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Mechanical Engineering. Ranked #3 by U.S. News & World Report, Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals' online Master's in Mechanical Engineering prepares you for the diverse and multifunctional opportunities available in the field of mechanical engineering. Choose from a variety of online, hybrid, or in-person courses that address. *The schedule launches at 10:00 a.m. on the day registration opens. ** Students must notify their course instructor when changing a course to audit during the semester. The EP Refund Policy and drop dates for on-site and online courses can be found here.. Online Course Disclaimer: The University reserves the right to change without notice any programs, policies, requirements, or regulations published in this catalogue. The catalogue is not to be regarded as a contract

This is your access point to hundreds of Johns Hopkins web applications and key information about your Johns Hopkins community. Create Account. Featured Tools + Resources. Search. People Topics. Advanced. Emergency Alerts. Hub. Inside Hopkins. myJH Help. Designed & Developed b APL collaborates with the Johns Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering to sponsor graduate programs at Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals (JHEP). JHEP offers part-time and online graduate courses leading to master's degrees, graduate certificates, and post-master's certificates in 22 program areas Course Schedule Search. Use the form below to search the course schedule. Please note that the courses schedule for upcoming semesters are tentative and subject to change Graduate Studies Graduate study in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering prepares you for leadership in modern chemical engineering research. One excellent way to learn more about us and our program is to visit! You can also view a student-produced video tour of our campus here. You can learn more about the department and the university below. [ Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals 3400 North Charles Street Wyman Park Bldg, 3rd Floor West Baltimore, MD 21218-2608 410-516-2300 ep.jhu.edu jhep@jhu.edu EP - Contact Information Informatio

Doctor of Engineering Program Cost Johns Hopkins' Doctor of Engineering program is structured as a research collaboration between the student's employer and the Whiting School of Engineering. The $65,000 annual program fee*—usually paid by the student's employer—covers expenses associated with the research (notably, the faculty mentor), as well as all courses the student takes. Post-Baccalaureate/Pre-Med. $22,020 per semester/$44,040 Annually. Non-Resident Graduate Status Tuition. $2,936.00 per semester. Tuition and fees for Advanced Academic Programs are available on the AAP website. Tuition and fees for the Part-Time Engineering Professionals program are available on the EP website

The information below outlines the full annual cost of a Johns Hopkins education, before financial aid, scholarships, or other awards. Actual cost will vary. All figures are for the 2021-22 academic year. Undergraduate tuitio Office of Graduate Academic Affairs. Serving the master's, doctoral, and post-doctoral communities of the Whiting School of Engineering. Our staff is here to provide the support, resources, and information graduate students and postdoctoral fellows need to make the most of their academic and research careers at the Whiting School Work Phone: 443-255-6444. Home Phone: 410-750-1019. Dr. Carmody has thirty years of experience in industry developing human speech processing systems and communications systems. He has been described as a blue collar PhD because he has worked every aspect from conceptual design through deployment and support Academic Research & Misconduct. Procedures for handling allegations of misconduct by full-time and part-time graduate students: Graduate Student Misconduct Policy (PDF) All WSE Graduate students enrolled in a full-time, Homewood-based program must complete EN.500.603 (Academic Ethics) with a grade of 'P' in their first semester of graduate.

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Program Requirements. Ten courses must be completed within five years. At least seven of the ten courses must be from the Electrical and Computer Engineering program (EN.525.xxx) or the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (EN.520.xxx) in the full-time program, and at least four of the ten required courses must be at the 700-level or above Admission Requirements. Applicants (degree seeking and special student) must meet the general requirements for admission to graduate study, as outlined in the Admission Requirements section.. Applicants are expected to hold a degree in engineering in order to be admitted to the Master of Science in Applied Biomedical Engineering program

