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Origin: Channa aurantimaculata (Orangespotted Snakehead) is found in theBrahmaputra River basin, northern Assam, India. Temperament: Predatory. Company: Channa aurantimaculata (Orangespotted Snakehead) should not be kept with smaller fishes. Water parameters: Temperature 22-28 C / 72-82 F; pH 6-7.5 Channa aurantimaculata, a new channid fish from Assam (Brahmaputra River basin), India, with designation of a neotype for C. amphibeus (McClelland, 1845). Schlangenkopffische—Die Gattungen Channa und Parachanna. Channa ornatipinnis and C. pulchra, two new species of dwarf snakeheads from Myanmar (Teleostei: Channidae)

They require a winter season reaching around 16.7-18.3°C (62-65°F) and a summer season reaching around 26.7-27.8°C (80-82°F). If kept at tropical temperatures all year round, they often become fat and develop cloudy eyes and fungus. Gill problems are common as well They can live in water temperatures as low as 60 degrees and as warm as 84 degrees, but prefer water temps in the mid 70s. In terms of aquarium they simply need an aquarium large enough to allow them open swimming area and ideally some floating or taller vegetation in which to seek cover if required

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Golden cobra snakehead (Channa aurantimaculata) Also known as the Orange-spotted snakehead, the Golden cobra reaches about 40cm/16. This is a relatively aggressive fish that's best kept alone. Coming from northern Assam in India, this species is best kept at cooler temperatures around 20-26°C/68-79°F Order: perciformes Family: Channidae Genus: channa Species: aurantimaculata, (musikasinthorn, 2000) general / maximum size: 30-40 cm adult in general, some specimens grow to near 60 cm Common name: orange spotted snakehead, golden cobra snakehead temperature: 10-28 'c ph: 6.0-7.5 Mouthbrooder typ The tank size is 4' x 1.5' x 1.5', ph is around 6-7. The water temp is 29-30 deg, but sometimes will be 31-32 deg because my place is in tropical (Malaysia). The first few day when i get them, they were quite active and accept any type of food included fishes and shrimps

Genus: channa Species: aurantimaculata, (musikasinthorn, 2000) general / maximum size: 30-40 cm adult in general, some specimens grow to near 60 cm Common name: orange spotted snakehead, golden cobra snakehead temperature: 10-28 'c ph: 6.0-7.5 Mouthbrooder type Maintenance metho Temperature: As a species complex the range in indeed far and wide, upper range is 36deg in some hot springs in sri-lanka to 13deg in parts of Afganistan, it is therefore important to try and find out the origin country of your fish, as this lets you set up the aquarium to the best possable situation for your fish Company: Channa pleurophthalma (Ocellated Snakehead) should be kept with fish of equal size. Water parameters: Temperature 22-28˚C / 72-82˚F; pH 6-7.5. Aquarium setup: Channa pleurophthalma (Ocellated Snakehead) requires a large aquarium or pond due to their size. The aquarium should be decorated so that a lot of areas for swimming are. This means, for the aquarist, keeping these fish in an unheated aquarium at around room temperature but to consider breeding them they need a sustained period of cooler conditions - room temperature 18 - 20C and water temperature of 14 - 16C. Channa aurantimaculatais one of the AAGB LABYRINTH 165 Sep 2011

You may consider a Channa aurantimaculata once you figured out the temperature problem, and if i can remember correctly, I read they like warmer waters (but not tropical temperatures) of around 25 or so degrees in the summer to induce breeding. These do not need extremely large tanks too. Plus they are extremely beautiful Channa Aurantimaculata. £ 125.00. Among specialist aquarists, there is a large demand for Channa aurantimaculata. It is a medium-sized and colourful Snakehead species than is intolerant to conspecifics but combines well with other robust fish. These must be able to stand the necessary seasonal drop in temperature during below tropical levels Like Channa aurantimaculata is a subtropical species that does well if kept cooler in winter than summer, but otherwise Channa bleheri is a very undemanding species with much to recommend it. It consumes a wide range of fresh and frozen foods, and places no particular demands in terms of water chemistry Endemic murrel Channa aurantimaculata, of North-eastern India, were acclimatized in the controlled cemented Certain physico-chemical properties like temperature, pH, and dissolve oxygen of the tank were recorded fortnightly according to [7] for 12 months

