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  1. Studio quality mic for ham radio. Number of Views 334. Mic needed for oil rig - sparks from a mic? Number of Views 36. Removing the SM57 grill. Number of Views 2.42K. Can I get acceptable sound quality from a microphone placed on a ceiling? Number of Views 1.13K. Getting Started with the SM7B. Number of Views 668
  2. Another interesting feature to look for in studio mic for ham radio is its compatibility with the radio models. How many radios are meant to be compatible with the studio mic? Kenwood, TYT, BaoFeng, AnyTone, Retevis, Arcshell, Radioddity, etc. are some radio models that remain compatible with just one microphone
  3. Studio Mic for Ham Radio - Saving $$$... I've never been really interested in audio-twiddling and processing. But, recently, the hand mic that sits on my kitchen table has become something of an irritant. So, in true arse-about-face fashion, I started out the process of clearing the table top through buying a studio mic boom
  4. g out of it. you want the hot/ audio wire, and the shield thats wrapped around it. that will be your new audio and ground wires. you will need to make a switch that connects the RX and TX pins of the mic connector on the radio to the ground pin in order to switch the radio over from receive to.
  5. SM-26 Desk Mic: SM-30 Desk Mic: SM-50 Desk Mic: INRAD: DMS628 Desk Mic: DMS629 Desk Mic: DMS665 Desk Mic: DMS686 Desk Mic: Kenwood: MC-60A Desk Mic: MC-90 Desk Mic: MFJ: MFJ-290MY Hand Mic for Yaesu: Yaesu: M- 1 Desk Mic: M-100 Desk Mic: MD-100A8X Desk Mic: MH-31A8J Hand Mic : Discontinued Microphones & Boomset

This Ebay seller sells mic adapters for many radios in the $18 dollar range, and buy yourself a Radio shack used vocal mic on Ebay, they are very inexpensive. I find them new in the box for $10 frequently. Buy yourself some 4 or 8 pin mic plugs depending what the adapter adapts to. Wire the mic to the plug along with a foot pedal or a PTT button Eventually, I discovered that VOX is very useful for HF work. So, I added a cheap computer studio mic and went to work on HF. Then, there are the local nets on the local repeaters. While not forbidden to use VOX on the repeater, setting things was just a bit tricky. So, I opted to use the supplied Kenwood dynamic push-to-talk mic for repeater work Our amateur radio audio equipment delivers clear, intelligible speech fidelity whether you're doing the speaking or listening. Produce professional-sounding audio with microphones from Heil Sound, the microphone company known for its dynamic sound and speech articulation. Eliminate incoming noise with high-quality headphones, speakers—even. Studio mic Cheap mic. 10/21/2010 21 Two Hams: >$600 <$160 12 dB Desired response Net cost Useful Range for Comms Studio mic Cheap mic An good equalizer can: Possibly the best kept secret in Ham Radio.

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  1. Generally speaking, there are four types of audio on ham radio. Stock Audio. This is the default, new-out-of-the-box hand-mic audio designed and provided by ham radio manufacturers. It is typically peaked at mid-range frequencies, rolling off on both high and low ends
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  3. Baofeng Two Way Radio Handheld Speaker Mic Microphone, Remote Shoulder Mic for BaoFeng UV-5R BF-888S UV-9S BF-F8HP GT-3 DM-5R DM-1702B Ham Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie (4 Pack) 4.4 out of 5 stars. 11. $17.99
  4. A comparison shootout between the budget Shengyue BM-800 condenser micand the professional HeilSound PR-40 dynamic mic.The 8 sound clips were recorded from a..
  5. Heil in Amateur Radio. Heil Sound is the only high performance microphone manufacturer for amateur radio. Period. Company founder Bob Heil understood very early in his career as a microphone designer that voice articulation is key to ham radio, both for emergency use as well as for the hobbyist. His ham radio products are a result of that level.