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  1. Graduate Academic Misconduct Policy The Johns Hopkins University Krieger School of Arts and Sciences/Whiting School of Engineering Effective October 11, 2017 (KSAS and WSE Homewood, WSE EP) Effective August 29, 2018 (KSAS AAP) I. SCOPE The following policy applies to all graduate students enrolled in full-time, part-time, or non-degre
  2. #2: You get to work with world leaders among the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing faculty—and the world leaders in other Johns Hopkins schools, too. Our faculty are amazingly supportive and accessible to students, and PhD students at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing have access to top tier faculty across all schools at Johns Hopkins University
  3. Graduate students at Johns Hopkins are expected to understand the ethical standards of the University, hold the highest standard of integrity for their work, and avoid academic dishonesty in all forms. Ignorance of ethical rules is no excuse for cheating. It is the further responsibility of every student to report to the instructor or their.
  4. The Ph.D. degree is awarded for original research performed under the guidance of a thesis advisor. To receive the Ph.D. degree in our department, you need to: Complete six graduate-level courses, including two required co re courses and two from the list of strongly recommended electives, shown below

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  1. Johns Hopkins University diplomas are original, engraved, legal documents and cannot be copied, reduced in size, or reproduced by the Office of the Registrar. When you apply to graduate in SIS make certain all information is correct. Your diploma is a legal document, therefore, the printed name must match what is listed in your student record
  2. Engineering for Professionals graduate degree programs give engineering professionals a chance to become expert in a new and fast growing field, to become more competitive, or to achieve at the highest levels of their profession. Whatever your career goals, EP's large number of master's graduate degree programs and advanced certificates means you can find exactly the [
  3. Program Requirements. Ten courses must be completed within five years. Students are required to choose a track to follow. The curriculum consists of three foundation courses and five courses from the Computer Science program, which includes selected courses from the Cybersecurity (695.xxx) and Information Systems Engineering (635.xxx) programs as listed throughout the Courses section
  4. Sarah Slone graduated from the DNP Executive Track in May 2019, then started the PhD in August 2020. She is in a new Johns Hopkins School of Nursing program that offers an alternative pathway to PhD for nurses who have earned a DNP. Students can transfer credits and earn their PhD in about three years compared to about five years. DNP to PhD
  5. Graduate Engineering Program Overview. Johns Hopkins University (Whiting), a private institution, offers online labs, and all of the online classes are recorded and archived so students can access.

DEI. Clean Energy and Sustainability. Human population growth, and the methods by which we produce energy and food are causing dramatic environmental changes. We are focused on developing innovative solutions to these global energy and environmental challenges to achieve a more sustainable future. Solving Global and Local Water Challenges Graduate Academic Misconduct Policy The Johns Hopkins University Krieger School of Arts and Sciences/Whiting School of Engineering Effective October 11, 2017 I. SCOPE The following policy applies to all graduate students enrolled in full-time, part-time, or non-degre Hello friends! I am looking for some advise from experienced professionals in CS/CE field. I am admitted to 3 MS in CS programs (will be attending part time) Johns Hopkins University Engineering for Professionals (part-time program) New Jersey Institute of Technology Stevens Institute of Technology I am located in New Jersey, so Hopkins would be an online option for me, since its 3 hours drive.

Johns Hopkins is an institution where the quality of your education largely depends on your degree program and the teachers you learn from. While there are some courses that are led by teachers who genuinely have an interest in the success of their students, there are many others who treat teaching as a requirement to be met in order to continue their research Graduate Information Technology Program Overview. Johns Hopkins University (Whiting), a private institution, offers labs for its online, graduate-level computer information technology program Welcome to my.jh. This is your access point to hundreds of Johns Hopkins web applications and key information about your Johns Hopkins community

Johns Hopkins University - SIS (Student Information System) Welcome to SIS! If you have a JHED username and password, please click the SIGN IN button to access SIS using your JHED credentials. If you have a temporary ID, your username will be the SIS ID you entered when you created your account. You must have proper authorization to access your. approval. If you are willing t o forego JHU's MSE degree (typically because you already earned a master's elsewhere), then you may apply more than 2 appropriate non-JHU courses toward the Ph.D. requirements, with the approval of the Director of Graduate Studies; this may include up to 4 appropriate courses from JHU's EP programs

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Online education is a growing focus of the EP program, with more than half of total course enrollments and 19 master's degree programs offered online. RISE@APL (Research Internships in Science and Engineering) Program. Developed for motivated, well-qualified Johns Hopkins undergraduate and graduate students majoring in engineering, computer. CHANCE ME johns hopkins university ed2. class-2025. 7: 3985: July 8, 2021 Do you know any one accepted with these stats? 10: 2313: July 8, 2021 Freshmen year grades. 1: 232: June 30, 2021 Areas to live around JH. graduate-school. 8: 758: May 13, 2021 Johns Hopkins JHU Mechanical Engineering? engineering-majors. 8: 996: April 25, 2021 JHU RD. Johns Hopkins University; Address Baltimore, Maryland; Phone number 410-516-800 What Is Your Program? *. Please Select MA in Communication MA in Cultural Heritage Management MA in Film and Media MA in Global Security Studies MA in Government MA in Museum Studies MA in Non-Governmental Organization Management MA in Public Management MA in Science Writing MA in Teaching Writing MA in Writing Master of Biotechnology.