Channa Aurantimaculata. RM 250.00 - RM 280.00. Size. Choose an option 4-5 inches 6-7 inches Clear. RM 250.00. Channa Aurantimaculata quantity. Add to cart. SKU: N/A Category: Channa Coming from northern assam in india this species is best kept at cooler temperatures around 20 260c68 790f. The orange spotted snakehead channa aurantimaculata is a species of snakehead fish. Mahamaya Hiko Channa Aurantimaculata Profil Dan Cara Pemeliharaa Use a tighly fitting hood since channa species are true escape artists. A gap between the waters surface and the hood is needed since they need to breath from the surface Keep the temperature in summer at a maximum of 24-25 degrees C. In winter season the subtropical variations do require a drop in temperature to 16-18 degrees C A new species of channid fish, genusChanna, is described from four specimens collected from the Brahmaputra River basin at Dibrugarh, Assam, India. The new species,Channa aurantimaculata, is distinguished from all other channid species by the combination of 45-47 dorsal fin rays, 28-30 anal fin rays, 51-54 lateral line scales, 8-12 cheek scales, 50-52 total vertebrae, two large. After the weather is overcast heating time is extended or, in general, the temperature does not reach a comfortable temperature of +22oC. In large pools organic heating takes much longer. To address this problem, made a heater to your pool, working out of various energy sources

Channa aurantimaculata, a new channid fish from Assam (Brahmaputra River basin), India, with designation of a neotype for C. amphibeus (McClelland, 1845). Vishwanath, W. and Kh. Geetakumari, 2009 - Journal of Threatened Taxa 1(2): 97- 105 Diagnosis and interrelationships of fishes of the genus Channa Scopoli (Teleostei: Channidae) of. At a temperature of 50-70 ° C humidity reaches 80%. Russians consider a broom to be the primary accessory for your own steam room. Just take into consideration the steam procedures, as immediately remembered twig patting on the body It is comfortable in a water temperature within the range of 15-28 °C, and a pH of around 7. It requires a large, dimly lit, well-planted tank with places to hide. It breathes air and will suffocate if it is prevented from reaching the surface

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Channa aurantimaculata Musikasinthorn, 2000—no English common name; naga-cheng (Assam, India) One is warm temperate, and another warm temperate to cold temperate (Channa argus with a temperature range of 0->30° C). In summary, there are few waters in the United States or territories of the United States that, based on temperature, would. Cobra Snakehead (Channa Aurantimaculata) Ponds, swamps, and slow moving streams are where this fish can typically be found and it's able to survive in temperatures between 0 and 30 degrees Celsius. What sets this fish apart from other predatory fish is the fact that the snakehead can survive out of water. It can breathe air easily and can.

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Channa aurantimaculata Musikasinthorn, 2000—no English common name; naga-cheng (Assam, India). One is warm temperate, and another warm temperate to cold temperate (Channa argus with a temperature range of 0->30 °C). In summary, there are few waters in the United States or territories of the United States that, based on temperature, would. Evolutionary analysis of genus Channa based on karyological and 16S rRNA sequence data RAVINDRA KUMAR1, 4 and 3 in C. aurantimaculata, C. gachua, C. marulius, C. orientalis, C. punctata and C. striata, min at room temperature. The homologous chromosome Musikasinthorn P. 2000 Channa aurantimaculata, a new channid fish from Assam (Brahmaputra River basin), India, with designation of a neotype for C. amphibeus (McClelland, 1845). Ichthyol. Res. 47, 27-37. Google Scholar Nayyar R. P. 1966a Karyotype studies in seven species of Cyprinidae. Genetica 35, 95-104 Channa gachua 'Dhubulia' Tank: Second hand 160 l/35 gal, sand and gravel substrate. Bogwood, branches and river rock décor. Temperature: Subtropical, 17-27°C/63-81°F. Paul says: Gachua are the widest spread Channa complex with many variants. Sizes vary from 10 to 23cm/4 to 9

