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Electrical Installation Certificates (EICs) and Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificates (MEIWCs) provide you, as the person responsible for the safety of an electrical installation, with a declaration that the new installation, or alteration or addition, is safe to use at the time it was put into service Minor electrical works, such as the addition of a new socket outlet, can be signed off with a Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate (MEIWC). You don't need certification for basic tasks such as resetting a circuit breaker. Why do I need an EIC? Part P of the Building Regulations 2006 (amended 2013) states that Any domestic electrical installation work notified by your NICEIC / ELECSA electrical contractor to the Local Building Control Body is searchable through the site www.checkmynotification.com You can check the details of the Building Regulations Compliance Certificate via the number on the certificate or the address where the work was carried out From 6 April 2014 a person who is registered with a third party certification scheme for electrical installations in dwellings will be able to check domestic electrical work that is undertaken by.. An Electrical Installation Certificate or, where applicable, a Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate that confirms the work meets BS 7671. A Building Regulations Compliance Certificate to confirm the work meets the Building Regulations. Your local building control body should also have received a copy of the documentation

Contact us on 020 4577 1302ORGet a bulk booking online quote. 2796 reviews for this service. Reliable & Affordable Professionals on one platform. Schedule a qualified electrical engineer at a time convenient for you and receive your Electrical Installation Certificate Report (EICR) within 2-5 business days The Electrical Installation Certificate, used for new circuits, new installations or alterations to existing installations.Certificate pads to purchase: http.. Electrical safety - Dwellings New rules for electrical safety in the home, the garden and its outbuildings. This part only applies to dwellings (in some cases, buildings that would be exempt but which take their electrical supply from a dwelling).Several.. An electrical certificate of compliance verifies that an electrical installation complies with BS 7671, the British standard for electrical safety. While the certificate is not a legal requirement in itself, it can help to provide documentary evidence of safety and legal compliance in a number of circumstances

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An electrical safety certificate is a declarative document that an installation is safe to have in use from the moment that it was put into service. It can only be issued by a registered electrician The Building Regulations only set standards for electrical installation work in relation to dwellings (houses, flats etc). If the work is carried out in industrial or commercial buildings it is covered by the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is responsible for making sure that electrical installation. Electrical Installation Certificate [Three Signature] BS 7671:2018: Sep-20: Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate BS 7671:2018: Sep-20 : Report of potentially dangerous electrical condition : Certificate of Isolation : ECA ARC Fault Detection Form : The Employer's Legal Duties to maintain Safe Electrical Installations Get domestic electrical installation certificates in London and Essex from as little as £99. For more details contact us at 020 3637 1446. info@electricalsafetycertificate.co.uk 0203-637-1446. Trade Facilities Services EICR, Electrical Safety Certificate, Fire Alarm Testing, Emergency Light Reports, PAT Testing in London and Essex. What is an Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC) and do I need one?. Whether you are having a new electrical install, or additions to something you already have, it is very important that you receive and keep an electrical installation certificate.This is your proof that what you have had done is compliant with current regulations, installed correctly and most importantly safe to use

However, a missing Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC) can cause delays when you find a buyer. This is because the conveyancing process can be held up. In this article, we look at your options if you've had electrical work done on your home and don't have the Electrical Installation Certificate Landlords - take note of new electrical safety certificate requirements . Almost half of all UK house fires accidental in nature are caused by faulty wiring (source: Electrical Safety Council). 70 people a year are killed as a result of electrical faults and just over a third of million people are injured because of them (source: Housing and Planning Bill, UK Parliament)

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We issue an Electrical Safety Certificate on completion of a satisfactory Electrical Installation Condition Report, commonly known as an EICR. In order for us to be able to produce the final Electrical Safety Certificate we undertake a full Electrical Installation Check on the property ELECTRICAL SAFETY REGISTERED. For the past 19 years EPEC has provided testing, installation and certification for letting agents, private landlords, business, organisations and institutions & private home owners to help them comply with legislation and making a safe working and living environment

