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Career Exploration Final Project Step 1: Create your Education Career Action Plan to save your career exploration results. Log onto www.azcis.intocareers.org user name: centennialmsp password: 4azcis02 At the far right, click on Create Education Career Action Plan. Under New Users, click on Create Education Career Action Plan Career Exploration Project • Using your Achieve Works Report, select 3 careers that interest you and that you would like to find out more about. 1. _____ 2. _____ 3. _____ • After reviewing these 3, select one to conduct more research about. (see rubric on next page) • Feel free to use any of the resources below to complete your Career Research Project

Look for career options from the lists I have provided. 2. Develop a PowerPoint presentation following the outline below. Part 1: Slide 1 Title Slide : Include your name, course name, the title Career and College Exploration Project, and class period. Slide 2 Career Choice : Include the name of the career in the Human Services Career Cluste • to explore the process of career decision making • to begin participating in career exploration exercises and activities • to inform you of career resources including career testing options . Remember, making a career decision can be both a challenging and rewarding process. Be patient with yourself CAREER RESEARCH PROJECT I. Introduction to the subject: This research project will start you thinking about specifics in a career. You will be using the Internet to do an in-depth study on a career that you are interested in. You will be looking at the job description, the activities that relate to that job, the education required, and th Career Exploration Essay Assignment By the end of this assignment, students should have the ability to Identify a career pathway they are interested in pursuing. Understand the educational pathway and their corresponding occupations and wage potential 12 Career Exploration Lessons for Sixth and Seventh Grades Activity 2: Pass out the Planning for My Career worksheet. Explain to students they are to use the space provided to write down ideas about exploring different careers. Assessment: Check to make sure all students have completed both worksheets accurately and thoroughly

Throughout the career exploration project, students will be required to document their experiences by keeping a log book (FORM C) with pertinent dates, locations, experiences, and supervisor's signatures. Photographs, videos, and/or other media resources are also required documentation for this project Career Exploration Project Rubric Student: _____ Date: _____ 10 Advanced pts Proficient 8 -6 pts Basic 5 3 pts Below Basic 2 0 Identifies 3 Careers and Career clusters. States 3 realistic careers and identifies the career cluster. States 2 realistic careers and identifies. The When I Grow Up career exploration curricula serve students, teachers, parents and the community of those in grades Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grades. Each grade level curriculum is designed to cater to the needs of the students and those presenting the information at that level The career exploration project encourages you to connect your personal life to your professional future. Make sure that you have completed at least one of the following surveys to understand your personality. SmarterMeasure. SmarterMeasure is a tool which helps you determine your level of readiness for taking online or technology rich courses ities, including career exploration.23 And while CTE is gaining popularity, some parents and educators still think that building students' career skills relegates them to a separate track for the non-college-bound.24 A lack of school counselors also impairs career exploration in middle school and across the education pipeline. Counselor

www.TheHomeschoolMagazine.com Career Exploration For High School Students 2 The 4-Step Career Exploration Process n order to explore possibilities for the careers they may be interested in, students work through these four steps: • Investigate: Discover your personality, abilities, skills, and priorities Career Exploration Activities Explore, Plan and Research for the Future Maria Grovner Education Program Specialist November 12, 2015 2. Richard Woods, Georgia's School Superintendent •Career Plan Project Workbook •Career Exploration Modules 7. Richard Woods Career Exploration Lessons for Eighth Grade—Unit 1 9 Unit 1 Exploration of Self My Way or the Highway Career Education Focus: 1. Characterize group dynamics. 2. Understand the meaning of consensus within a group. 3. Assess the workings within a team necessary for reaching a consensus. 4. Illustrate the use of positive persuasive techniques. 5 Understanding yourself is a critical aspect of career and educational exploration and planning. The more you know about your career-related interests, values, skills, personality type and preferences, the better equipped you will be to identify the career fields, major areas of study and training programs, an Career Exploration - Final Project Career Research PowerPoint Presentation Present the following information in a PowerPoint presentation: 1. Job title of the career you researched 2. Overview (job description) 3. Job duties/skills needed 4. Other job titles may be known by 5. Where the jobs can be found (what industries do they typically.

