 2.8 ~ 12mm MP DC Auto Iris Varifocal Lens (ICR Control Iris DC Auto Iris Dimensions W82mm x H97.4mm x D160mm Focus Motorized, Preset Weight 1150g Zoom Motorized, Preset Object Dimension 5.5mm 129.2cm x 95.2cm at M.O.D. 187mm 4.1cm x 3.1cm Angle of View D 1/3 type 57.5 - 1.92 1/4 type 43.8 - 1.45 H 46.6 - 1.55 35.2 - 1.17 V 35.2 - 1.17 26.5 - 0.88 Iris Focus Zoom Supply Voltage ---- DC8V DC8

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Remote Interface Reference •Command Summary, starting on page 105 •Simplified Programming Overview, starting on page 112 •The MEASure? and CONFigure Commands, starting on page 117 •Measurement Configuration Commands, starting on page 121 •Math Operation Commands, starting on page 124 •Triggering, starting on page 127 •Triggering Commands, starting on page 13 Computar E24Z1018PDC-MP 1/1.8 10-240mm (24X) F1.8 Motorized Zoom & Focus with DC Auto-Iris C-Mount Lens with Presets, 3 Megapixel Rated HD // Distributed by RMA Electronics, Inc Auto-Iris Accuracy: With Input Video Signal 0.7Vp-p Within ±15% of Mean value Operation: Zoom: Motorized (DC±4V~12V, Max 40mA) Speed Approx. 6 sec. (at 6.4V) Focus: Motorized (DC±4V~12V, Max 40mA) Speed Approx. 7 sec. (at 6.4V) Iris: Auto (DC+8.5~16V: Fixed Voltage, Max. 60mA) Speed Within 3 sec. Operation Temperature:-10 ~ +50°C (+14 ~ 122.

The MLZ6DT control provides manual override of the auto iris functions for scenes requiring manual iris adjustment. Features: Auto Iris Servo; Compatible with the 13ZM and 12ZM zoom lenses; Technical Specifications: Input Voltage: Regulated DC: +12 VDC, Unregulated DC: +16 VDC to +30 VDC, VAC: 14-24 VAC; Current Consumed: Approximately 100 m Features: Micro IRIS Connector (Female For Auto IRIS Camera ) Snap In Front Panel Mount. Snap in PCB mount. Low Power Signal Control. Specification: Rated Voltage : 0.5A. Rated Current : 30V DC. Dielectric Strength : AC 500V for 1 minute

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Nuvico CB-SD21N-L Day/Night Color Bullet Camera, 1/3-Inch CCD Sensor, 550 TV Lines, NTSC Video Format, Day/Night function with ICR, 2.8-10mm, DC Auto Iris, 0.1 Lux (Color), 0.01 Lux(B/W), 0.002 Lux(DSS On), 36 IR LEDs, 12VDC/24VAC Dual Voltage, Effecive Pixels 768(H) x 494(V), Scaning System 525 Lines, 2:1 Interlaced, Electronic Shutter 1/60 ~ 1/120,000 sec., Main Video output 1.0Vp-p. Voltage testing function for both AC and DC voltage. Low battery power indicator function. Support testing function for on-off buzzers and diodes, overload protection function. Specifications: DC Voltage: 600V (±1.0%) AC Voltage: 450V (±1.2%) AC Current: 20-400A (±2.0%) Battery: 2 AAA Batteries(Not included) LCD Reading: 199

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1/3 Sony SuperHAD II CCD 650 TV Lines Hercules II DSP Engine 0.0001 Lux (B/W) / 0.1 Lux (Color) N/A 2.8-12mm DC Auto Iris YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES (Cable Included) IP68 12VDC. Find Details about IRIS Connetor with soldered cable, CCTV Camera Jack with soldered wire from Taiwan CCTV Camera supplier-E-YUNG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. Source on Taiwantrade

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The M118VG1250IR CS-Mount 12-50mm Varifocal Lens from Tamron is an IR-corrected varifocal lens designed for 1/1.8, 1/2, and 1/3 sensors. It is compatible with 4K and 5MP resolutions and has DC auto iris control. UPC: 725211940029. In the Box 59.5 x 126.98mm. Filter Thread : M49 x 0.75. Operating Temperature: -20℃~+65℃. Model : ACH1060ZD. PS: 10 to 60mm 2mp auto iris 2/3″ format F/1.4 C mount cctv varifocal zoom lens, 10-60mm c mount varifocal lens