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  1. Loans Information about loans for graduate students can be found on JHU's Office of Financial Aid website. Loans are not handled through the Whiting School of Engineering. Assistantships Teaching and research assistantships are awarded by the individual graduate programs and amounts vary by program. Most departments accept candidates with a bachelor's degree directly into thei
  2. Degrees Offered: BA, BA/MA, PhD. Majors: History. Minors: History. The Department of History offers students the opportunity to work intensively in the classroom and with individual faculty to discover the richness and complexity of history. The department emphasizes the histories of Europe, the United States, Africa, Latin America, and China
  3. Best education.jhu.edu The full-time Doctor of Philosophy in Education (PhD) at the Johns Hopkins School of Education is world-class, research-focused program that prepares exceptional interdisciplinary scholars to investigate policies and practices that improve learning in students from pre-K through secondary school
  4. Applied and Computational Mathematics, Master of Science. The Applied and Computational Mathematics program is devoted to the study and development of mathematical disciplines especially oriented to the complex problems of modern society. Our curriculum emphasizes several areas of applied mathematics which have been grouped into five focus.
  5. Part-Time Graduate Satisfactory Academic Progress. Students who receive Federal Student Financial Aid must, in accordance with federal, state, and institutional requirements, be in good standing and maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) toward obtaining their degree or certificate. Under Federal Title IV law, a University's SAP policy.
  6. The application fee is $70 for applying undergraduate school and $75 for graduate school at Johns Hopkins University. Next table presents general admission information. Read: >>> Top Ranking Universities in USA . Please inform the admissions team via email to ep-admissions@jhu.edu if you have earned more than a bachelor's degree

Ph.D. students can achieve at least 20 credits by registering for any combination of courses and seminars, as approved by one's advisor. SIS is set to select appropriate credits: Seminars - 1 credit EN.530.803 Mechanical Engineering Graduate Seminar - this course is required only for first, second, and third year Ph.D. students. Those. Collaborations across Johns Hopkins are again opening her eyes to intersections of nursing, neuroscience, and biomedical engineering. And to the silos being slowly broken down. Nursing and engineering there's so many practical changes that could be made if these two worlds could collide. To me, education is a leadership role He's an adjunct faculty at the Uniform Services University (USUHS) where he mentors PhD students interested in clinical informatics and he's also an adjunct faculty at Johns Hopkins University - Applied Physics Lab where he teaches two of the core classes of the Data Science graduate program Program Requirements. Ten courses must be completed within five years. Students are required to choose a track to follow. The curriculum consists of three foundation courses and five courses from the Cybersecurity program, which includes selected courses from the Computer Science (EN.605.xxx) program, the Information Security Institute (EN.650.xxx), and Applied Mathematics and Statistics (EN.

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Academic Calendar Navigation. Spring 2021. Summer 2021. Fall 2021. Spring 2022. This academic calendar indicates important dates and deadlines that you need to be aware of for the current and coming semesters The Johns Hopkins University Third Party Payer (TPP) team coordinates the third party payer contracts process. This team prepares and sends invoices for qualified tuition and fees, maintains third party payer and related student accounts, and manages all correspondence regarding these contracts. Regardless of the funding source, all student payment Johns Hopkins has awarded nearly $1 million in funding to 37 programs dedicated to supporting the professional development of PhD students. Administered by the Office of the Provost at Johns Hopkins and overseen by Nancy Kass, vice provost for graduate and professional education, the PhD Professional Development Innovation Initiative will fund short- and long-term projects that aim to expose.