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  1. JA My Career Journey Career Exploration Project Start with the company website. Most company websites have an about section that provides an overview of the company. Investigate the company's products or services. Discover other occupations at the company and make a list of the types of jobs people do there..
  2. Career Exploration Research Paper 1 The goal of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to explore in detail a career of your choice. The paper should be 5-8 pages in length and double-spaced. In order to prepare to write this report, you should first complete several informal assessments. We will do some of these in class and you may.
  3. CAREER EXPLORATION WORKBOOK INTRODUCTION The Career path you choose to embark upon will affect your life and your future in many ways. You may have already selected the career path you wish to pursue. This workbook will help you begin to ensure that this path meets your needs and desires
  4. Career Exploration Sheet . Career Brochure Assignment Sheet . 12 Steps of the Senior Project PowerPoint . Sections chart . Easybib.org . Notecards . English 11 Resource Packet (includes Thesis Writing practice, MLA information, How To insert a parenthetical citation

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Career Research Project | PDF & Digital Formats: Help your students think purposely about their futures with this Career Exploration and Research Project. Students will get excited about career research by taking an online career quiz, then brainstorming possible career choices.Then they will f My Career Exploration is an important step that students will take in their career journey. Designed as a series of activities, My Career Exploration will give students learning experiences in and beyond the classroom so they can find out more about themselves and the exciting world of work. My Career Exploration is a time of self-discovery Administration. There is a student section for career exploration and there is a skills profile which could be used, although it is long and rather sophisticated. There are many career exploration opportunities here for students, given a structured set of questions or worksheet to complete while they are visiting the site, due to the large.

8th Grade Career Project. Step-by-Step Description. Step 1: Choose a career that interests you. This is a fun and informative project that uses your research skills. It is recommended that you take notes in Microsoft Word under five separate headings. If you use sheets of paper, use a separate sheet for each of these categories Career Exploration Project HUMD 0330: Assignment Guide This project is to explore a career of your interest; to learn about required the level of training/education and skills, the work environment, the pay and job outlook. You will make a plan that maps out the steps you will take to get to yo

your goals in mind as you make decisions over the course of your career. This project will help you formulate your vision for your career by helping you create a Career Roadmap. This career roadmap is meant to help guide you-it is always open for changes as you have new experiences Career Research Assignment Sheet Good time management is necessary in order to complete this project. Keep all work in your folder. You are responsible for keeping track of it. Use various resources. Your work should be neat - messy will lower your grade. Use this sheet to monitor yourself. 1. Activity #1 - Your ideal career 2 Career Research Project Rubric Student: _____ Date: _____ 10 Advanced pts Proficient 8 -6 pts Basic 5 3 pts Below Basic 2 0 Definition and Description of Career requirementsTasks and responsibilities along with the Work environment and conditions they are done. Detailed description of. Step 1: Choose a career that interests you. This is a fun and informative project that uses your research skills. It is recommended that you take notes in Google Drive. This includes a description of the career itself, skills or tasks that one performs in this career, and any additional information that you feel is relevant to this area. a 3 Overview of components Career Project The Senior Capstone Career Project is the concluding phase of the Cherokee County School District's Career Pathway model initiated to better prepare you, the student, to meet the needs of employers, technical schools, colleges, or universities in your post-secondary endeavors

Career Exploration for Middle School Students One of the roles of middle school educators is to help students understand how their current educational and personal choices will affect their future life roles, in particular their choices for Student resources n The 16 Career Clusters of the National Career Clusters®.There are Framework lead students through e-learning modules n Feedback and interaction provided through e-learning modules n Instruction sheets guide students in completing each project activity n All resources available on computers, tablets and smartphones, including through an ap Career PowerPoint Assignment Sheet 2 Bibliography—Proper MLA Format (remove hyperlinks, if any) (10 pts.) Using References in Word or Noodle Tools is a good way, and then copy and paste it to you uniform, and other items that may be used to illustrate a career option. Assessment Completion of the Career Interest Inventory Completion of the Scavenger Hunt Worksheet Completion of the Career Shoebox Activity Completion of the Career Bulletin Board Writing Rubric Project Rubric Career Shoebox Rubric Materials Any source(s) of career exploration Career Exploration Packet 1 Career Exploration Essay 1) Write a 5-paragraph essay (no more than 2 pages, double-spaced total length) using the career exploration you did on the Career Zone New York and the US Department of Labor - Bureau of Labor Statistics websites. 2) Use the information you collected on your worksheets to write your essay