Electrical Installation Condition Report only £99 including VAT (Save £51) . Our Electrical engineers adhere to Part P building requirements and are accredited and regulated by either the:. NICEIC (external link); ELECSA (external link); NAPIT (external link) Landlord Certificates Ltd, is registered with NAPIT, our membership number is NAPI61669. You can find out more about us on NAPIT. The complete range of BS 7671, BS 5839, and BS 5266 certificates can be used including Electrical Installation, Periodic Inspection, Minor Electrical Works, Fire Detection and Alarm Systems, all of which can be printed directly onto plain paper, along with your company logo and electronic signature if required. Simply select the required certificate from within the EasyCert electrical software. NAPIT's Bill Allan explains how the Minor Works Certificate should be used. It is a fundamental principle of BS 7671that every electrical installation must be provided with appropriate documentation (Regulation 132.13) but since the Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate (commonly called the Minor Works Certificate and often abbreviated to MWC) was introduced in 1993, there has been. the production of Certificates of Construction (Electrical Installations to BS 7671). Scheme for the Certification of Construction (Electrical Installations to BS 7671). An organisation that operates one or more Certification Schemes and register Approved Certifiers of Design and/or Construction and Approved Bodies

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Benefits of an electrical installation certificate . Electrical inspection is important for electrician due to a number of varied reasons. Let's look at the main benefits. To ensure safety for your properly-during the periodic inspection, the defects in your installations will be highlighted and the necessary steps taken to prevent any future harm part 2 : details of the electrical work covered by this installation certificate works completed: 07/07/2020 Description and extent of the installation covered by this certificate: The installation is - Circuits affected Remedial Works following EICR (IPR18-214224) All corrected faults are listed in additional notes Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate. Whether it is your home or a rental property, it is important to get an electrical installation certificate and inspection on the existing electrical installation condition, to identify if any part of the installation does not meet current British standards To find out more, get in touch with us by emailing info@hexo-services.co.uk, or calling 0207 315 4151. Here you can view our commercial prices or residential prices for our Electrical Installation Condition Report or EICR certificate service. You can also make a booking here

Then, the electrical certificate UK will detail any issues, so that you can get your property compliant with BS 7671, the national standard for electrical installations. Types of Electrical Certificate UK. We offer numerous types of electrical certificate UK, including: Residential EICR Certificates Work is only categorised as an electrical installation if it involves adding a new installation. If an existing installation is changed or extended it's categorised as an alteration. For example, simply moving the position of a socket or light switch. When a new circuit isn't being provided, a different certificate called the Minor. Electrical standards and approved codes of practice. Listed below are some commonly used electrical standards and approved codes of practice. Additional standards and codes of practice would generally be needed to satisfy a specific application - it is the responsibility of the specifier to select and apply these Model Forms. Blank model forms for certification and reporting, suitable for printing out and filling in by hand, are available in PDF format to download. On this page, you can find forms for BS 7671:2018 and BS 7671:2008+A3:2015

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  1. Completing Electrical Installation Condition Reports: This Page aims to help you complete EICR's with as little confusion as possible, whether you are filling them in by hand or on a PC. But first, an offer. DJT & 'Tysoft- Easy Cert' have come together to enable anyone who attends a course at DJT to receive a 25% discountwhen.
  2. installation, or for new work associated with an alteration or addition to an existing electrical installation, in a single dwelling (house or individual flat). For new electrical installation work in other than a single dwelling, a full Electrical Installation Certificate should have been issued
  3. SR Electrical Ltd. offers a range of services in the supply, installation and maintenance of diesel gas oil bunkering sites. Emergency Lighting SR Electrical Ltd. Carry out emergency lighting testing to the current BS 7671 and BS 5268-1 current regulations in both Safe and Hazardous area locations
  4. Testing & Certificates. We offer a robust electrical safety testing and certification programme for all educational facilities, including: Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC) Emergency Light Inspection and Testing; Portable Appliance Testing (PAT