Temperature 18-24c ranges- sub-tropical ; pH 6-7.5 Endemic to Brahmaputra (upper, middle, lower) River basin of India and Bangladesh, Ganges River basin from southern Nepal southeastward . In southern Nepal, it occurs in the Kamala, Bagmati, Koshi, Gandaki, and Karnali River basin INTRODUCTION The striped murrel, Channa striatus commonly called snakehead (Bloch, 1793) (Channiformes: Channidae) is a commercially important ubiquitous species and along with other species of the genus, is one of the most important sources of food fish. The flesh of this fish is firm, white, practically boneless, and has a most desirable flavour Chalet de Pont Peyron. Accueil; L'Ours; La Marmotte; Tarifs; Calendrier; Livre d'Or; channa aurantimaculata My favorite channa are:-Channa Aurantimaculata-Channa Bleheri-Channa marulioides How you keep your Channa Aurantimaculata? What is your water tempreture for your Channa Aurantimaculata tank? I used to love Channa Aurantimaculata but they are subtropical fish so i can't keep them because i got no water chiller.. Channa aurantimaculata. 27. September 2011. Just in: one of the most beautiful of all species of snakehead, available only in limited numbers. Size up to 40 cm, our fish currently are 20-25 cm long. The regular water temperature can lie between 16 and 24°C. The very peaceful tetras feed on any usual type of fish food

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  1. Channa aurantimaculata beel Materials and Methods Studies on the reproductive biology and captive breeding of, an endemic fish from Assam Channa aurantimaculata nbarukial@rediffmail.co
  2. I, ____, designated by the Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on ____ (date), as a certifying official for ____ (country), as required by Title 50, CFR 16.13, do hereby certify that the fish lot(s) of origin for this shipment of ____ (weight in kilograms) dead uneviscerated salmonid fish, live salmonid fish, live salmonid fish eggs disinfected as described in § 16.13, or live.
  3. Table 3: Growth and Survivality of Channa aurantimaculata Age of the Fish Avg. Length Avg. Wight Type of food Mortality if any 15 Days old 2.2 cm 1.4gms Mosquito larvae and plankton 2% 30 days old 3.4cm 2.2 gms Mosquito larvae 1.5% 60 days old 6.2cm 4.5 gms Chopped earth worm 1% 13 Scholars Research Library Debojit Baruah et al Annals of.
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Select Page. types of snakehead fish. by | Apr 12, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comments | Apr 12, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comment RETRACTED: Molecular identification and phylogeny of Channa species from Indo-Myanmar biodiversity hotspots using mitochondrial COI gene sequences. Author links open overlay panel Anindya Sundar Barman a Mamta Singh a Rajeev Kumar Singh b Tapas Sarkar a Kuldeep Kumar Lal b. Show more. Share. Cite The present study is attempted to evaluate the microbiological and haematological changes in infected ornamental fish Channa - C. aurantimaculata collected from the wild. The highest microbial load of 7.4±0.8×107 cfu g-1 was observed in skin whereas the lowest load of1.2±0.7×102 cfu g-1 was found in the heart

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  1. containing two genera, Channa with 26 species native to Asia, Malaysia, and Indonesia; and Parachanna with 3 species native to tropical Africa. Some snakeheads are small, reaching about 17 centimeters, but most are much larger, the largest reported to be 1.8 meters in length. All are considered thrust predators with most being piscivorous as.
  2. Channa striata (Bloch) Channa aurantimaculata Musikasinthorn: Channa marulius (Hamilton) Channa stewartii (Playfair) Channa melanostigma Geetakumari & Vishwanath: maturity stage of fruit, depth of the infection in the peel, and storage temperature during the first 24 h following the UV treatment (Droby et al., 1993; D'Hallewin et al.,.
  3. Aquaculture Livestock. Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include Chital Fish Seeds, Channa Bleheri Fish, Amur Carp Seeds, Pabda Fish Seed, Clarias magur Fish Seed and Singh Fish Seed. Chital Fish Seeds. Rs 500/ Piece. Channa Bleheri Fish

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Orange-spotted snakehead (Channa aurantimaculata), endemic to the forest streams, ponds, and swamps adjacent to the Brahmaputra river in the subtropical rainforest of northern Assam. The species. The water temperature was 18°C at the time of survey. Co-occurring species in the habitat were C. lipor, Danio meghalayensis, and Tor sp. Channa aurantimaculata: JPC-15, 2, 128-153 mm SL (128 mm SL cleared and stained), Dibrugarh, Assam PREDATORY FISH KEEPERS has 38,086 members. Welcome to the Predatory Fish Keepers FB discussion group ! All fishes are created equal, though some just more equal than others. So says a true fish..