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auto iris input voltage dc+8v-16v current consumption 40ma or less input signal vs or v signal iris accuracy ±15% at video signal level sensitivity 0.5~1.0vp-p at video signal level response speed approx.2 seconds focus/zoom input voltage dc+6v-12v current consumption 60ma or less motorization speed variabl Iris Operation: Control System : Auto-iris (Galvano type) Input Voltage & Current Consumption : DC 8V to 16V Max. 35mA : Input Impedance : High Impedance : Input Signal : Video signal (V or Vs) Sensitivity Adjustment : 0.5 to 1.0Vp-p : Auto Close : Iris Automatically close when power is off : Focus Operation: Control Syste Voltage: 24 Volts: Effective Still Resolution: 2 MP: Real Angle of View: 105 Degrees: Video Capture Format: MPEG-4, MJPEG: About this item This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Samsung by Hanwha SNO-6084R Special offers and product promotions DC auto-iris motor specifications . Applicable models: SL410A, TL410Axx Drive DC Operation voltage 3V (2.5~5.0V) Max current consumption 22mA Drive coil resistance 190Ω Damper coil resistance 855Ω.

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Reference voltage V R applied to clamp 30 can be adjusted during manufacture to set the iris opening for establishing a specific DC level for the video signal provided at the output of preamplifier 16, for a predetermined amount of illumination. Iris assembly 20 may comprise a commercially available unit such as model number V106AC produced by. INPUT VOLTAGE CURRENT CONSUMPTION RESPONSE SPEED CABLE CONNECTIONS • DC AUTO IRIS (4-Pins Connector) POTENTIOMETER-PRESET (TM22Z1022GAIDCPN Only) SIGNAL CABLE COLOR PIN # Damping Coil - RED 1 Damping Coil + BLACK 2 Driving Coil + WHITE 3 Driving Coil - GREEN 4 ZOOM / FOCUS Wiring details for potentiometer-preset CABLE COLOR POLARITY DIRECTIO 1. MANUAL: For use with a manual iris lens. 2. DC: For use with a DC drive auto iris lens. 3. VIDEO: For use with a video drive auto iris lens. ATW1 OFF AUTO SETUP LENS MANUAL EXPOSURE BACKLIGHT WHITE BAL DAY&NIGHT SPECIAL IMAGE ADJ DPC LANGUAGE ENGLIST RESET EXIT FPV OSD Setup 1. L o ng pr ess l ft but , u r name i This has to do with the voltage of the video signal coming out of the camera. L880VDC4PIR - 1/2DC auto iris varifocal 8 to 80 mm F1.6~F360 - Motorized Zoom IR Type: H18X86MEAIR - 18X 1/2 Video auto iris 2 motor zoom (zoom & Focus) 8.6 to 154 mm f/2.5 to f/360 -.

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Auto-Iris DC drive. -P: P-iris supported Lens Mount CS mount Video Max. Resolution 2560 × 1440 Video Stream 5 defined streams and up to 5 custom stream Main Stream 50Hz: 25fps (2560 × 1440, 1920 × 1080, 1280 × 720) 60Hz: 30fps (2560 × 1440, 1920 × 1080, 1280 × 720) Sub Stream 50Hz: 25fps (704 × 576, 640 × 480 (auto electronic shutter) or using auto iris lenses, either DC or video iris, providing the connection for these from the same plug. Within the range there are both mains voltage and low voltage options, also within the voltage varieties are standard and high-resolution options. When on site there are features such as automatic gain control Automatic Iris DC driven auto iris Minimum Illumination 0.3 low lux rating Backlight Compensation On / off switchable Gain Control On / off switchable White Balance Auto (Dip switch select) AWC / ATW Electronic Shutter 1/60 - 1/100,000 Video Output 1.0V p-p / 75 ohm Vandalproof Design Ruggedized plastic casing with shatter resistant. simply unique High Resolution Dual Voltage Color Indoor Dome Cameras w/ Built-In IR LEDs Fixed or Varifocal Lens HLED31D7B 3.6mm lens, black housing HLED31D7W 3.6mm lens, white housing HLED31D1B 2.8 - 12mm DC auto iris varifocal lens, black housing HLED31D1W 2.8 - 12mm DC auto iris varifocal lens, white housing For more information contact Speco Technologie