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  1. Incorporating career exploration activities can seem daunting, especially when the goal is to ensure equal experiences and exposure for every student for their own career development process, but free, low-cost, effective resources do exist
  2. Career Connections: a career exploration course for grades 7 and 8 Subject Code: 990364 Course Description This course shows students how classroom learning translates into marketable skills. Through hands-on learning and local business involvement, students will engage in career-related experiences to acquire basic skills in various career fields
  3. Click on Career Help: Websites for Choosing and Finding a Job. Key resources under Career Information: An excellent tool for career exploration and job analysis! O* NET OnLine has detailed descriptions of work for use by job seekers, workforce development and HR professionals, students, researchers, and more! ♦ Easy to use!

Practice your research skills associated with career exploration. Choose a career from your interest list. Gather information from job descriptions, Career Central, O*NET, and other websites to learn more about job duties, responsibilities, required education/training, minimum experience, earnings, and advancement opportunities Career Exploration Lesson Plan Modifiable for grades 3-5 and 6-8 Note for BizWorld.org Educators: We created this extension activity for Financial Literacy Month to teach students that in addition to exploring their entrepreneurial skills, they ca

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  1. Engineering Career Exploration Assignment In this assignment you will be exploring more about the specific engineering discipline The project is presented in a neat, clear and professional manner. It is clear that a lot of thought and effort went in to creating the finished project
  2. Career Exploration Worksheet I. This simple tool helps organize research and suggest ways to learn more about careers. Career Exploration Worksheet II. This 1-page form organizes research and encourages students to think about how classes in school or college can help prepare for a career. Career Family Tree. Take a look at the careers chosen.
  3. Occupations to Explore Worksheet - PDF. Career Development Workbook for Workers DOC. Career Path Inventory Lesson and Worksheet - PDF. Could This Be Your Life. Career Exploration Worksheet - PDF. Career Quest Workbook. Career Activities Worksheets. Career Cruiser Workbook - PDF. My Career - Real Life Challenge PDF
  4. Because this is a project rbased lesson plan with a participant rled facilitation, a PowerPoint Presentation is not available. Part 1: Career Exploration Note Taking Guide 1. Provide each participant with a Career Exploration 2.3.2.F1 information sheet and a Career Exploration Note Taking Guide 2.3.2.L1. 2
  5. Career Exploration Programs. Jaguar Academy. Hands-On. After earning their OSHA-10 certificates, students will work in the career exploration lab to gain ex- perience with the equipment used in the career-technical labs. Students will also complete rotations. in career technical labs of interest
  6. Beside that we also come with more related things such career exploration printable worksheets career exploration worksheets and reflexive pronouns worksheet. Self exploration so far in my career i have the most experience doing this type of work put a checkmark next to all that apply. 5th Grade Career Portfolio Project Graphic Organizer Completed Example [
  7. The Warm Springs Career Exploration Project (WSCEP) is an adaptation of experience-based career education (EBCE) for Native Americans residing on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation. The project served as a full-time program for American Indian students aged 16-19 who had dropped out of school, and also served as a part-time career development program for Indian students attending Madras High.