Channa aurantimaculata, a new displacement and speciation in sticklebacks. Amer. channid fish from Assam (Brahmaputra River basin), Naturalist 140: 85-108 Low temperature as well as scarcity of water in (wetlands) may be the reason for such behavioural adaptation. As pre-monsoon starts in March, and water temperature rises, they come out from the burrowing hole and start feeding intensely. Therefore, it may be concluded that by manipulating the habitat, murrel (Channa aurantimaculata) can be. Musikasinthorn, P. Channa aurantimaculata, a New Channid Fish from Assam (Brahmaputra River Basin), India, with Designation of a Neotype for C. amphibeus (McClelland, 1845). Ichthyological Research 47, no. 1 (2000): 27-37. ——. Channa panaw, a New Channid Fish from the Irrawaddy and Sittangriver Basins, Myanmar

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  2. Ambiente: bentopelagico, acqua dolce; clima tropicale. Le zone in cui vive Channa bleheri hanno un clima da 'foresta monsonica tropicale' caratterizzato da forti precipitazioni, umidità elevata e calde temperature estive. Goswami et al. (2006) riferiscono che i pesci costruiscono delle tane vicino a tronchi d'albero in aree boschive che vengono temporaneamente inondate durante i monsoni annuali
  3. In a store with a lot of species to choose from, this striking Golden cobra snakehead (Channa aurantimaculata) at Ascot really stood out. Like many of its relatives, it needs a winter rest below tropical temperatures and is easily overfed

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Most channid species are important food fishes in southern Asia and China and the flesh is considered delicious. Some medium-to-large species are cultured i The term dwarf snakeheads is coined by aquarists to describe a group of channa species growing only 25 centimeters. The rainbow is among the most colourful of all snakeheads and reaching about 20cm78 is as suited for the community tank as the dwarf and like the dwarf the rainbow will be best kept at cooler temperatures

Successful breeding of an endemic murrel, Channa aurantimaculata Musikasinthorn, 2000 with a habitat manipulation practice more by S P Biswas Endemic murrel Channa aurantimaculata, of North-eastern India, were acclimatized in the controlled cemented cistern after 120 days and breeding has been getting done without any stimulation Eight species belonging to genus Channa (Channa striata, C. punctatus, Channa marulius, Channa gachua, Channa stewartii, Channa aurantimaculata, Channa barca and Channa bleheri) were collected from upper (Latitude 27° 30′ 07N and Longitude 95° 19′ 48E) and lower part of Assam (Latitude 26° 09′ 52N and Longitude 91° 45′ 35E), North. Conheça nossos artigos e saiba mais sobre procedimentos cartorários, tendências do ramo jurídico, novidades e tutoriais do Cartório 24 Horas. Channa Bleheri; Channa Bleheri Max Size; Channa Bleheri For Sale; Channa Bleheri Tank Mates; Channa Bleheri Care; Channa Bleheri Tank Size; Channa Bleheri Harga; Channa Bleheri Price; Channa Bleheri Singapore; Channa Bleheri Malaysia; Entity Index. sized fishes of Channa aurantimaculata. Nevertheless, Rahman et al., 2015 [13] also reported the similar trend of growth performance in relation to relative condition factor in female Anabas testudineus. Table 2: Value of Correlation coefficient 'r', Kn range and Mean ± Standard deviation of condition factor 'Kn'

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  3. Thus, their ability to breathe air when out of the water is limited. Water parameters: Temperature 22-28˚C / 72-82˚F; pH 6-7.5 Aquarium setup: Channa stewartii (Golden Snakehead) should be kept in an aquarium with slow moving water and some plants. Snakehead Rod and Reel To pull snakehead out of heavy cover, use a heavy-action, seven-foot casting rod and a high-speed 7.3:1 reel to work the.
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  5. Snakehead fish, more commonly known as Frankenfish. You can find all sorts of fish for sale online on eBay. rights Oct 13, 2017 - as title - one channa aurantimaculata for sale , collection only in northeast approx 13-14 and thick must go to knowladgable home only
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Nov 30, 2013 - Trochilocharax ornatus (Heterocharax sp. Glass red tail) - Max Size 2 c Channa argus «Platinum» - AquaFoo. C. argus or the northern snakehead is a large fish found in China, Korea, and Russia. It is one of the largest species of snakehead, with size of a meter and over 10 kilograms having been recorded. The natural color of this fish is light brown with dark blotches on the body Le Channa aurantimaculata est un poisson vivant en couple ou solitaire qui réside naturellement à mi-profondeur et à proximité du fond.C'est une espèce au tempérament plutôt calme.. Le Channa aurantimaculata est un poisson qui peut devenir agressif à certaines occasions. Il n'apprécie guère la présence d'autres espèces caractérielles sur son territoire