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  1. What is an electrical certificate? It is a report and the official name for this report is electrical installation condition report (EICR) however but known as an electrical safety certificate. EICR will show the condition of the electrical safety in a residential or commercial property and checks the safety of the electrical installations
  2. BS 7671 installation certificates 13 available from www.niceic.org.uk or www.eca.co.uk. Regulation 4(3) states that, on completion of electrical installation work, the building (and parts of the electrical installations in the building that were not the subject of work
  3. produce the final Electrical Safety Certificate we undertake a full Electrical Installation Check. During the electrical safety test the mains electrical power supply will need to be disconnected for safety reasons and to enable us apply the correct tests to the relevant electrical circuits
  4. Stop the sale of dangerous electrical goods on online marketplaces. In the UK, online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and Wish are not bound to the same laws as traditional retailers. This means that fake and other dangerous electrical products are being sold to unknowing customers. Containing sub-standard or counterfeit parts, they present a.
  5. d to the new tenants that the brand-new electrical connections are safe. Here are the things that will be checked for any commercial or domestic electrical installation certificate
  6. An electrical inspection is really important to assess that the wiring in a property is safe. One of our approved electricians offer a visual inspection and assessment of the fixed installation, they will provide a periodic inspection report, which consists of a visual inspection, together with testing all fixed circuits within the property, a.
  7. Electrical Cert Software. Easily Create, Edit, Share, Print and Email Certificates directly to your customer from your Tablet or Phone. -Creates Certificates ready to be emailed or shared. -Full Customer Database - Stores and Saves Customer, Job Address and Appliance Details. -View, Edit, Share, Print and Email Previously created Assessments

Design, Installation & Commissioning. To be used when installing a smoke alarm system within domestic premises. Please Note - these certificates are only available for customers who have purchased NICEIC / ELECSA Cert software or an additional licence.*. -. £14.00 (£16.80 inc VAT A Landlord Electrical Safety Report Certificate is technically a report but is generally referred to as a certificate. The typical cost ranges from £100 to £230 for a flat, £150 to £300+ for a house depending on the size, reasonable wiring which will normally take around 2 to 4 hours. Reports taken in older homes may cost more, especially.

In a nutshell, the terms period inspection and fixed wire testing have now been replaced by the new term Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), although essentially, they all mean the same thing. The previously-named periodic inspection test is now referred to as an EICR test, while fixed wire testing is the method of testing that is. Electrical Installation Level 2 Certificate. The course is designed for you to join the electrical industry as an electrician, typically as an apprentice. Level. Level 2. Study Mode. Full-time. Duration. 1 Year. Location. Bracknell and Wokingham College. Pathway. Construction In order for our electrician to be able to produce the final Electrical Safety Certificate a full Electrical Installation Check will be performed on the property. Established in 2013 theepcman.co.uk is now the largest network of EPC providers in the UK. Our Electrical Safety Certificate Network will run on the same proven basis. We require. appropriate a minor works electrical installation certificate may be used NICEIC Books Electricians Guide tlc direct co uk April 20th, 2019 - Domestic Electrical Installation Certificates NICEIC 17th Edition 3rd Amendment commissioning and maintenance of fire alarm systems within domestic and similar premises The intention of the book is to provid New build properties should have an Electrical Installation Certificate known as an EIC. If your rental property is a new build or has been completely rewired, you will not need to get an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) until five years after your EIC has been issued

Email: enquiries@localsurveyorsdirect.co.uk. Phone: 0800 0147 453. Filling in this form will instantly give you estimates for an Electrical Installation Condition Report on your property. These estimates will come directly from Electricians who work in your local area. You will also be provided with their full contact details, all within less. There is a time limit on enforcement action, that can be taken by the council. If it were me, I'd get an EICR done, rectify any faults, then I would have a certificate to produce for the conveyancing process. Reply to Selling a home without electrical certificates in the Periodic Inspection Reporting & Certification area at ElectriciansForums.net Register and Download to Start Designing Electrical Installations Quickly and Easily with this Powerful, Fast & Accurate Software. Fast & Accurate Software for Low Voltage Electrical Design, Modeling and Certification. Calculations and Checks Compliance with BS 7671:2018, Roy Ball Premier Electrical Installations UK ltd The main purpose of an EICR report in London is to mention the safety condition of an actual installation. A landlord electrical safety certificate issued after the complete assessment of electrical installation which consists of 6 pages. An electrical test certificate will help you to protect from many dangers FormFill Pro is a standalone app for producing BS7671 electrical certification direct from your iPad. FormFill Pro enables you to complete Minor Works, Electrical Installation Certificates and Electrical Installation Condition Reports on your iPad or iPad mini and email them to the client or print them to an Airport compatible printer