Career exploration activities refer to fun programming that introduces kids to a wide variety of occupations. These programs are typically focused on children in elementary and middle school, as high school students usually explore careers through more in-depth work-based learning. Career exploration is an important step in helping students. Career Exploration provides students with the essentials necessary to match their interests with career opportunities and to understand the academic and experience qualifications needed to pursue various opportunities. In addition, it integrates important business knowledge and practices into career exploration

Choosing a career path is an essential part of growing up, so naturally, schools have an important role in guiding the children through. Having quality career exploration lesson plans for high school students can help the students find what jobs are available upon graduation. They also learn about what education and work experience are needed. Today's career exploration tools include sophisticated EdTech programs and creative ideas to engage learners of all ages. Xello: College and career readiness software that helps students build self-knowledge, personalized future readiness plans and critical life skills. Bizworld.org: Career Exploration Lesson Plan for Grades 3-5 and 6-8 Career Project. Click here to view & download: Assignment 1: Focus 2 It appears you don't have a PDF plugin for this browser. No biggie... you can click here to download the PDF file. Your source for career exploration, training & jobs. Career Builder << Previous: Week 2 Career Advancement Certification/Degree requirements Workplace environment Other info Section II: Presentation. From your career interview, please put together a career presentation to share with your peers/staff members following the guidelines below. 5 minute presentation, which includes a powerpoint (please adhere to this timing Project: Career Exploration. Step 1: First students have to be exposed to the wide range of careers available to them. How would they feel about making a living as an organic farmer, tupperware executive director, chef or nasa engineer? To do this you can have your students watch the videos on the Next Vista site and discuss them in class

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Career Exploration 8/11/10 Created by Sharon J. Charette, Director of the Library . Career and Employment Information Specific to Rhode Island: ♦ Information about occupations, skills, getting a job, writing resumes and cover letters, education and trainin Career Exploration Step 1: Research. The research step of career exploration introduces students to specific careers that they want to understand more. This is where students take your seed list, choose a few careers that sound interesting, and learn more about them. You have a ton of different ways to do this

Career Exploration. iCEV's Career Exploration curriculum was created with educators and students in mind. Educators have unlimited access to prebuilt, fully customizable courses, complete with media-rich lessons and supporting coursework. Lessons within this site feature industry experts and cover important topics such as personal development. Middle School Grades 6-8. TEKS-aligned career education lessons for Middle School in the Houston -Galveston region. Math, Science, Career Exploration, Making Career Choices, Learn about Careers, Help Paying For Schools, Curriculum Support, Audio Files For Lesson SB1, and Other Resources.. Download the Entire Math, Science, and Career Exploration curriculum We are taking a new approach for engaging students and empowering educators to prepare for the STEM careers of tomorrow by changing the culture of K-12 STEM education. Stay tuned for immersive career experiences, access to state-of-the-art learning tools, and unique professional development resources to support a generation of solution seekers! It all begins November 8 The Engineer Girl website is part of an NAE project to bring national attention to the Drive of Your Life is a fun online career exploration game that helps middle school and after school career exploration workshops and career days! A PDF Teacher Guide with lesson plans and options are available for each article.

Activity #8 - Career Fair Project. The purpose of this activity is to: 1) help students learn how to work effectively in teams or groups, and 2) discover how Career Cruising and other computer technologies can be used in research projects and presentations Career exploration improves students' knowledge of career options, encouraging them to develop and work toward goals during the critical years when they are also beginning to venture beyond the orbit of their parents. With a better understanding of the working world, young people can more easily envision how they fit successfully into that world Key Learning Objectives Chart for Health Careers Exploration. Unit 1: INTRODUCTION TO THE HEALTH CARE PROFESSION. Lesson 1: Course Introduction. Lesson Plan. Teacher Resources. Student Resources. Notebook TOC (Word file) Sample Project (PDF file) Lesson 2: A Brief History of Medicine and Health Care

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2. STEM Career Exploration Virtual Tour Project (distance learning or in person) You just graduated college and have just landed your dream job! Congrats! Your former high school teacher has invited you to give a presentation to her class about what you do in your career, and how you managed to achieve your dreams. 3 Grant Title: Career Exploration, Education, and Preparation Amount Awarded: $109,830.60 Location: Bucks County Project Summary: The Bucks County Workforce Development Board presents the Career Exploration, Education, and Preparation project which will serve Bucks County school-aged youth and Bucks County businesses