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  1. Review Summary For : Marshall MXL-990 Vintage Style Studio Condenser Microphone. Reviews: 24. MSRP: 70. Description: The MXL 990 has changed the way project studio recordings and live amateur radio audios are being created. Until now, condenser microphone prices have been out of the reach of most working musicians and amateur radio operators
  2. Some higher-end radios have XLR inputs to which you may directly connect a professional microphone, including the SM58. If you wish to use an SM7B with your ham radio with an XLR input, please see SM7B Output Level and Preamp Gain Specifications for guidance on gain requirements, and Ham Radio Studio Mic for amateur radio-specific information
  3. Ham Radio and Amateur Radio online equipment sales. HamCity has more than 30 years of experience in the amateur radio equipment business! Please visit us today for all your ham radio needs! ProLine Performance Studio Microphone Balanced 3 Pin - Cardiod Dynamic Voice & Instrument Microphone... $0.00 Click for price. SKU: PR4
  4. The BM-800 microphone has been around for a few years, search ebay and an abundance of them will flood your screen. The BM-800 and 700 versions are produced in China, the BM-700 version only has slight cosmetic differences but is basically the same. The BM-800 is well constructed for a price of around £10 including delivery putting most expensive commercial microphones to shame for price.
  5. Overall, if you're looking for one of the best high-end radio microphones made by one of the most reputable manufacturer, you may go with this mic. If the price is a little steep, but you still want a Neumann, you can choose the Neumann TLM 102 MT condenser mic for about $700

NEW!! - The 599labs TX500 QRP Radio - Checkout my accessories Page here I offer a full line of accessories for the new 599labs TX500 QRP Radio NEW!! - Military Style Manpack H-250 Speaker/Mic Handset w/PTT Modified with my mic element, wired for Icom and Yaesu : Computer Interface for Single Radio A slimmer package of the interface above RF Electronics & Ham Radio Blog by AD5GG. Then - after a weekend of contesting, using Behringer XM8500 microphone, the settings I finally settled on for my IC-7300 and processor were as follows.I ended up using the compressor in the IC-7300 rather than the compressor in the UR6QW device, since it seemed to provide a much better average SSB power level 4 out of 5 stars. (24) 24 product ratings - Astatic AST-878DM CB/Ham/10 Meter Radio Desk Base Station Microphone Amplified. $74.99. Was: $79.99. or Best Offer

But will an ECM sound better than an expensive dynamic studio mic connected to a ham radio? Well. it is possible, and it has been done already. Ham radios do not enjoy the wide frequency response of recording and broadcast studios. But the frequency response and gain factors of the ECM mics are becoming a high quality, low cost alternative. Signals from the drum mics, for instance, will find their way into the vocals and the stage sound - as well as the sound out in the house - becomes an unmanageable mush. Bob took a page from his ham radio and antenna design days and created microphones that have a high -40dB of rear rejection

Heil Sound GM-V Dual Element Ham Radio Studio Microphone (new in box) $110.00. $16.00 shipping. 6 watching. GOOD CONDITION ORIGINAL BOX HEIL FS-2 TWO CHANNEL FOOT SWITCH. $29.99. $8.00 shipping. HEIL PR781 DYNAMIC QUALITY MICROPHONE XLR-3. The mic with the large condenser element is my latest mic and is used with the SDR. I use the $50 mic with my Anan7000DLE MKII SDR radio. The mic that's is marked em1a is a studio quality mic that requires +48v to operate. The EM1A mic, the circuit board & element on the left is the original, the middle is my board & element Aug 5, 2017 - Explore John Perry's board Microphones For Ham Radio and Home Recording on Pinterest. See more ideas about microphones, ham radio, microphone KENMAX Military Tactical IP54 Waterproof Big PTT Telescopic Throat Mic Earpiece Headset for Walkie Talkie CB Ham Radio Baofeng UV-89 BF-388A Kenwood TK-2400V4P TK-3402I16P 3.3 out of 5 stars 27 $54.99 $ 54 . 9 To build the largest and most complete Amateur Radio community site on the Internet - a portal that hams think of as the first place to go for information, to exchange ideas, and be part of what's happening with ham radio on the Internet. eHam.net provides recognition and enjoyment to the people who use, contribute, and build the site