She believes strongly in the personal connection that is the hallmark of the 'Johns Hopkins Experience' and encourages nurses interested in Johns Hopkins School of Nursing graduate programs to reach out to her directly at 410-502-4132, ddrisco8@jhu.edu, on LinkedIn or Twitter. Share. Share on Facebook. Tweet Qualified students may request to take courses at other divisions of the university by completing an Interdivisional Registration (IDR) request form from their home division and obtaining the appropriate approvals when applicable. Once completed, the form must be returned to your home division's Registrar's Office. Interdivisional course requests must b The dates of instruction for all schools are displayed on the following pages. Please note that additional dates for drop/add and withdraw will be added, and adjustments will be made as necessary. Academic Calendar Key Features The calendar was created in consultation with the School Deans' offices and registrars ove

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Calendars for the 2020-21 academic year. School of Advanced International Studies. Krieger School of Arts and Sciences. Advanced Academic Programs. Carey Business School. Whiting School of Engineering. Engineering for Professionals. School of Education. School of Medicine EP: July 8: July 22: Johns Hopkins University has engaged Western Union Business Solutions to facilitate the receipt of student fees from international students. Homewood graduate students completing a final degree during the first eight weeks of the fall semester or the first four weeks of the spring semester will generate a tuition. Graduate students from East Baltimore can access either the Johns Hopkins Student Assistance Program or University Health Services. For questions about physical health including possible COVID-19 exposure, Homewood, Peabody, SAIS, SOE, Carey, AAP, and EP students can contact the Student Health and Wellness Center ; graduate students from East.


  1. NOTE: All students who receive government and entitlement grants — i.e., a Federal Pell Grant, ROTC, state scholarships, and employer tuition benefits — and whose need was fully met in the original financial aid package, will have the amount of their Johns Hopkins University-funded grants reduced by the full amount of the outside grant. For.
  2. Eric Slade, PhD is a professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. He is a health economist with expertise in public insurance programs, serious mental illness, and preventive intervention
  3. Note that some of these courses are offered by other academic units, e.g., Center for Leadership Education (CLE), Whiting School of Engineering Programs for Professionals (https://ep.jhu.edu), or School of Medicine (SOM). You need to look for these courses under those units
  4. The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing is No. 1 in the nation for its master's programs in the U.S. News & World Report rankings for 2021. The school ranks No. 3 for its Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program and top ranked across the board within specialty rankings. JHSON is currently ranked No. 3 globally by QS World University

The grading scale used for official grades for all School of Education students is listed below. The grade of A+ is not assigned at any level. Each instructor assigns grades according to his/her own system, which should be explained in the course syllabus. All students must possess acceptable written command of the English language; instructors. 340.721.81 Epidemiologic Inference in Public Health I (5 credits) 340.727.81 Introduction to Health Survey Research Methods (2 credits) 340.733.01 Principles of Genetic Epidemiology 3 (3 credits) 340.744.81 Advanced Topics On Control and Prevention of HIV/AIDS (4 credits) Cancelled The InBaltimore internship program is designed to increase Johns Hopkins undergraduate students' involvement in Baltimore City, and help strengthen our local community. This 10-week, subsidized internship program from the Life Design Lab will bring talented students into local businesses and community organizations at no cost to the employer Applying to Graduate. Follow the directions below to complete your graduation application prior to the deadline. Note: Some Masters degree candidates may not be able to apply online for graduation; therefore you must complete a paper application available from your department or at the Office of the Registrar. Log into your SIS account.; Select the Registration menu Our Tuition Reimbursement Plan offers full-time benefits eligible faculty, staff, and bargaining unit members tuition for part-time undergraduate studies outside of JHU. Full-time faculty and staff in outlying areas may also receive tuition for part-time graduate studies. Our Tuition Remission Plan covers part-time graduate and undergraduate.

The Master of Science in Engineering Management (MSEM) program at Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering bridges the gap between technology and business by equipping students with the technical expertise and leadership skills they need to advance their career in the fast-paced world of technology Johns Hopkins exposes these independent thinkers to new tools of analysis and new perspectives on the arts, humanities, social and natural sciences and engineering. At the same time, they engage with fellow students outside the classroom in intellectual, cultural, service and recreational pursuits that greatly enrich their education The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing's Center for Global Initiatives is talking about the World Health Organization's World Health Day call to action: the vaccine equity declaration.. We know that COVID-19 has disrupted many aspects of our lives, but it has also shed light on the inequitable access to health care, treatments, and diagnostic testing With an eye toward equity in safe maternal health care, the five-year Maryland Maternal Health Innovation Program is now underway; the project aims to improve maternal health quality and outcomes in Maryland.. It's a collaboration between the Johns Hopkins University, Maryland Department of Health (MDH), Maryland Patient Safety Center (MPSC), and University of Maryland Baltimore County.