Project Career Exploration 7-10 has, in the opinion of the project coordinator, the building principals and building coordinators, made giant strides toward implementing a career exploration process in a very short period of time. Implications of this project will create changes throughout the district and state as transportability takes place Diagnostic Medicine Career Exploration Project Student Name: Occupation: Standard 1) Revise the career information portfolio developed in the Health Science Education course and update with more in-depth information surrounding careers in diagnostic sciences. Identify specific roles and responsibilities for each career in this field The purpose of this project is to help students will learn about career opportunities related to ecological sustainability while gaining critical workforce skills by solving real-world ecological challenges. Students, teachers, and schools will gain access to project-based learning modules and resources tied to the new Minnesota science standards Cheryl K. Glaeser | Achieve Consulting | www.achieveresultstogether.com Virtual Career Exploration and Job Shadowing Resources FREE Resource

On Track and Movin' On career discovery stay‐in‐school magazines are perfect for career curriculum in the classroom, after school career exploration workshops and career days! A PDF Teacher Guide with lesson plans and options are available for each article. means to explore possible areas of career interest for yourself in greater detail. Use the related occupations link to find other possible job titles for exploration. TIP: It can be helpful to copy and paste specific tasks, knowledge, skills, etc. that appeal to you to create an outline of your ideal job. This ca Worksheet for Researching Occupations - Page 1 of 4 - 7/13/2005 Worksheet for Researching Occupations Gathering information is a critical step in making an effective career decision Teach students and kids about careers with these 19 free worksheets and lesson plans. Career exploration for students to do. One of the most important reasons behind a formal education - besides teaching your students how to think for themselves - is to get kids ready to take on an engaging and exciting career

Extract of sample Career Exploration Project. In this light, the purpose of this report is to take up informational interview with two key employees of Hilton Group to explore the dynamics that are required for survival in hospitality sector. Mr. Walter Jones works as a supervisor for the hotel for three departments mainly front-desk manager. POWERPOINT CAREER RESEARCH PROJECT. This research project will start you thinking specifics in a career. You will be using the Internet to do an in-depth study on a career that you are interested in. You will be looking at the job description, the activities that relate to that job, the education required and the salary paid for doing the work Through activities that build career exploration and career planning and management skills, youth learn and practice how to find, keep, and advance in a job that matches their career inter - ests and skills. Another framework useful to understanding the interrelationship of career development and youth development is the Foundations for Yout

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other states in early career exploration at the middle school level. Thus, the following report explores best practices for implementing CTE at the middle school level, focusing on career exploration, equity, and CTE in rural areas, and describes the middle school CTE practices of three states. The report includes the following two sections inquiry-driven, project-based career exploration units addressing many aspects of Academic and Career Planning by incorporating career exploration units into the curriculum at their elementary schools. The presenters will share resources for career exploration, include ideas for bringing in professionals for a career fair CareerOneStop is a website that provides a range of career-exploration help: Up-do-date information on job salary and benefit information and related education and training opportunities Job search tools, resumes, and interview resources, and people and places to help jobseekers virtually, such as What's My Next Move (PDF, 10 pages), a guide.

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4. Increase employee loyalty and motivation. 5. A method used with the aim of being able to determine a person's training and development needs. C. Process Management Career 1. Career Exploration Career Exploration Based on level-exploration behavior developed by vocational psychologists. Exploration of mental behavior or physical activity of a. The ASVAB Career Exploration Program includes a validated aptitude test and interest assessment. The results are used to guide career exploration using our career planning tools. Design a post-secondary plan that works for you Career and Work Exploration Lessons Career Choices - Planning Guide/Framework Career Connections - Prepare and Plan for a Career Lessons Career Development Activities Career Development Handouts for High Schools Students Career Development and Occupational Studies Career Documents, Handouts and Flyers Career Education Lesson Plans - Education Worl