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Commercial electrical inspection, Certification of domestic electrical installations (TPC), Domestic electrical inspection, Domestic electrical installation, Non-domestic electrical installation, Industrial electrical inspection in Nottingham, NG8 6FY - assessed regularly for ongoing competence Fixed wire inspection & testing. Fixed Wire Testing is the testing of the electrical installations within a building to ensure they are safe & compliant. employers are legally required to ensure, as far as is reasonably practical, the health, safety and welfare of their employees. Fixed wire testing is a crucial part of that requirement We constantly review industry Standards and Regulation NAPIT FastTest is able to import all of your Minor Works Certificates, Electrical Installation Certificates, and Electrical Installation Condition Reports with the exception of Schedules of changes and will communicate this end of compliance 60 days prior, 30 days prior, 7 days prior and.

A Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is the certification given to a new or used electrical system that certifies that the system is safe, secure and usable. All reports should be in accordance with BS7671, which has a recommended time of 5 years between each testing and new certification Certification: After completing and passing the course successfully, you will be able to obtain an Accredited Certificate of Achievement. Certificates can be obtained either in hard copy at a cost of £39 or in PDF format at a cost of £24. Who is This Online Electrical Course for? The course is certified by CPD Qualifications Standards and CiQ The complete range of: • Electrical certificates to the 18th Edition BS7671. Including Minor Works, Electrical Installation and Electrical Installation Condition Reports. • Fire Alarm Certificates to the BS5839 Part 1 & Part 6. Including Fire Alarm Log, Design, Installation, Maintenance, Inspection, Service, Commissioning Certificates

Inspection, testing and certification forms; Electrical Installation Condition Report: Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate : Domestic Periodic Inspection Report: Electrical Installation Certificate: Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate: P.A.T. Forms; PAT Testing Certificate Standard Forms: PAT Testing Certificate For. To become an electrician in the UK you will need to combine training, experience and a final assessment. This can typically be completed as: An apprenticeship over 4 years. By breaking the elements down into more manageable steps over a 2-3 year period ( Diploma / Technical Certificates. NVQ & AM2 Installation vs inspection certificates. An unregistered electrician might do a good job. They might not. But what they definitely won't do is present you with a Building Regulations compliance certificate, which is required by law for all notifiable work.It can be easy to get caught out by a builder or someone else who seems competent, and assures you that they do this all the time

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  1. Topic Title: No Electrical Installation Certificate. Print this topic. A householder has had a small kitchen extension including some new sockets and lighting. He has not had any paperwork given to him by the builder or electrician. Would a new whole house Electrical Installation Condition Report satisfy the local council regarding the new work.
  2. The City and Guilds Level 3 Diploma in Electrical Installation 2365 Building and Structure Units 201, 301-305 and 308 (pdf) -Secure payment with PayPal or card. -Immediate access to download after payment. -It does not require special programs to open and read the book except for the usual PDF viewer
  3. Following are some basic details that should be made part of a work completion certificate by the parties involved in the project: Certify that installation is complete. Start and end date of the project as this indicates if the deadline was met or not. Type of the work carried out. The amount paid for the work
  4. There is a reason, but I can't remember the details. So I decided to do some research into electrical installation certificates and am now beginning to panic that ignorance on new regulations could leave me with a fine. I understand as the first electrician changed the light in the bathroom, a certificate should have been issued
  5. An EICR is the safety certificate and report that an electrician supplies following an inspection of your property. Campaigning charity Electrical Safety First recommends getting an EICR done every 10 years in a private property. Landlords are encouraged to get a new EICR each time they change their tenants, or every five years, whichever is.
  6. In December 2020, the Vespula team became part of Megger Ltd. In June 2021, the Vespula Electrical Certification software was re-launched as CertSuite. CertSuite has all the features of Vespula, plus some exciting new ones such as Electrical Vehicle Charging Point certificates. If you already have a Vespula account, you can use the same.
  7. Becklec. Tick the boxes that apply to the note's you put in the extent of installation covered by this certificate box. No it wouldn't athough it would require a full test of all circuit's and an EIC. The schedules of inspections and tests relate to the work you have conducted