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Server power supplies are high-quality, heavy-duty, 24/7 supplies but cheap, less than AU$50. They have been modified for amateur use, particularly to turn them on and to raise the output from 12.2 V to around 13.8 V. Mobile phone equipment also has such supplies, but at higher voltages, 24, 36, 48, 60 V The invention discloses a high-precision auto iris drive circuit, mainly comprising an integrated circuit U1, resisters R1, R2, R3 and R4, capacitors C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6 and C7, NPN triodes Q1 and Q3, PNP triodes Q2 and Q4 and a connector J1, thus realizing the functions that the auto iris drives the voltage value according to calculation and after quantization, the drive voltage is. DC-VID There are two types of auto iris C or CS mount lens. In one type a video signal is fed to the lens and these typically have one or two of pots on the lens to set the levels. The other type is fed a DC control voltage generated by the camera and has no pots. So you set the DC-VID switch to match the type of auto iris lens SPECIFICATIONS. Focal Length . 5-50mm. Iris Range . F/1.6-360 : Mount. CS. Iris Operation . DC Auto Iris : Focus Operation . Manual w/Lock : Zoom Operation . Manual w. Dual Voltage Inputs L/L (Line Lock) V-Phase Adjustment DC Auto Iris Adjustment Day/Night Switchover Controls Test Monitor Output ALC (Auto Light Control) BLC (Back Light Compensation) HT-7915DNV Diagram (Back View) with Removable sunshiel

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Operation Range Iris F1.6 - F560C Mount C-Mount Focus 1.5m - Inf. Filter Size M72 P 0.75mm Zoom 7.5mm - 120mm Tripod Screw 1/4 - 20UNC Control Iris DC Auto Iris Dimensions W82mm x H96.4mm x D149mm Focus Motorized, Preset Weight 1050g Zoom Motorized, Preset Object Dimension 7.5mm 129.2cm x 95.5cm at M.O.D. 120mm 8.4cm x 6.3c White Balance Auto Auto Iris DC iris Gain Auto Horizontal Resolution 525 TV lines (NTSC) 625 TV lines (PAL) S/N Ratio 50 dB (p-p/rms) or better F-number 1.4 Video Output VBS 1.0V p-p/75 Ohms Weight 8.1 lbs. (Aluminum Enclosure) 10.2 lbs. (Stainless Steel Enclosure) Voltage Required (see ordering information) Power Consumption 0.7A @ 12 VDC 0.4A.

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Lenses DC auto iris, varifocal, manual, fixed 20E425 / 21E425 2XE445 standard resolution camera with 2nd board for 24VAC operation 20E426 / 21E426 2XE456 high resolution camera with 2nd board for 24VAC operation Custom dome brackets available for OEMs 1/3 Single Color Board Camera With Auto Iris And Mirror Mod 1/2 Motorized with Video Auto-Iris H20X10MEA 10~200mm F2.4 - C-Mount Compatible with 1/2 & 1/3 Cameras Input Impedance: High Impedance Sensitivity Adjustment: Image Signal Level 0.5~1.0Vp-p Auto-Iris Accuracy: With Input Video Signal 0.7Vp-p Within ±15% of Mean value Operation: Zoom: Motorized (DC±4V~12V, Max 40mA Auto iris 4-conductor DC auto iris Analog video connector BNC Audio connector Single 3.5 mm stereo jack, 1 input and 1 output. Power and I/O connector 10 locking terminals, accepts 18 to 28 AWG wire Inputs 1 opto-isolated Outputs 1 opto-isolated Serial port RS-232 (1 Rx & 1 Tx terminal) Network interface 10/100 BASE TX Fast Etherne Alibaba.com offers 1595 auto iris cable products. About 1% % of these are computer cables & connectors, 1%% are mobile phone cables, and 1%% are camera cable. A wide variety of auto iris cable options are available to you, such as mobile phone, mp3 / mp4 player and camera.You can also choose from ce, rohs and fcc auto iris cable, There are 36.

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Videotec NVX210XXXA: 1/3, Colour / Monochrome, 1080p, Digital (DSP), 0.0006 ~ 0.006, Auto Iris, Direct Drive, 24 V AC, 24 V DC, Po dc video auto open close 0~255 lens manual auto type mode speed shutter/agc manual mode shut+ag shutter 1/60 1/100 1/250 1/50 1/1k 1/2k 1/4k 1/10k agc 6.00 12.00 18.00 24.0 30.00 36.0 42.0 44.80 shut shut+auto iris mode auto iris brightne 0~255 low luminance agc off brightne x0.25 x0.50 x0.75 x1.0 auto high (lens : auto 2.8~12mm (dc auto-iris) mp vf lens dc12v (avc-ba91vt-(w)) dc12v/ac24v (avc-ba92vt-(w) / avc-ba92avt-(w)) 48 ir led's heater & thermostat ip68 waterproof rating 1/3 megapixel cmos 2.4mp. 4 1 2 3 dc 12v(±10%) / ac 24v dual voltage the internal temperature. off : 20º / on : -20º.