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Adapted from Steps 2 and 3 of the Cadette STEM Career Exploration badge. Contact your troop leader or your local Girl Scout council to become a Girl Scout member and learn all the requirements needed to earn the badge. Made possible by a generous grant from Lyda Hill Philanthropies Oklahoma CareerTech's Career Cluster Survey This downloadable survey helps students (and adults) determine which of 16 career clusters they may wish to explore. The career clusters were identified by the U.S. Department of Education. Parent Primer on Career Exploration (pdf impact of their career, education, and training choices. Background: In FY 2020, Congress appropriated $24.5 million to FIPSE, including $10 million designated to the Career Pathways Program, to support the development of Career and Education Pathways Exploration Systems that will increase student awareness of the many career opportunitie Career Awareness Early exposure to technical careers. GPS Education Partners works with its business and education partners to bring student awareness to numerous industries and vocations. Together, through early assessments of interests, skills and abilities, we increase student interest in technical careers and help them identify their aptitudes earlier to create data-driven career training. As you add a new career to the list, you can add details like where that person might work and their duties. By the end of the activity, you and your students will have an excellent list of health care occupations so you can start talking about career exploration! 2. The Basics of Career Exploration. Lesson Type: Lecture & Optional Discussio

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With an emphasis on college and career readiness, VEI is an in-school, live, global business simulation that offers students a competitive edge through project-based, collaborative learning and the development of 21st-century skills in entrepreneurship, global business, problem solving, communication, personal finance, and technology Career Exploration 1. Career Exploration: Exploring Your Students' Potential and Finding Their Best Fit 2. • Participants will: • Examine why students are disengaged in today's schools • Explain why career exploration should be a consideration for all students • Implement a three-stage career exploration process to answer key questions and take action steps • Utilize career. The MLA Career Exploration Activity Packet is designed to help you work through some of the more common blocks and obstacles. The three activities walk you through the process of learning what you have to offer, thinking about what types of work are out there, and creating a plan for your next steps The process of career exploration can be a lot of fun, as it allows you to discover a world of possibilities. Even those students who have a pretty clear idea of what they want to do should go through this process because they will discover new options as backups and occasionally a new direction even more attractive than their original choice

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Oct 17, 2020 - Fun career games cover career types, terms, outlooks, duties, U.S. salaries, and role models. SAVE 24% compared to buying these 6 engaging career exploration games separately. Great small group activity, supplemental resource, or sub day plan. Option: Use game questions as daily warm-ups or brain t.. forward through career exploration to career/college choices. Parents will be informed of opportunities, standards, and options for their children so they can communicate these opportunities and help plan the future with their children, as well as be advocates for their children in the choices they make. Parents will be mad Accepted. Name of Your Organization: Jewish Community Center of Staten Island, Inc. Overview of the Project - Please provide a brief description of the project. The JCC is seeking funds to provide a Career and College Exploration Hub to assist youth identify their individual skills and interest, navigate the college application process, explore jobs and acquire workforce readiness skills to. Youth can pick their own career exploration path (Generalize or Specialize), regardless of age. Registration is $50 per youth (no cost to adults). Some scholarships will be available. Youth will be asked to register along with an adult mentor (could be a 4-H Educator, Volunteer, or a family member) A Career Zone is a group of courses, certifications and work opportunities that B.C. high schools can develop to help students in Grades 11 and 12 get ready to pursue a career within a particular industry, while still meeting provincial requirements for graduation. Arts & Entertainment (PDF

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Career identification 42kb pdf careers interesting to me 58kb pdf discover career clusters 45kb pdf graphing jobs 64kb pdf. Self awareness worksheet pdf. Do You Students Study About Different Career Choices Here Is A Half Page Worksheet Along With Websites For Career Exploration Career Lessons Career Counseling List the top careers you are interested in [ Feb 18, 2019 - Large group ideas to promote & enhance career development for elementary age children. See more ideas about career counseling, school counseling, career lessons We are requesting permission to record, edit and make available each virtual interaction because teachers like to review the session with students for better understanding of material, assign it to students for homework in a blended learning model or just share it with other classrooms that cannot attend a live session