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This course will allow you to explore the opportunities available within the electrical installation industry. You will work in our fully equipped workshops to develop your skills working with a range electrical systems. Modules. You will study the following modules: Health and Safety and Industry. Practices The Electrical Installation Certificate issued by the electrician or company who actually did the work and ii) the Part P building regulation certificate sent by post. If the work was notified then this Part P notification, as you have suggested, will be on a database somewhere. SES Electrical Contractors (UK) Ltd Free. Trending. Online. 2 hours · Self-paced. Certificate of completion. ONLINE COURSE - WATCH THE LESSONS EVERYWHERE, ON YOUR PACE This is an introductory course about Revit BIM , a two-hours module that gives a general overview of the functioning of the famous software for modeling in BIM, Revit by Autodesk. The course is now offered FOR.

The EICR, or Electrical Inspection Condition Report, is an in-depth inspection of your property's electrical systems and installation. The inspection is to assess and identify any condition, deterioration or defect which has the potential to result in danger. In this report, all the electrical systems and installations present in residential. If you're a practising electrician, you must comply with the regulations for electrical work, this qualification is designed to provide those seeking progression in their career with the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to carry out job roles and responsibilities associated with the Electrotechnical industry EasyCert is used to print BS 7671 BS 5839, and BS 5266 certificates onto plain or company headed paper. The EasyCert electrical software is very simple and easy to use and is the ideal choice for engineers producing electrical certification. It takes the time and effort out of writing certificates by hand, and lets the EasyCert electrical. The following technical certificates are recognised by the JIB as providing credit towards the theory requirement of JIB apprenticeship or trainee registration at stage 2. Any of the following qualifications (under either the L2 or L3 headings) can be used as evidence that the technical requirement for an Electrical Labourer card has been met

At Bracknell Electrical, we can complete any electrical installation and then provide you with the Electrical Installation Certificate. For a professional domestic and commercial electrician in bracknell Berkshire, give Bracknell Electrical a call on 01344 937777 or send us a message through our contact page This is the natural progression for anyone who holds a level 2 Electrical Installation qualification (C&G 2365-02 or C&G 2330 or EAL level 2 in Electrical Installation (600/6724/X)) and is the next step towards becoming a qualified Electrician. The C&G 2365 level 3 is the industry recognised route for Electricians looking to achieve that next. Electrical certificate software for large buildings and estates. EDIS provides an estate-wide electrical certificate software solution aligned with BS7671. EDIS provides a single data store, one version of the truth, for all electrical data across your estate. The EDIS system automates the creation and management of electrical certificates Testing & Certificates. We offer a robust electrical safety testing and certification programme for all educational facilities, including: Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC) Emergency Light Inspection and Testing; Portable Appliance Testing (PAT

The best way to find out if your electrical installation is safe is to have it inspected and tested by a person who has the competence to do so. Electrical Safety First. [10] provide advice on selecting an electrician. It is possible to do simple checks on your installation, using an electrical socket tester Electrical installation testing is the inspection and testing of an electrical installation against the current version of BS7671 (the wiring regulations). This has more recently become known as an EICR certificate. Please see below for a price guide. Once the testing prcess has been completed, a 7 page report together with a schedule of tests. The Electrical Third Party Certification Scheme was introduced by the UK Government in 2013 for electrical work under the Building Regulations. It allows registered members to check domestic electrical work undertaken by others via robust inspection and reporting procedures, and certify its compliance with the Building Regulations in England Electrical Installation (EI) The purpose of the Canadian CEI Electrical Installations program is to certify a national standard for all persons regularly engaged in the inspection of or the technical supervision of inspectors. Must have in-depth knowledge of the Canadian Electrical Code and amendments and must be familiar with standard Canadian. Electrical. Qualification Title: LCL Awards Level 3 Certificate In Installing, Testing and Ensuring Compliance of Electrical Installations in Dwellings. LCL Qualification Code: ITCEID. RQF Qualification Code: 601/7876/. Level and Credit Value: Level: 3 Credit Value: 27