The Office of the University Registrar (OUR) is a learner-centered, shared service organization that is responsible for the management of registration and the stewardship of academic records - past, present, and future. To achieve this mission, we: Provide learners with accurate and comprehensive records of their educational experiences unde The residential MSEM program is typically a 3-semester program. Structure Students in the MSEM program are required to complete: Five advanced courses in a declared technical track of engineering or applied science. The fifteen technical tracks are listed here. **Up to two courses may be applied from Engineering for Professionals per the advisers discretion.** All [ The fellows rotate among each of the EP faculty clinics as well as the outpatient device clinic, thus affording trainees the opportunity to observe and manage patients longitudinally, and to gain experience with device follow-up and management. Most of the CCEP fellowship training occurs in the Johns Hopkins Hospital and Outpatient Center

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Khandaker Ashfaque, PhD, PE. E-mail: kashfaq1@jhu.edu. Cell Phone: 617-595-6670. Dr. Khandaker Ashfaque is a Principal Engineer and Groundwater Modeling Lead at Arcadis U.S., Inc. He has extensive experience in the field of hydrogeology and geochemistry with particular emphasis on site conceptual evaluation, numerical modeling, chemical. Coursera. Choose from more than 60 online classes offered through Coursera, a leading provider of massive open online courses, or MOOCs. Courses are free and open to anyone who is interested—you don't have to be enrolled at Johns Hopkins. Topics include bioinformatics, data analysis, the science of patient safety, and caring for people with Alzheimer's disease

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Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals | 4,253 followers on LinkedIn. Part-Time and Online Graduate Education. Advance Your Career and the Future of Engineering. | The part-time and online. Johns Hopkins, founded in 1876, is America's first research university and home to nine world-class academic divisions working together as one universit Dr. Andreas S. Barth is an assistant professor in the Division of Cardiology at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Director of the Center for Inherited Heart Diseases. His clinical work focuses on clinical cardiac electrophysiology with a specific focus on inherited arrhythmia syndromes and channelopathies, including long QT syndrome. The Master of Public Health (MPH) program at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School offers students full time, part time and online options for earning an MPH degree

It is a completely separate structure from JHU's regular programs, and while a full-time, thesis-based EE student would get the M.S.E. degree, Hopkins awards EP grads the M.S. degree, to indicate to those in the know which track the student took.</p> Johns Hopkins is committed to promoting the full participation of all individuals with disabilities in the Commencement Exercises. Please contact the Commencement Office at commencement@jhu.edu or 410-516-7711 by April 27, 2021, to request ASL Interpreters, Assisted Listening Devices, and Braille program booklets In episode 2, you can hear JHU alum Daniel Pham (SOM, PhD Neuroscience) talk about founding Project Bridge and his transition from neuroscience PhD to science policy to strategic philanthropy. In episode 4, Erick Westbroek , a current JHU neurosurgery resident, discusses what it's like performing brain surgery Blackboard has become aware of a mass phishing scam targeting customers using Blackboard Learn. To be clear, Blackboard Learn has not been hacked -- these are emails sent directly from a spammer to emails it may have harvested by spidering the institution's websites for email addresses

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Watch Youtube video. Today's industry demands computer scientists with deep skill sets and an ability to remain always on the cutting edge. Graduates of our MSE program have both, due to their exposure to world-class research and their individualized, specialized training. A graduate degree in Computer Science from Hopkins not only will significantly improve not [ Full-time working professionals should apply to JHU's Engineering Programs for Professionals (EP). This is a completely separate program from the day school, and offers a large number of computer science courses online, in the evening and during the summer at several locations in the Baltimore-Washington area, leading to the MS degree There are currently no snippets from Episode 14: Giorgio Raimondi, PhD, Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins University. Snippets are an easy way to highlight your favorite soundbite from any piece of audio and share with friends, or make a trailer for TheSugarScience Podcast- curating the scientific conversation in type 1 diabete The Writing Center will resume its operations on Sunday, January 31 for the spring 2021 semester. We will continue to operate remotely (by Zoom or phone appointment). Please see our Make an Appointment page for more information on scheduling a remote appointment, or write to us at writingcenter.jhu@gmail.com We hope to see you soon Dr. Jennifer Deal, PhD, is an epidemiologist and gerontologist with expertise in cognitive aging.She is an assistant professor in the Departments of Epidemiology at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