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  1. Ham Radio and Amateur Radio online equipment sales. HamCity has more than 30 years of experience in the amateur radio equipment business! Please visit us today for all your ham radio needs! Dynamic Studio Microphone with LB-1 Lighted Base with PTT (3pin XLR) $0.00 Click for price. SKU: PR20 Heil Sound. Microphon
  2. The B1 works best as a starter microphone for home studio setups. It gives you crisp sounding audio that's hard to beat elsewhere. Personally, we love the B1. It's a good low-cost microphone if you are just starting out as it's excellent for home recordings like podcasts or live radio broadcasts. #3. Warm Audio WA87. Buy on Amazon USA
  3. SM-26 Desk Mic: SM-30 Desk Mic: SM-50 Desk Mic: INRAD: DMS628 Desk Mic: DMS629 Desk Mic: DMS665 Desk Mic: DMS686 Desk Mic: Kenwood: MC-60A Desk Mic: MC-90 Desk Mic: MFJ: MFJ-290MY Hand Mic for Yaesu: Yaesu: M- 1 Desk Mic: M-100 Desk Mic: MD-100A8X Desk Mic: MH-31A8J Hand Mic : Discontinued Microphones & Boomset
  4. Apr 14, 2014 #2. 2014-04-14T14:47. Hi Tom, I went for a Heil 783 mic, straight into my radio - no eq equipment and used the cheap as chips (£9.99) hand ptt off Ebay, seems to work fine, also the boom off Ebay and that to seems fine. Had the setup for a few months now and very pleased with it. I had the mic and lead shipped to friends in USA.
  5. Thanks for this. I am looking to hook up my rigs to a studio mic and mixer. The W2IHY Iplus looks like a simple way to do it. But it's more than I wish to spend. With this circuit I should be able to build a box similar to the Iplus. 73 Jennifer KK6FV

Features great sound with full range audio, and I've been getting nothing but excellent 'ON AIR' audio reports (Sounds just like you, Bob!).It's such a great performer (and such a great deal) that I decided to make it available to the ham community. 20Hz - 20kHz headphones, 100Hz - 16kHz mic, -59dBV/uBar sensitivity, high impedance noise canceling mic element, inline volume control, 8 foot. Heil HMM-IC Mobile Microphone For Icom. This model contains the Heil Ic element. The newly designed HMM brings new technology to the hand microphone. No question when you place a microphone element inside a clam shell. The result is a hollow muffled sound but Amateur Radio operators have.. Heil Sound Microphones. Heil PR-10 Package: This small but mighty microphone will bring your radio to life with full speech articulation and perfect balance. This package contains Heil's compact PR10 microphone, an LB-1 table base with an LED backlit transmit status light, and an adjustable 8 mic boom to bring the mic up to a comfortable operating position during use Shoot, this is why they picked a mere 3000 Hz band spread for telephones, radios, and other communications gear. Again, any subtle differences between inexpensive and expensive studio quality microphones is lost on a ham transceiver I have a 2950 and like the rK56 mic best with it. tried power mics and astatic but for me the RK56 has the best sound for my voice. all mics work different for different people. my brother-in-law sounds weak and wimpy with a RK56 on my 2950 radio. so to me you will just have to see what works for you. Woody-202, midnight special, Slowmover and.

The D104 high impedance mic was a good match for your Drake, but sadly, many of these mics have crystal elements that no longer work. Some history of the D104. You may want to measure or test the size of the mic plug--while they came with 0.206 diameter plugs, your set may have been modified for a 1/4 plug Hi-Fi on the IC-7000, 7100 series, 7200. For really beautiful audio, using a studio microphone like the Heil Sound PR 40 or PR 781, connect the microphone via an outboard equalizer like one of the fine products from W2IHY, and then apply the output from the equalizer to pins 2 and 11 of the rear-panel Accessory jack 5-band EQ with a compressor and an adjustable microphone amplifier is made a very litlle plate ( mm) with trimmer At the bottom of the housing rubber feet. This device works with any type of ICOM, KENWOOD, YAESU, TEN-TEC and other radios. It is capable of changing the standard signal of your transceiver. With this small device, you can get a sound similar to the sound of the resulting 5 big. 4 thoughts on Mic Wiring - Ham Radio . II need to know how to wire a electro voice 664 mic to a kenwood ts440at. Can you help me with this? can you help me i need to hook a ym38 and a shurre444 mike to a kenwood ts570 i need to get the pin number to the colours can you help me please thanjs shane. Ciao Simone, just for mic connections.