An Electrical Installation Condition Report is an in-depth inspection and test of the existing electrical installation and is reported on a form that complies with the current wiring regulations, BS7671:2008 as amended in 2011. The first part of the inspection is to visually inspect all the accessible electrical accessories like socket outlets. Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) for holiday lets. New regulations for all private rental landlords on electrical safety for property letting came into force on 1 st June 2020. All privately rented properties must now have a valid EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) in place by 1 st April 2021.. Whilst this new legislation does not currently include holiday homes. Free online electrical certificate courses are short and provide valuable information. Here at Alison, we'd suggest the Introduction to Electrical Wiring Systems course or the Introduction to Basic Electrical Drawings and Test Equipment course. We'd also recommend the Introduction to the Electrical Trade that will teach you how to work in. UK Law requires certain codes and standards to be upheld and put simply a Commercial Electrical Certificate is a certificate that shows that your business premises are compliant with the regulations laid out, and thus ensuring the building is safe for both employees, tenants and whoever else may use your premises ELECTRICAL SAFETY CERTIFICATE BOOKING LINES 07939 291507 01908 787864 Landlord Notice From July 2020 all domestic rental properties must provide an Electrical Installation Condition Report to the tenant on commencement of a tenancy. This is now a mandatory requirement. Non compliance can lead to a fine of up to £30,000. Your Local Electrical.

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Electrical wiring in the United Kingdom is commonly understood to be an electrical installation for operation by end users within domestic, commercial, industrial, and other buildings, and also in special installations and locations, such as marinas or caravan parks. It does not normally cover the transmission or distribution of electricity to them The IET Wiring Regulations is a British standard for the installation of electrical wiring and is considered to be one of the most important documents for electricians in the UK. The regulations apply to the design, erection and verification of electrical installations, plus additions and alterations to existing installations

unit) an Electrical Installation Certificate should be provided. 20. For more information about electrical installation testing and the classification codes, see Electrical Safety First's Best Practice Guide.7 6 Note that the EICR includes details of the location of the consumer unit and main switch, but not tha Qualifications - for the temporary electrical installations Scheme you or at least one person within your business must have completed training on BS 7909. There are two courses available from NAPIT Training: NA-7909-3 is a full course for those starting work in this area whereas NA-7909-1 is a refresher course for those already involved (and.

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LCL Awards Level 3 Award in the Design, Installation and Commissioning of Electrical Energy Storage Systems. qualification-icon. Domestic Electrical Installer (2020) qualification-icon. Protective Equipotential Bonding of Gas Installations within Dwellings (PEB) qualification-icon. Safe Isolation of Electrical Installations (CPD) qualification. Non-notifiable electrical work can also present a risk to safety. If qualified electricians carry out the work they should give you a Minor Works Certificate, which means that they have tested the work to make sure it is safe. If you do the work yourself you may wish to engage a qualified electrician to check it for you Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC) - New Installations. Electric Installation Condition Report (EICR) - Existing Installations. Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate (MEIWC) - Additions and Alterations Our aim is always to provide a fast, friendly, professional and honest service which is 100% customer focused 07910 777 7370800 612 7483. Firstly, thank you for visiting our website. South-London-Electricians is a company of professional electricians that encompasses all aspects of. electrical installations, inspections and periodic testing throughout Central London, South London, Kent and Surrey. NO VAT PAYABLE Electrical Safety Inspections (installations and appliances) Last update 18 May - change of tenancy. Introduction. The Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020 came into force on 1 June 2020 and apply to all tenancies created on or after that date in England from 1 July 2020

price and delivery for uk city&gilds in mechanical engineering parts 1,2,3 start 1981/ fin 1984. electrical installation part 1 & part 2 17th edition. I am interested in getting C & G certificates electrical, mainly 2360 parts I & II also 2381 & 2391. Can you supply and how long would it take Ensure that the electrical installation is tested at least once in every five year period or after any additions are made to the system and that a test certificate is issued Ensure that all electrical accessories (switches, sockets, pendants etc.) are of good quality (relevant BS or EN standards It is the Seller's responsibility to hand a valid Electrical Compliance Certificate (ECC) to the Purchaser, unless otherwise agreed between the parties. A valid ECC must not be older than 2 years, subject that no changes to the electrical installation has been made in the 2 year period. Should the Agreement of Sale provide for a new.

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