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conductivity of 20 µS/cm, and a temperature of 12 ºC in Fig. 3. Channa shingon, KIZ 2014005979, 99.3 mm SL, paratype; ipp, inferomesial process of parasphenoid: a, upper jaw and supra-branchial chamber; b, lower jaw. Scale bar = 2 mm Fig. 4 The rainbow snakehead ( Channa bleheri) Dibrughar is also the type location of Channa aurantimaculata. and the three-month cold wintering of the fish at 16-18 ° C water temperature is now used in specialist circles on all smaller snakehead fish species from northeast India temperature ranges between 10.6°C to 32°C. Sampling:Continuous monitoring and sampling is done so Channa aurantimaculata, Macrognathus pancalus, Badis badis, Badis badis havehigh ornamental value around the globe. And it should also be accounted that some of species Sperata aor, Badis badis - Temperature requirement for Bluegill Sunfish has been adjusted to 25 - 33C. - Temperature requirement for Mayan Cichlid has been adjusted to 20 - 30C. (Channa aurantimaculata). - Added Emperor Snakehead (Channa marulioides). - Added Bullseye Snakehead (Channa marulius)

The only tapwater I add is when I boil a kettle full up to bring my rain water up to temperature on water change day. ben_t said: Southern Water report lists nitrates as 35 mg/l Channa aurantimaculata: 6.0 - 8.0: 36-357 Note: As of Jan. 1, 2010, the department determined that the following Snakehead fish species are nonviable fish species: Channa amphibeus (Chel snakehead), Channa asiatica (Chinese snakehead), Channa aurantimaculata (Orangespotted snakehead), Channa bankanensis (Bangka snakehead), Channa baramensis (Baram snakehead), Channa barca (Barca. 800:20-1-2. List of restricted exotic species. (1) Walking Catfish: The Walking Catfish, (Clarius batrachus) and other members of the exotic catfish family Claridae, including but not limited to species of the genera Clarias, Heteropneustes, Gymnallables, Channallabes, and Heterobranchus are prohibited

AqAdvisor.com is an Online Aquarium Stocking Calculator Tool to help users stock and setup right levels of tropical fish and choose right filters for their aquarium tank Channa aurantimaculata is another Indian species, this time from Assam. It's sometimes called the Orange Spotted Snakehead because of its brilliant colouration. With a maximum length of around 35-40 cm, this species is rather more demanding than dwarf species like Channa andrao , and it's hard to recommend this species for aquaria smaller than. Water parameters: Temperature 22-28˚C / 72-82˚F; pH 6-7.5 lagi ada waktu buat nulis saya sempatkan kasih tips cara memelihara channa pleurophthalma,dalam nama lokal biasa disebut ikan kerandang,ikan selendang mayang ada juga toman bunga walau sebenarnya toman bunga lebih merujuk ke channa marulioides Dwarf snakehead After Munro, 1955[1] Scientific classification Kingd Channa Aurantimaculata: Channa Aurantimaculata termasuk jenis gabus hias yang berasal dari India dan Ikan ini termasuk ikan hias predator air tawar. Ikan ini bisa mencapai ukuran 40 cm temperature 22 - 28 C OUT OFF STOCK Diposting oleh Fresh Water Fish di 01.48 3 komentar

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tret channa kemana ya? bikin baru aja deh mau ngasih lihat keindahan ikan ini..hahaha yang lain bantu2 meracuni, biar jenis channa yg dikenal ga cuma toman aja dan biar ga kalah ngetrend sama ikan lain..:maho 1. channa_aurantimaculata 2. channa_bankanensi 3. channa_bleheri 4. channa_gachua 5. channa_stewartii nanti lanjut lagi :ilovekasku The aquarium pet trade is worth around $15-30 billion globally and is fueled by the increased demand from the hobbyists in countries like Europe and America. While it is reported that 90% of. Alcune specie di Channa sono subtropicali e quindi non avremo problemi se manterremmo la temperatura della stanza tra i 17/20°C. Ovviamente la stanza dovrà essere riscaldata solo nei mesi invernali e in base alle temperature esterne. Da me il periodo critico inizia verso fine novembre e finisce con l'inizio della primavera Effects of temperature and hydrology on growth of shovelnose sturgeon Scaphirhynchus platorynchus (Rafinesque, 1820) in the lower Mississippi River [Channa andrao Britz, 2013, Channa aurantimaculata Musikasinthorn, 2000, Channa bleheri Vierke, 1991, and Channa stewartii (Playfair, 1876)] from the Brahmaputra drainage, northeast India. Orange-spotted snakehead (Channa aurantimaculata), endemic to the forest streams, ponds, and swamps adjacent to the Brahmaputra river in the subtropical rainforest of northern Assam