VINTAGE RETRO ROCKABILLY SHURE 55SW MIC MICROPHONE MUSICIAN SINGER CB HAM RADIO This vintage Shure microphone shows normal signs of use and has some scuffs and scratches. It looks like it was set up for use with a CB home base or HAM radio. The plug on the end of the cord has four pins and the mic is mounted on a Shure S36 base Homebrew Microphone Mast. I can't quite remember just how many years I have been planning on replacing my prototype microphone mast/stand, yesterday I finally made myself a shiny new one! I engineered my latest home brew microphone stand to house my HEiL GM-5 studio mic at the perfect height for my operations. The early design was made from 6mm. Dec 4, 2016 - Explore Rick Arthur's board Microphones* I like on Pinterest. See more ideas about microphones, microphone, ham radio

G4WPE's Microphone Connections website is probably the most comprehensive and up-to-date Internet source for ham radio microphone-to-radio wiring information. Eleven years in the making, G4WPW has compiled information for mouthpiecing equipment from a long list of providers, including the big (such as ICOM, Trio/Kenwood and Yaesu), the old. Wireless-mic using ta7310 For radio builder, mini-tx on middle-wave using ta7310.Small size and easy to make up. design:http:/... 50MHz am transceiver :TX input 1W / RX:double super heterodyne For radio builder, qrp am trx.TX :using SL1641 for am mod amd mic-compress ta2011s on board.RX:doubl... A mini radio,using LA1600 and 6AK5 For connecting a FLEX-6400 to the PR40, you will need to use the Heil CC1XLRY-BAL cable in conjunction with the cable adapter described above. Please contact Sales for information on price and availability for the cable adapter. The FLEX-6600 has in addition to the 1/8 TRS pseudo-balanced mic input, a 1/4 TRS balanced audio input Plano, TX. Woodbridge, VA. PR30 Description Hide. From the Professional division of Heil Sound, Ltd., we present the PR-30, a professional quality dynamic cardioid microphone designed for commercial broadcast, recording and live sound reinforcement applications which require a smooth flat response over a wide frequency response

Heil Pro Set iC w/iC element Includes Special AD-1 Icom Cable. * Special version for pre (PRO) series Icom radios. Designed to meet the exacting standards of world-class Contest and DX operators, the Heil Sound Pro Set Series is the best-selling Boom Mic/Headset combo on the market Heil Sound GM-V Dual Element Ham Radio Studio Microphone (new in box) Brand New. C $139.08. Top Rated Seller. Top Rated Seller. Buy It Now. From United States. +C $49.31 shipping. 3 watchers Amounts shown in italicized text are for items listed in currency other than Canadian dollars and are approximate conversions to Canadian dollars based upon Bloomberg's conversio Make sure you've got a good level from the microphone into the mixer before you try to adjust the output level to the audio amplifier, powered speakers, or ham radio's mic input. Every op-amp in the chain adds more noise if it's gain is set high, so make sure the first one is as far up as it needs to go so the rest of them don't have to. Review: Aukeys BM700 mic. Aukeys BM700 microphone, microphone clip, cord, and wind protection. Recently I purchased an Aukeys BM700 microphone on the web site Aliexpress. The microphone looks like a Neumann TLM102, but for $19.18 (US) I was not expecting it to perform the same as a Neumann. The price of the microphone varies depending on the.

some mic wiring diagrams for ranger realistic alan cobra ge uniden yaesu kenwood icom radios diagrams for the microphone connections on many of the common cb radios as well as some popular amateur radio transceivers . Listed under the Technical Reference/Mic wiring category that is about Microphone wiring Heil PR 781 Studio Mic. Ham Radio $135 (inl > san bernardino) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $875. favorite this post Jul 12 Icom ic-7300 Ham Radio $875 (inl > san bernardino) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $350. favorite this post Jul 10 HAM Radio Yaesu FT-DX56 ML&S Martin Lynch & Sons, Chertsey Surrey UK. Tel: 0845 2300 599. The UK leading Supplier and Distributor of Communications Equipment. Specialising in new & used Ham (Amateur) Radio, Commercial Two-Way Radio, Marine & Aviation equipment These microphones are from the estate of a Ham Radio Operator. I checked both heads and they are in good operating condition. They look to be in fairly good physical shape with a few scrapes on the stand base. The connector is a 4 pin wired for Kenwood radio. Part of the model number label is missing on the 10-D head Quick View. Heil HM-12 Heil Single Element Microphone. $69.00. Compare. Add To Cart. Quick View. Heil HMM-IC Hand Microphone Clamshell IC Electret. $84.95. Compare