James Knierim PhD. Professor of Neuroscience. Co-Director of the Neuroscience Training Program. jknierim@jhu.edu. Telephone Number: 410-516-5170. Fax Number: 410-516-8648. The Solomon H. Snyder Department of Neuroscience. Johns Hopkins University. Homewood Campus JHU Graduate Program Rotations. In addition to Prof. Cowan's primary appointment in Mechanical Engineering, he also participates in the graduate programs of several programs, including Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering. Prof. Cowan routinely provides rotation projects for students in these programs

Johns Hopkins University remains a world leader in both teaching and research, with more than 21,000 undergraduate and graduate students studying with esteemed faculty members across nine world-class academic divisions including humanities, engineering, arts and music, business, natural and social sciences, international studies, health, and. Nayar U, Cohen O, Kapstad C, Cuoco MS, Waks AG, Wander SA, Painter C, Freeman S, Persky NS, Marini L, Helvie K, Oliver N, Rozenblatt-Rosen O, Ma CX, Regev A, Winer EP, Lin NU, Wagle N. Acquired HER2 mutations in ER+ metastatic breast cancer confer resistance to estrogen receptor-directed therapies. Nat Genet. 2019 Feb;51(2):207-216. PMID: 30531871 Online www.jhu.edu Doctoral, master's, and certificate programs offered fully online , plus a selection of professional development courses Whiting School of Engineering More than 140 online courses are available via Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals, including programs PhD, Sociology, Johns Hopkins The CER is located in the Garrett Room of the Milton S. Eisenhower Library on the Homewood Campus of the Johns Hopkins University. We are open from 9am - 5pm Monday through Friday and by special appointment. Center for Learning Design WSE Engineering for Professionals (EP).

GRE (JHU Institution Code: 4655; Engineering Management Code: 1699) TOEFL or IELTS (waived for applicants whose native language is English as well as international applicants who have received or will receive a bachelor's or master's degree from an institution in any country for which English is the native language) TOEFL minimum score for. School of Medicine - Ph.D. and Graduate Programs. Kristina Nance Assistant Director, Graduate Student Experience and Diversity Email: GradDisabilityOffice@jhu.edu Office of Graduate Biomedical Education Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine 1830 East Monument Street, 6-619 Baltimore, MD 21287 Tel: 667-209-805 Johns Hopkins prefers a minimum score of 600 (paper-based) or 250 (computer-based) or 100 (internet-based) on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), and for the IELTS, a bandscore of 7. The Graduate Admissions Office requires original copies of all results These information services are provided by Johns Hopkins to assist in accomplishing its business and mission. The accuracy and integrity of the data being recorded by this means is of vital importance for institutional systems. Any student who violates this policy by entering false data, by disclosing security access such as passwords, or by. Can someone help suggest graduate courses (JHU EP) I'm an embedded software engineer working for a defense contractor. My employer has a tuition reimbursement program with a yearly limit and so I've been looking at enrolling in JHU's Engineering Professionals MSEE program

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine's Assistant Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs is here with answers. Before arriving at Johns Hopkins, Paul White attended Yale for undergrad and Georgetown for his law degree. He has worked in admissions, both undergrad and med, since 1979. Since 2012, he has served the applicant community as the. The sections below provide links to many important documents and sites related to courses for both undergraduate and graduate students. Here are listings of the most recent course offerings in Computer Science. See below for a fuller historical view. Fall 2021 Course Listing (descriptive webpage format) Fall 2021 Course Calendar (abbreviated timeslot layout) Spring 2021 [ In this episode we have a wonderful conversation with Paul White, JD, Assistant Dean for Admissions at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Mr. White has a long career in admissions with roles in several undergraduate institutions to medical schools. Mr