In this syndrome the low temperature and aquatic pollution aggravates the infection in fishes. In the present study the fresh water edible fish, Channa punctatus (Murrel) was found infected with the bacteria namely, Aeromonas hydrophila, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Salmonella salmonicida Golden Cobra Snakehead (Channa aurantimaculata) £55 . Late post sorry but a few out and a few added really need to save some pennies for the background lol . My current project still a bit small for breeding though . Finally getting the filters right then making a mess feeding, big water change tomorrow Ps Midas is for sale or swap. By Snakehead, I assume you mean the Channa striata - Wikipedia This is popularly called as the Murrel fish. Its a very tasty fish and is almost always sold alive. It lives in fresh water and can actually survive for quite sometime outside water. T.. Channa lipor, a new species of snakehead of the C. gachua species-group, is described based on 11 specimens from Meghalaya, Northeast India. It is distinguished from its congeners by possessing an orange, bronze-brown dorsum and fins, 9-12 black spots or blotches on the dorsal-fin sub-margin appearing parallel along the length of the dorsal-fin base, six oblique brown bars on the upper half.

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Orange-spotted snakehead (Channa aurantimaculata), endemic to the forest streams, ponds, and swamps adjacent to the Brahmaputra river in the subtropical rainforest of northern Assam. Discovered in 2000, and measuring up to 40cm in length. Naung Mung scimitar-babbler (Jabouilleia naungmungensis). This jungle bird is reminiscent of a wren but. Around 2000, a man who lived in Crofton had ordered two live snakeheads from an Asian fish market in New York, wanting to make his sister, who was ill, a pot of snakehead soup. But the sister got better before the fish hit the pot. The snakeheads, a male and a female, were set free in the pond. They made babies

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Aquarium Studies | Channa aurantimaculata Schlangenkopffisch Published: December 09, 2014 Length: 59:23 min Rating: 5 of 5 Author: Thomas Krcal Detailierte Videos über ein Schlangenkopfpärchen aufgenommen im Aquazoo in Hainburg an der Donau. Gezeigt wird Fütterung und diverse Nahaufnahmen Investigators also found that important fish species such as Ompok pabo, Nundus nundus, Ailia coilia, Pseudeutopius atherinodes, Channa aurantimaculata and Danio rerio have been completely wiped. This study was carried out in Bogibeel, a stretch of river Brahmaputra from January 2015 to December 2016. A total, 40 species belonging to 16 families have been recorded from six different fish landing zone during the study period. It has been found that the fish diversity of these hotspots faces serious threats which would lead to a catastrophic loss of our biodiversity

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Get Quote. Polar Parrot Fish ₹ 220/ Piece. Get Quote. Remiresi Fishes. ₹ 90/ Unit Get Latest Price. The Remirezi Fish, we offer is known as the most popular gold fishes in the world. These are extremely demanded by our as these are most beautiful, fancy and can enhance the beatification of the aquariums 2017 Mar 19 - Stefan van der Voort explains how to keep and breed the recently discovered snakehead Channa pulchra. Scientific name: Channa pulchra, Britz 2008 Origin: Kyeintali Chaung, southern Rakhine State, Myanmar. Size: Unconfirmed as this is a new species. Believed to reach 20-25cm/8-10. Water

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NO FISH trading allowed. Find out the spawn conditions, sell price, what time of the day and year it spawns, and more! It is... 2. Hi all, thanks for joining. Invite your local Channa friends to gather more kakis so we get more benefits about Channa in bare tanks or with aquascaping. Channa andrao is a species of snakehead, a fish of the family Channidae. > snakehead fish price in pakistan. (866) 846-2420. info@cannacaredocs.com. Profile Logi Nella vasca qui di fianco si vede la zona speciale dedicata alla respirazione dei Betta. I Betta vivono in zone dove l'acqua generalmente non è molto alta anzi la maggior parte delle specie vive in aree dove le pozze, paludi allagate, ruscelli hanno un'altezza da circa 5cm a 40cm

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