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  1. g in at around $900. You'll find it in many radio stations and is easily one of the best mics on this page. It's characteristic unique shape, excellent sound quality, and feedback rejection make it worth the price
  2. HAM Radio Shops, Amateur Radio Shop, Icom UK Hytera, Kenwood, Yaesu UK Antennas, Antenna Tuners, Power Supplies, Coax, CB Radio, Scanners, Receivers, Short Wave, Barnsley, UK, Call 01226 361700, Yorkshire The HAM Radio Shop Amateur Radio Dealer Suppliers United Kingdom Two Way Radio Hire Two Way Radio Sales Repair Service Scanners CB Radio.
  3. DECO SERIES MIC W/PR40 ELEMENT PURPLE BODY. Add to cart for price. Free Shipping. Special Order. PR781. HEIL PR781. DYNAMIC STUDIO QUALITY MICROPHONE. $169.95. Free Shipping

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The comp will be open for a week or so and is free to enter. Good luck. This is the finished off Prize - One Mini Lattice Tower with a Mic Clip and Separate PTT switch which needs wiring to your radio mic PTT input. The Heil GM-5 is NOT included lol Its just to give you an idea of what to expect. the Mic stand will hold most studio microphones Whichever Shure microphone you grab, you will experience the same high quality audio performance that the industry has trusted for decades. language Americas/USA América Latina Americas/USA Argentina Asia Pacific Belgium Brasil Chile 中国 Colombia Deutschland España Europe France India Italia 日本 México Middle East and Africa Nederland. CONNECTING an ICOM RADIO to a PC 1 1. INTRODUCTION This document is intended to provide insight and understanding on how an ICOM radio can be connected to a PC running common Logging and Operating (SSB, Digital) software. Connectivity is demonstrated to show how communications between the Radio and PC can be implemented

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The new Gold Elite microphone is designed and crafted specifically for amateur radio communications. It contains two distinctly different high performance dynamic elements that are available at the flip of a switch to meet the different types of communications. The WIDE position has the HEIL Elite full range element producing smooth articulate 60Hz - 16 kHz audio with the traditional Heil +4. Kenwood 590 EQ Settings. The Kenwood TS-590S EQ settings will give the user optimum TX audio if properly configured. This transceiver is hard to beat for the money. Some will use the default mode, while others take the benefit of the ARCP-590 software. Follow this and you will have sparkle and articulation After hours of researching and using all the models on the market, we find the best ham radio audio mixer of 2021. Check out our ranking below! Sale RANKING No. 1. BAOFENG BF-F8HP (UV-5R 3rd Gen) 8-Watt Dual Band Two-Way Radio (136-174MHz VHF & 400-520MHz UHF) Includes Full Kit with Large Battery

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RADIOHF - Rode NT1-A studio grade mic w/ Preamp Here is a barely used Rode NT1-A microphone. S/N 0050037 and Studio Projects VTB1 Preamp w/ PS S/N 003266. Bought for use on a TS-940S but I don't really use that radio anymore, I'm happier using my old tube equipment which likes high Z crystal mics I have several ham radio accessories for sale here. •Handheld push to talk switch - $7 •Icom HM-56A Hand mic w/ 8 pin connector -$15 •Icom HM-46 speaker mic - $10 •Icom IC-DC1 dc to dc.. R-1051b/urr Receiver Radio Navy Submariner. 344 Astron Rs-70m Power Supply. 345 Kenwood Hf Transceiver Ts-570d. 346 Plstar At4k Antena Tuner Ham Radio. 347 Kenwood Dc Power Supply Ps-53. 348 Heil Sound Dual Element Gm Studio Mic Gold. 349 Heil Sound Hm-10-dual Ham Radio. 350 R-1051b Urr Navy Receiver No 7 Ham. 351 Kenwood Ts-590s All Mode. Heil PR 781 Studio Mic. Ham Radio $135 (san bernardino) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $270. favorite this post Jul 12 Sharp 50 led flat screen perfect condition $270 (Murrieta) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $30. favorite this post Jul 12 Element 32 720p HDTV LED LCD Televisio BM 800 Studio Quality Microphone for amateur radio use. This popular condenser studio microphone is available for as little as $20.00 this includes the anti-vibration mount, audio cable plus a wind sock. The microphone as supplied will work on any low voltage source (Phantom Voltage) as that supplied by a computer sound card (5 Volts), just.

Quick View. Heil CC-1-XLR-I Straight Microphone Cable XLR-3 to Icom 8-Pin (8ft) $38.95. Compare. Add To Cart. Quick View. Heil PR781G Dynamic Studio Quality Microphone with Gold Screen. $163.95. Compare It's a pretty cool old mic, was made around 1972, and was actually more popular on CB rigs than amateur radio. It's very clean and just another mic in my collection. Misc. Microphones. This is a pile of old broadcast & studio mics I've collected for future restoration. The 2nd mic from the left is an Electro-Voice Cardax 950 Microphone and has. PR 781 Dynamic Desk microphone for Elite transceivers. For amateur radio, the correct ADAPTER: CC-1 XLR Series The PR 781 works well on ALL ICOM PRO series as well as Kenwood and Yaesu transcievers using the correct CC-1 XLR mating cables. The PR 780 microphone terminates into a 3 pin XLR broadcast connector just as the PR 20, 30 and 40

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Talk studio sit-down, right-handed model (1 lower rack) from the Omnirax Phoenix line. The Omnirax Phoenix Line of radio studio furniture features three base models targeted for Air, Production and . Call for availability. Graham Studios MIC-12 *Oak Mic Riser 12 12 wooden mic stand for Graham Studios Modulex furniture. Call for. Radio Studio Equipment is our specialty at Progressive Concepts. We carry a variety of radio studio equipment such as mixing boards, equalizers, CD players, audio enhancers, effects processors, patch bays and more. Contact us today to request your quote

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Arrakis DARC Series. With FREE Headphone Amp - Call Today! Digital FM Transmitter Special. Nautel GV Series. With FREE Second Exciter - Call for Details! Cutting-Edge Video for Radio. HDVMixer Software and Hardware. Grow Your Audience The Different Types of Microphones: Home Studio Essentials. Gear; Last updated on April 23, 2021 by Dylan Roth. Using the right microphone for the job is vital if you want your music to sound radio-ready. But choosing a microphone can be confusing. Especially when it's your first time recording Apparently if you use phantom power, it sounds better and you don't need as much gain. Here's something interesting - a fellow took apart a Mic of a well known brand of Ham microphones, and found one of the little inexpensive condenser elements inside. Not surprising, because the little things work pretty well

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Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 ASTATIC VINTAGE MICROPHONE HAM RADIO G STAND D-104 DESK MIC CB BASE Used item but ready to work Estate auction find The owner was a retired doctor and he had quite a few of radio items in his estate. Item works and comes with a full money back guarantee if not satisfied. Nice item Even though some consider this mic as entry level, it was a definite upgrade for my home studio. The mic is very warm. Admittedly, for more out in front vocals, I chose my Rode NT1. However, I prefer the tube preamp/analog emulation plug-in sound for my compositions. This mic truly enhances that pathyway/approach and excells in that capacity

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Links to Microphone wiring diagrams category is a curation of 30 web resources on , Electro Voice 664 Wiring, Kenwood Pin Connectors, Microphone connections by G4WPW. Resources listed under Mic Wiring category belongs to Technical Reference main collection, and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio operators —Dynamic microphone —Mic to line preamp —Battery-operated phantom power supply —Ohm meter. Divide and Conquer Start by dropping the level of the main fader on the console/mixer. If the RFI drops in level, you've localized it to the front end of the mixer (at least ahead of the main potentiometer) So I wanted a headset/boomset for use with my ham radio equipment. I knew I wouldn't use it all that frequently so the high prices for the Heil products didn't make a lot of sense to me. A bunch of guys have posted pages about using PC headsets and microphones, cell phone headsets and other similar mics with ham equipment, so I decided to give. Free Radio Network (FRN) is FREE software that you can use to turn your computer into a CB radio! After downloading the software (link below), you just need a microphone and speakers or headphones (even the built in mic/speakers in your laptop will work) and you are all set, you can now communicate with other FRN users all over the world I own a dance school, with two classrooms roughly 110 sq. meters each. In one class there are two large PA speakers (PreSonus) and in the other four (4) Studio Monitors. Both rooms have a high pitch sound /noise, but the one with 4 Studio Monitors is unbearable. Each Set of speakers is connected to a mixer, and the mixers are connected to laptops

Studio Microphone, ZealSound Condenser Studio Microphone Echo Effect -Silver newvalue. $34.81. USB Ham Radio 100KHz-1.7GHz Full Band USB Receiver Radio androidretailworld. $49.84. Baofeng UV-5R VHF/UHF 2m/70cm dual-band FM Ham Two way Radio open box. LooK! c14-1td. $39.84. RCA SM220-X83 Medium Duty Speaker Mic, Mult X83 Pin connector..New in. Our Price: $69.95 (You save $5.95) Select your Icom Radio. Click to add to cart. Select your Icom Radio S6 F11, F21, F14 S6 F14S, F24, F24S S6 F25, F4002 S6 F33G, F43G, F43TR S7 F3031S, F4031S S7 F3101D, F4101D S7 F3210D, F4210D S7 F3230D, F4230D S7 F1000T, F2000T S7 F1000S, F2000S S7 F1000, F2000 The RE20 may sound more natural with a flatter response, due to the neodymium-magnet used in the RE27 (which makes the RE27 sound brighter). The RE27 has an improved frequency response. The RE27 may be more forgiving. The RE27 may do better for you on kick drums and bass cabs, but less so on vocals

WATKINS JOHNSON WJ-8711A HF RECEIVER WJ-8711 W/ PRESELECTOR #2. $2,100.00. Add to Cart. Items 1 to 12 of 334 total. Sort By Position Name SKU Price Newest Set Descending Direction. Show 12 24 36 per page. View as: Grid List Ham radio microphone. Royalty-Free Stock Photo. Download preview. Old microphone and its cable on white background . white background, old microphone, radio Microphone in radio studio. Retro radio and microphone. Man singing with radio microphone. CB radio with microphone

Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) is an audio bridge between applications that transmits sounds (audio streams) from app to app, from device to device. VAC creates a set of virtual audio devices. Each device simulates an audio adapter (card) whose output is internally connected to the input, making a loopback. If an application plays audio to the. ham radio swap parts, amateur radio pieces. Ham Radio Gear For Sale Non-commercial, private sellers only. ABR Ind, 25' 25400F Coax dual PL259, 1.5' 218XATC Coax dual PL259, LDG RBA1:1 Balun, & MFJ-261 Dumm 1-100 of 507. Amatuer Ham Radio Operater. Amateur Radio Gear. Geminid meteor over ham radio satellite antenna. Hand holding black ham radio isolated on white. High frequency Folded Dipole antenna tower for amateur radio with blue sky. Valkoder - rotating control transceiver. Old two-way radio

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R77 Classic Body Ribbon Studio Microphone with 1.8-micron Aluminum Ribbon Martin R I at one long ago used an older r77 type mic on CB radio and I'm now a ham op. and I would like to use this R77 on a amature radio.Is there any one that has used one of this on a amature radio that could tell me if this a useable mic for ham?. UC09 TEKK KS-900 70CM DATA RADIO 2W CABLE 54.95 GOOD S/N NEE0526. W150 TEN-TEC 1200 4W TO 12W 2M RF AMP, MOBILE NONE 34.95 GOOD BNC AND PL CONNECTOR. U913 TEN-TEC R4006 PS 12 VDC 10A BOX, MAN 42.95 GOOD (ASTRON PS-10) UA37 TIMEWAVE HAMLINK USB USB CI-V RADIO CONTROLLER CD MAN - NO CABLES 24.95 GOOD In summary, here are my settings I use with the TS-990 for transmit audio with my Electro Voice RE-27: Mic Gain at the center (50%) Speech Processor Activated and set at 60%. Transmit Filter Bandwidth low at 200 Hz and high at 2800 Hz. The 18 Band Equalizer for Transmit is set to the Conventional pre-set CODAN NGT SR 2010 Base HF SSB Transceiver- RF Unit Only #5. $250.00. Add to Cart. Items 13 to 24 of 333 total. Sort By Position Name SKU Price Newest Set Descending Direction. Show 12 24 36 per page